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The Force Surrounds Us
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Sun 17 Apr 2016
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Group Resources
Well Use this thread to document all Group Resources, like a commonly owned ship.  All other items will be accounted for on your individual character sheets.
The Force Surrounds Us
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Mon 5 Sep 2016
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Group Resources
Starlight-Class Light Freighter
Designation: Unknown

Silhouette: 4
Speed: 3
Handling: -1

 Fore: 1
 Aft: 1

Armour: 3

HT Threshold: 20
SS Threshold: 16

Hyperdrive: Primary 2, Backup 15
Sensor Range: Short

One Pilot, one co-pilot/engineer
Encumberance: 85
Passenger Capacity: 6
Consumables: 1 months

Customization Hard Points: 4(3 Remaining)

Turret-mounted Medium Laser Cannon
 (Fire arc-All; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range (Close))

Forward Mounted Heavy Blaster Cannon
 (Fire arc-Forward; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range (Close))

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Truk Bwanrata
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Tue 25 Jul 2017
at 16:11
Group Resources
In reply to The Force Surrounds Us (msg # 2):

EventAmountRunning Total
Truk and Fratz burglary job2,0002,000
Truk Underworld Jobs7,0009,000
Kyn Race Winnings3,00012,000
Kyn Salary6,50018,500
Aveager Salary50019,000
Ship Repair-5,50013,500
Monthly Rent-1,50012,000
Monthly Docking Fee-30011,700


No Group Items

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