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Big Picture: The god of the underworld has vanished and the dead have begun to escape and return to the land of the living. (genre: Sword and Sandal)

Other PantheonsIron

Legacies: Karifitzoi; The Necropolis

Starting Period: The Return of Amhotep-Ra
History: Amhotep-Ra returns to the land of the living at the head of a skeletal army, intent on reclaiming his throne.
Tone: Dark
  • Event: Anubis himself joins the fray at the battle of Thebes, resulting in a victory for the Pharaoh, and a significant setback for the Skeleton King. Tone: Light
  • Event: Anubis Departs immediately after the battle in search of Thoth, god of wisdom. He hopes the Ibis headed god might have some insight into how Amhotep-Ra escaped, and how he might be defeated. Tone: Light
  • Event: After Amhotep-Ra's escape, the Pharaoh chooses five heroes from the battle to act as The Desert Watch, a squad of elite ranges tasked with guarding the desert, scouting the Skeleton King's position, and alerting the Pharaoh and his armies of impending attacks. Tone: Light
  • Event: Following his initial defeat at the hands of Anubis the Skeleton King seeks allies among lesser gods and powerful demons, who unleash their combined horrors upon the World of Men. Tone: Dark
  • Event: After years of dedicated service to the Desert Watch, Metihemru - perhaps the bravest warrior among their number - sustains a mortal injury in battle; though taken home and ministered by priests, his death is certain. Swearing a vow before the Pharaoh and his priests before the sacred Alter of Anubis that he will never abandon his duties, Metihemru's soul is placed in an amulet and secreted away. Neither fully alive nor fully dead, Metihemru rises again and again as an unkillable Champion of Anubis - the first Living Mummy. Tone: Light

Period: The Aegean Ghost Cult
History: With the barriers between this world and the next becoming far more permeable. A powerful cult of Ancestor Worship gains popularity in the Aegean. The cult is lead by "Speakers", people who have the ability to command, and hear, the souls of the departed, and it challenges the worship of the Greek Pantheon of gods.
Tone: Light
  • Event: Theres of Rhodes, a poor fisherman, discovers he can speak to the dead. He quickly gains popularity on the island as people come to him for help in communing with their departed loved ones. Tone: Light
  • Event: Angered by their waning popularity with the Aegean people, the Gods of Olympus devise a curse for mortal Necromancers: called "Crypt Sign", it gradually shrivels the body of the Necromancer until they look like walking corpses themselves, marking those that would trifle with the property of the Gods. Crypt Sign takes a hold harder and faster upon those that pursue more strenuous spellcasting - summoning and commanding the dead, for example - than it does upon those who focus on detection or communication. Tone: Dark

Period: The Spirit Wars
History: Out of the Ghost Cult come powerful Necromancers, Eaters of the Dead, who are capable of not only summoning and communicating with the dead, but also absorbing them. The Absorption destroys the ghost, and grants the Necromancer superhuman abilities. While the Ghost Cult originally supported these new Necromancers, they quickly turned against them. The Religious civil war that followed being exploited by adherents to the traditional Olympian cults.
Tone: Dark
  • Event: A small cadre of lesser Gods take notice of the Undead situation spiraling out of control in the Mortal World and decide to play their hand; however, they lack the power and influence of the major players, and the group cannot agree on the best course of action. As a compromise, Janus and Ascalaphus convince the cadre to create a Magical Spear - Karifitzoi (OOC: a combination of the words for "Pin" and "Life") - with the power to slay the Eaters of the Dead. To conceal their involvement in the Spear's creation, the Gods hide it in a mountain cave to await discovery by a worthy champion. Tone: Light
  • Event: Zurza, a powerful Eater of the Dead riddled with Crypt Sign, grows resentful of the Ghost Cult's loss of esteem in the eyes of the masses. Feeling the need to prove their place as the rightful inheritors of the gods, Zurza summons forth an army of undead to conquer and claim the island of Mykanos. Renamed Necropolis, the island becomes a habitat for legions of undead that prey upon the neighboring islands. Intending to consolidate and concentrate his power, Zurza comes to the attention of Amhotep-Ra. Tone: Dark
  • Event: Maia, a shepherd girl, retrieves Karifitzoi from its hiding place, and becomes the Olympians' chosen champion in The Spirit Wars. Tone: Light

Period: Power Vacuum
History: Following the religious turmoil called the Spirit Wars, emissaries of the Olympian Gods - among them heroes, offspring, chosen champions, and perhaps some disguised gods as well - begin reasserting their claims to power and worship among the mortal people, resulting in a spiritual "land grab" among the deities and their heralds. This disarray neither helps nor hinders Amhotep-Ra's grand design, and so the Skeleton King simply exploits the confusion as best he can.
Tone: Dark
  • Event: The Fates, after long petitioning by an unknown supplicant (or supplicants), agree to tie a thread from their Tapestry to the soul of a mortal. Maxos of Crete is born with the gifts of prophecy and divine communication, living the life of a soothsayer for the gods that would speak through his channel. Tone: Light
  • Event: Mueller, son of Uller, the Norse God of the Hunt, has answered a summons from unknown friends in the Aegean Pantheon to tutor their champion in the ways of combat. Tone: Light

Ending Period: Coronation
History: A new God of Death is recognized and takes the Throne of the Underworld.
Tone: Dark, with themes of Duty

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