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Thu 5 May 2016
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The young boy shouted his defiance at the monster, his pitch rising in agony as it bore down on his sister. The fear of the moment flooded his tiny body with adrenaline, and the pace of his volley picked up with a shocking intensity. His only hope was that the beast, irritated if not threatened by the hail of rocks, would forego the chance to feast on Maia at least long enough to secure itself some peace.

Whatever sense of triumph Milo may have felt at driving the creature away from his sister was short-lived as he realized his plan had worked exactly as he hoped; he screamed in terror as the creature leaped toward him, turning as fast as he could and scrambling away along the rocky bluff. The ground was covered in a layer of loose gravel and plate-like shale that shifted only slightly under the boy's light weight but ran like water beneath the massive bulk of the Manticore, and Milo was able to buy himself precious meters in little time as the creature struggled for footing on the slope.

Milo scrambled his way further along the ridge and clattering rocks; he had lost sight of Maia and could only hope for her escape, but he saw his own best chance in a small outcropping of stone - little more than a badger's burrow - when his eye was drawn to the clean white wool tucked within it. Synnefo had somehow managed to find a hiding place, and Milo determined to make the sheep share the sanctuary. Without breaking stride, Milo tossed his sling and walking stick to either side of him and dived forward, squeezing himself beside and beneath the bleating animal and making his way even deeper into the tiny hole than Synnefo had.
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Thu 5 May 2016
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Maia returned from the cave, gleaming spear in hand, just in time to see the Manticore scramble up and over a rise, only to disappear on the other side. The creature's wings flapped several times, but seemed to do little good, and the woman noted that the creature probably couldn't actually fly. Perched in her right hand, Karifitzoi was now actually glowing so bright that Maia could not look directly at its tip.

She leapt after the beast and, she hoped, Milo, nearly gliding up the slope. On the other side she saw the Manticore scrabbling and snarling at a cluster of rocks. Maia hurled insults at it, hoping to grab its attention. It did turn to look at her, with a look, she would swear later, of twisted satisfaction, or smugness, before its scorpion tale, snaked around, and stabbed viciously into a small hole in the stack of boulders. There was a scream, and a fountain of blood, and then the monster was on her.

With an almost instinctual speed and skill, she hurled the spear at the oncoming monster, throwing it straight and true into its mouth and out the back side of its head. The beast fell, and slid forward several more paces to lay dead at her feet.


and, we leave it there.

You have a chunk of stuff to do now, though:

First, we need a Legacy. A Legacy can be anything interesting that came up in this round round. You are not bound to the Focus. Once you specify a Legacy, we need a short Dictated Scene pertaining somehow to it. (Dictated Scenes are scenes you write, but the other player doesn't participate in).

After that, round 2 starts, you pick a Focus (it can be the Legacy you just chose, if you want), and proceed accordingly. In making the first piece of history for Round 2, you can immediately create something else if it nests in the first thing. So, for example, you could create a Period and an Event, or an Event and a Scene. Does that make sense?
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Tue 17 May 2016
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Question to be answered: How does Mueller, son of Uller, earn Maia's respect?

Primary Characters:
  • Mueller, son of Uller
  • Maia

Banned Characters:
  • Milo

Scene: A Blustery day in the mountains of Cappadocia. Maia breaks down her campsite along the Red River.

Do you have a preference between Mueller or Maia?
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Wed 18 May 2016
at 14:21
I'll take Mueller. I know it's not how the game is played, but Maia feels like she's more appropriately "you're character" than mine. Plus, y'know, I've always wanted to play a (demi) god...
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Thu 19 May 2016
at 14:10
Maia wakes up from her open air campsite as the night starts to grey into dawn. She descends to the river, where she bathes in its icy waters, before donning her armor and restarting her cookfire. She had cleared out a cluster of ghost cult remnants the day before, and had little on her agenda aside from seeking more adventure.

