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The Force Surrounds Us
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Fri 2 Sep 2016
at 01:12
* FFG Starwars Mechanics Discussion Board
I would like to encourage open discourse on ideas for changes in procedure.  The FFG system is different and some elements are pretty rough in this format, so lets get creative on ways to improve our overall game play.  I will edit the list below as rules are modified based on our discussions and gameplay.  To Date the house rules that will hopefully help are

1.  Players will determine difficulty based on the typical difficulty tables provided, unless the GM posts otherwise
2.  Players will determine the results of Advantages, Triumphs, and up to 3 threats.  The GM has prerogative if the cumulative threat result is greater than three or a despair is rolled.  Again, results will be guided on the typical results table provided.

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Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 21:12
* FFG Starwars Mechanics Discussion Board

Actually there's a game mechanic for it.... check out the Coercion - and more so, check out the Agitator class.  Mix that with the Devaronian or some such and you can end up with quite an impressive 'bad guy' who ensure folk fear him!
The Force Surrounds Us
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
at 03:16
* FFG Starwars Mechanics Discussion Board
All, id like your honest feedback on the game so far.  Especially the battle.  Not really about results, but about mechanics that did or did not flow well for you.

Fratz and I have talked a bit about the initiative order.  What are your thoughts?  I felt like it went fairly well and that the locked initiative order kept things organized.  Would you all like some additional options in there?  For example
  1.  Not my favorite idea, because it may slow us down, but if two players want to permanently switch initiative slots at the top of combat, I could deal with that.
  2.  Others?

Also, ideas for tracking boosts and setbacks?  I tried to note it in the summaries, but had a hard time keeping up with it.  While I want to help keep track, im not sure I'm up to the taks.  Thoughts?
Fratz Kre
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
at 12:37
* FFG Starwars Mechanics Discussion Board
I do like the option to change your init order.

You can move your init down, or you can skip your turn this turn, and move it up for next turn.  This is a house rule that I use in my face to face D&D games.  Sometimes you just want to move before the medic!
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
at 19:31
* FFG Starwars Mechanics Discussion Board
I thought combat went well, fairly quickly without too much lag.  I think it better (an easier) to roll Initiative once and just keep with that roll.  It will help to speed up combat without having to reroll initiative.

I wasn't 100% sure of where exactly we were in the order but you as GM always pointed out who was next, so it worked well.

I could see the value of the method of how we do it table top; everyone roll initiative and those that KNOW exactly what they want to do go first.  Or as you put it, let players switch inititative if they would like.

This would let the long range gunner or the melee glaive wielding berserker to go first if that's what is the best option.

As mentioned before, if you could continue to show the health of the NPC's, that would help the players pick their targets for greater effect.
The Force Surrounds Us
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Wed 25 Jan 2017
at 19:25
* FFG Starwars Mechanics Discussion Board
How do folks like Destiny points?  Some say that only one side can use it on any given check(first come first serve).  Others say that both side can, the Order 66 guys support this method.

What say you all?  Im torn.  Both sides is fine because triumphs and despairs dont cancel.

But both sides using it every time can feel cheap.
Fratz Kre
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Wed 25 Jan 2017
at 19:28
* FFG Starwars Mechanics Discussion Board
I agree on first come first serve.  It is cheap to say the force is acting on both our behalf.

I could have said "ooc: what is the DC.  I am spending a destiny point" but I did not.