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Sat 16 Apr 2016
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Some Setting Things
I pictured something a bit like Ireland or England, though the amount of seafaring can be discussed :)

The town is called Dubh, it's size... depends a bit on the players choice.

The current king is called King Taras, the actual ruler of the domain Dubh is in is called Duke Yarren.

For several years the town has known peace, interrupted by occasional raids of the neighboring nation of Lombard. Something the inhabitants of Dubh are relatively used to: "Shut the doors, bring the children to safety - and your valuables, too. The Lombards are coming." Usually such a raid is over in a few hours, the enemies ships either driven away or some houses of Dubh burning, all valuables taken away by the enemy.
For over two years now there haven't been a raid at all. Some say King Taras made peace with the Lobards, others say that the Lombards are planning something bigger, maybe to invade. There are rumors that the King is about to visit Dubh - though for what reason is unknown.

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Sat 23 Apr 2016
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Places of Interest (in Dubh)
Temple of Gozreh

Shrine of Erastil

Tavern: Golden Anchor