With the fire going, she grabbed the rabbit she'd caught the day before and that she was planning to have for breakfast. That is, she would have, if it was there. A fox must have dragged it off into the night and so, with a sigh, she grabbed a pot instead, and headed back down to the river again to get water to douse her fire. Food would have to wait until she found a town...
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Thu 19 May 2016
at 17:23
"I can hear your belly rumble from here," a strangely accented voice called to her from further along the shore, "and I can see the dents in your armour; you seem a woman in need." Striding confidently out of the early-morning gloom, a tall man with pale skin and a broad, bearded face approached her. He had an unstrung bow dangling from one shoulder and a pole slung over the other, weighed down with rabbits.

He stopped about 20 yards from her, his expression betraying no trepidation or concern at the bloody spatters that yet decorated Maia's cloak and the nearby river stones; rather, he held her in his gaze with the sort of distant familiarity one normally reserved for visiting cousins.

"My name is Mueller; are you hungry?"
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Thu 19 May 2016
at 17:33
Maia froze at the sound of the voice. Goosebumps prickled her skin as she thought she felt the hint of a frozen, snowy wind.

Slowly, she turned to examine the other man. As he stopped and introduced himself, she shot off towards her campsite and her weapons. Stupid... she chided herself, for leaving herself unarmed like this. After the war, and a multitude of battles, it was embarrassing to be making such rookie mistakes.

Seeing the spear, glowing faintly in the dim, dawn light, she dove for it, planning to snatch the weapon, roll, and come up pointy end facing the brigand.
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Fri 20 May 2016
at 16:18
The man called Mueller beamed broadly as Maia dashed away, contrasting her rapid pace by leisurely shrugging off his unstrung bow and rabbit-pole. He was still casually adjusting himself as she came out of her roll with the glowing spear at the ready; seeing it pointed at him, Mueller's smile widened even further.

"Oh, good; I was hoping to see you in action. Certain you wouldn't care for breakfast first? It's not wise to fight on an empty stomach." He noted her feet turning out slightly, taking a powerful defensive stance in the slight rise of the hill; she had a mind for good ground, at least. "No? Wie du willst."

No sooner had he spoke his last word than he had covered the distance between them, a round and painted shield seemingly springing to his arm as he moved. His great strides could have easily brought him to a more tactical position, but he left the high ground to Maia as he began drawing closer and closer, swinging his heavy fist at her even as he deflected the spear off his shield.
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Mon 23 May 2016
at 14:02
Maia fought furiously, making thrust after thrust with her sacred spear. Each one, though, the man seemed to turn aside with ease.

"Who are you?!" She puffed, her onslaught was starting to wind her. "Never have I encountered a foe as talented or as... handsome as you."

As 'handsome'?! what are you saying woman? she chided herself.

Growing desperate, she tripped and fell backwards. The move was a feint, and when her opponent drew in close, she'd throw a handful of coals into his face. It was a risky move, but as long as you were quick about it, you probably wouldn't burn.
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Wed 25 May 2016
at 14:53
Mueller seemed to be enjoying their sparring match, the look on his face nothing like one would expect from a man fighting for his life. Or fighting to kill, for that matter, despite the weight of his blows.

He laughed heartily throughout the onslaught, occasionally chiding Maia for a missed step or wasted opportunity to counterattack, but her unexpected comment broke his rhythm and he faltered; a shoulder-check became a gentle shove, allowing Maia the chance to feint and scoop a handful of coals at him. Perfectly on target, the trick set Mueller staggering back as he patted out the small brush fire that she had started in his beard.

"Clever girl; tricky, so you are." He coughed through the smoke that rose into his face, but his grin hadn't seemed to diminish. Undamaged, but it had given her time to regain her footing and reassess the situation. "I can see why you were thought worthy enough to wield Carryfatsoy - you've got real potential." His accent was terrible, but his features and proportions were something beyond ideal; his muscles rippled with a readiness to spring forth and continue the attack, but he spoke with the relaxed ease of a man that had been sitting in afternoon shade.

"I am Mueller, son of glorious Ullr, and my Cousins have asked that I help you realize that potential. You've got many battles ahead of you Maia, daughter of Mia, and tricks won't be enough on their own. If you are to do what is needed of you, you will need to learn how to use the tools of the gods as they were meant to be used; I can teach you, if you'll allow me."
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Wed 25 May 2016
at 16:50
"You expect me to believe you are related to the gods? Pah! I should slay you here and now where you stand, if mighty Zeus doesn't do it first In fact, I-" Something stayed her tirade, a gentle tugging at the back of her mind.

She opened her mouth to speak, and shut it again just as quickly. There was a door set into the hillside across the river. She hadn't seen it before, but she'd been camping here for quite some time. test...

"Alright MooEller, if I'm to believe you, I offer you a test. Stay here."

She grabbed another spear and, like a gazelle, she bounded past him, and across the shallow river. In little time, she had scrambled up the hillside to the door. It was a simple thing, rough hewn wooden posts and lintel leading to a cave. Maia ducked inside, followed the tunnel for a short time, and then planted her mundane, wooden, backup spear where it was out of sight, and out of a direct line for a throw from the opposite bank. After a moment of consideration, she laid the spear down on the floor of the cave, and buried it with rocks.

She returned to the open air, not noticing the two-faced young man sitting on the lintel of the door, jogged to the river bank, cupping her hands to her mouth, she called across.

"I planted the spear in the cave. Take one of my other spears and if you can throw from where you stand, and hit the spear I planted, I will believe that you are what you say you are."
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Fri 27 May 2016
at 16:35
Mueller chuckled a bit to himself at the woman's threat. "Slay me if you can, shepherd girl." He kept his stance ready for an attack, but relaxed again when it became obvious she had something else in mind.

He followed her with his eyes as she bounded past, lingering on her legs perhaps a moment longer than he should, and - catching sight of a familiar pair of faces beyond her mortal ken - smirked to himself. Mueller dipped his head in a subtle but respectful nod to Janus, cocked an eyebrow, and awaited Maia's return.

"I planted the spear in the cave. Take one of my other spears and if you can throw from where you stand, and hit the spear I planted, I will believe that you are what you say you are."

"Is that all? Very well, I shall oblige you, but only on one condition: you must not complain about unfairness." Wearing the same smirk as before he knelt, spat in his hands, and plucked up one of her plain wooden spears; he lingered there, apparently tying his sandals a little tighter, before casting a quick glance up to the lintel of the door where sat Janus, who returned a knowing wink.

Seeing the conspiracy acknowledged, Mueller stood again to his full height, hefted the spear, and launched it forth like a true Olympian. His form was perfect, his stance practiced, and the force of the throw buffeted Maia with a small gust of wind as the spear passed alongside her.

His target was easy enough to hit - he aimed only for the door itself, and his aim was true. Having hit the doorway, it was now the god of doorways' turn to work a miracle. The spear seemed to disappear upon striking the entry, like an arrow shot into water; it was a small matter for Janus to steer it's exit toward the rock-buried marker.

"There you are. Go on, find the spear; I've got rabbits to skin if we're to eat at all this morning."

Perched in a river-side tree, a screech owl looked down upon the proceedings with no small measure of annoyance. What mortals heard as a piercing screech, the two-faced god heard plainly. "You cheated again, Janus; how can they hope to succeed on their own if we keep helping them?"
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Tue 31 May 2016
at 13:40
"Unfairness?" She asked, but it was too late. The spear rocketed through the air and into the cave.

Maia jogged after it, ducking inside to find the spear she had planted's shaft split in two by the weapon Mueller had just hurled. She picked it up, and returned to camp.

"When do we start?"

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Wed 8 Jun 2016
at 14:52
Question to be answered: What happens to the humans on the island after Zurza conquers Mykanos?

Primary Characters:
  • Zurza
  • Priam, Zurza's human second in command
  • Heydol, an undead satyr

Scene: Zurza stood triumphant atop the Acropolis on Mykanos, watching the island burn around him. Occasionally a scream would drift up from below. It didn't have to be like this. The Greeks had, originally, and rightfully, accepted the Ghost Cult as the true successor to the Olympians. Just as the Olympic gods cast down the Titans, and received mortal admiration, so too should the mortals now flock to the ghost cult.

Except... that wasn't happening. At least, not in the numbers that it should have.

A small cough interrupted his reverie. He turned to see Priam, his apprentice, and more felt than saw Heydol nearby as well.

"High priest. The island has fallen, its soldiers all dead now and a part of the Forever Faithful. What, though, are we to do with the civilians?"

"How much food do you require, Priam?" Zazock asked in reply

"N-none my lord, you sustain me from the power of the ghosts. Just as you yourself are sustained."

"and, tell me, are there plenty of sundries, clothes, pots, beds, and the like on the island?"

"I suppose so, your grace, but-"

"Then the people may sustain the ranks of the Forever Faithful. We have no need of them."

"My lord! there are corporeal faithful here. Surely we will honor their belief and friendship."

"But of course we will, for there is no better honor than to sacrifice one's self to the holy dead. Especially if those dead are the legions."

"Your holiness, I must protest!"

"Very well, Priam."

"Thank you my sovereign! your wisdom knows no bounds."

"Mmmm, yes. Heydol?"

The faun materialized in a green-ish, translucent form next to Priam, startling him. Zurza smiled, he'd assumed his acolyte hadn't known of the specter's presence, and took a bit of pleasure in seeing the other man start.

"I have agreed to not force Priam to purge the citizenry. You do it."

"Yessssss my lord."

"oh, and Heydol? Start with Priam." Zurza turned away, his former Acolyte's blood curdling screams confirming Heydol's loyalty and efficiency.

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Tue 14 Jun 2016
at 14:06
Question to be answered: How do the Desert Watch defeat Loth, the great Locust Demon?

Primary Characters:
The Desert Watch -
  • Metihemru the Undying (this is before he becomes a mummy, but I'm thinking this was his nickname even before)
  • Aenea the Etruscan
  • Nemet the Archer
  • ?
  • ?

The Enemy:
  • Lolth the Great Locust
  • The Scarab, chief conjurer of Amhotep-Ra

Scene: A burned out village in the far south of Egypt, along the upper Nile. Most of the houses and graneries are in ruins, but several larger industrial buildings remain intact. Storm Clouds brew in the sky promising a dust or Thunderstorm.

I'm thinking I'll take Nemet, Aenea and The Scarab if you want to take Metihemru, and two of the other desert watch. Lolth may be a secondary character we can both use as needed. Thoughts?
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Tue 14 Jun 2016
at 20:21
I'm still a little shaky with Scenes, but I'm totally game to try. I'll take Metihemru (excellent suggestion for the nickname), and the two unnamed Watchers - Eager Wazir and Kem the Priest.

What I'm unsure of is how we'll actually run Loth and the Scarab's attack; if it's all the same to you, I'll follow your lead for the first few posts.
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Wed 15 Jun 2016
at 19:22
Three chariots thundered across the desert, under a blackened sky. It was around midday, but the sky was nearly dark with clouds, sand, and smoke. They pulled up short where two people waited, standing still and alone in the desert. One was a woman, but with close cropped, black hair. She was tall, and carried a large, oval, shield and a shortsword. Here eyes were deep sunk into her head and ringed with dark circles that made her look like she had two black eyes. The other was a man, Egyptian, bare chested and in a linen skirt. His hair was sleek and smooth, and his face was pointed sharply, not unlike the axe he carried at his hip. Slung across his back was a bow, and quiver of arrows. In one hand, he clutched several javelines.
Both looked over the chariots, silently, as they slowed. Metihemru, of course, was in the lead, and alone in his own chariot. Simply too large for anyone else to fit on the small platform. The other two drivers, Wazir and Kem, were also alone. Their chariot companions the two people that stood now before them.

"We're too late." the gaunt woman called up. The language was awkward in her mouth and it was clear she wasn't a native speaker. "But you can probably see that." She gestured behind her at the handful of billowing smoke columns in the town they'd been trying to rescue.

The archer continued the story when it became obvious that Aenea wasn't going to say more. "We're too late for the town, yes, but there's something far more important in there and I think we're not quite too late to stop it. The adversary, they used the town as fuel for some sort of summoning ritual. Man sized locusts, as we speak, come through a dark portal in the heart of town. I fear that they're the harbinger for something other."
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Wed 15 Jun 2016
at 21:01
"Never mind the peasants," Wazir said as he dismounted the chariot, taking the twin swords his driver offered him without any acknowledgement, "there's a fight to be had down there, so that's where we go."

Behind him, the priest called Kem was ensuring his scroll cases were arrayed properly among the other baubles that dangled from his body. He had long ago learned to ignore Wazir's impatience and tactlessness, but couldn't stop himself from admonishing the warrior. "Your concern for the people is as touching as ever."

As though sensing the sharp reply Wazir intended, Metihemru turned his stony gaze on his nearby comrade, silencing him without a word; the swordsman simply twirled his blades in response to the reproach. Satisfied, the massive man turned to survey the flaming ruins below them. "Man-sized locusts..." he rumbled after a moment's consideration, thoughtfully plucking a large bronze axe from his chariot to complement the heavy spear he already carried. Combined with his helmet and thick breastplate, Metihemru carried more weight than any three soldiers in the Pharaoh's armies, yet still moved like a man unburdened.

Equipped, he addressed the assembled party. "It is true, we are too late to save this town. But we are timely enough to avenge the dead, and to ensure this is the last town that falls to the Scarab's magic. Come - there is much work to be done."

After a brief discussion on their strategy, the group began their approach toward the flaming ruin. Kem, young and fit but encumbered with many charms, fell to the back of the group almost immediately as he uncoiled a thin scroll from one of his many cases. "I fear you may be right, my dear Nemet," he said as he read. "locusts are the least of our worries. We must make haste before... hey, wait for me!"

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Fri 17 Jun 2016
at 16:18
Almost as soon as they started for the town, they were greeted by a deep, humming, vibration, that only got louder as they approached. When they were about 100 paces away, a great cloud of locusts, normal sized, jetted out from the town. The bugs were so thick that the heroes struggled to see more than a step or two ahead of them, the buzzing so loud that they couldn't hear any of their comrades.

It was out of this living morass, that great, indeed man-sized, locusts dove at them. Aenea caught the first one on her shield. The creature bounced back, fell on the sand, and scrambled upright. It had only just regained its footing when the warrior-woman stabbed her gladius down into its head. Another great insect zipped at her at head height simultaneously. She ducked underneath it, twisted, and opened its carapace along its underbelly.

Meanwhile, a few steps away, but hidden by the swarm, Nemet was hard pressed by another squadron of the creatures. His javelins lay on the ground, the whole handful protruding from a dead locust, while he swung his axe wildly in great arcs in front of him keeping another at bay. Unnoticed, a third insect slammed bodily into him from behind, knocking him prone, his shouts of panic muffled by the cloud of bugs all around them.
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Tue 21 Jun 2016
at 15:11
The party was beset on all sides, disoriented and swarmed, but each was honed to their peak by many years and many battles. Even blinded and deafened by the press of mundane insects they were able to make small advances into the heart of the ruined town, despite the suicidal efforts of the giant locusts.

Relatively unprotected but for the occasional appearances of his allies darting in and out of the cloud, Kem the Priest intoned chant after chant, the mystic tattoos on his body beginning to bleed slightly from the effort of his spell-casting. The power they opposed was far beyond his own ability, potent as the young priest was, but he soon succeeded in dispersing the majority of the insect cloud, enough at least for the group to more easily see one another and their ultimate goal - there, beyond the thoroughfare and past a ravaged marketplace, the group could see the emanations of a foul black glow. Obscured by the remaining locust swarms, it lay just beyond sight, but they had their direction.

"There!" Metihemru shouted, his voice clear and powerful even as he leapt over massive carapaces to slam bodily into the giant locust that was savaging Nemet mere meters from where he stood. Unable to determine the state of his companion but unwilling to risk harming him with an errant slash of his weapons, Metihemru wrapped his bulging arms round the creature and wrestled it away from the archer's prone form. Even through this great exertion, his voice was as clear as a choir. "The temple quarter! It must be the Scarab!"
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Tue 28 Jun 2016
at 15:56
Aenea joined up with the others and, together, they shoved through the clouds of locusts, and the giant, man sized ones until they reached the town proper. There, the swarm evaporated, and the group was met with an eerie, deep, thrumming sound.

"The temple quarter is this way." Nemet wheezed. He was injured, but wouldn't let the others examine him. "I've... I've been here before."

He staggered off down an alleyway, Aenea close behind, until they reached a large, stone structure. The air, here, was heavy with moisture and that same deep vibration, and a sickly green glow oozed from inside.

Aenea mounted the steps of the temple two and three at a time, followed by Nemet and, when they reached the top, both let out the worst inhuman screams imaginable. For inside the defiled temple lay the population of the town, their corpses engorged with the writhing mass of larva that a hideous, twenty foot tall Locust was depositing systematically into each body. At the far end of the temple, lounging in the outstretched arms of a Horus statue, The Scarab watched with a sort of obscene enjoyment.
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Wed 29 Jun 2016
at 15:43
Metihemru sprang up the steps moments behind Nemet and Aenea, followed in course by Kem shortly after; the priest had little of his companion's skill at arms and none of their athleticism, but his courage never wavered and his knowledge of spellcraft had proven indispensable in the past. Eager Wazir was nowhere to be found, last seen shouting a defiant "hurrah" and leaping into a mass of the unnatural locusts in the marketplace.

The big warrior came to a skidding halt as he crested the temple steps; his jaw hung open in slack surprise and horrified confusion at the sight of the giant locust's efforts, but uttered no cry louder than a whispered "Ra...". Feeling the comforting weight of the massive axe in his hands Metihemru's mind raced to find some means of rallying his fellows, but here the great champion was at a loss.

It was Kem the Priest, finally mounting the last of the stairs, that took in the scene before them with a strange impassivity. His voice rang out, ragged from exertion but as steady as the foundation of a pyramid. "Don't stop now, Desert Watch!" He used their group title intentionally, singling no one while still addressing each, "Fear is their greatest weapon - you must strip it from them now, strip it from yourselves! Do not fear the demon! Kill it! Kill it now!" As he said so the young priest tore a clay bauble from its tether on his waist and flung it at the grotesque locust-queen, the orb shattering in an impossible burst of blue flame; the heat reached as far as the companions, and set the great insect screaming in fury and pain. Heedless of the danger, Kem was even now stepping forward intoning a mysterious chant, bellowing at the monsters before them in a voice infused with a power beyond mortal comprehension "Lolth, I abjure thee! Lolth, I despise thee! Lolth, I reject thee! Thy servants and thy masters, thy allies and they children, all thy works and deeds I condemn to wrack and ruin and darkness everlasting!"

A fine prayer, thought Metihemru as he hoisted the axe and charged forward, good enough for a funeral.
 GM, 44 posts
Thu 30 Jun 2016
at 14:49
The others sprang forawrd at the priest's words. Lolth, too, turned to look, and disgorged a swarm of biting locusts from its mandables. It threatened to engulf the party again, but each member of the Desert Watch could feel the holy power radiating from Kem at each of his denouncements. Wave after wave of locusts were dissipated, and the demon itself was thrown back with the admonishments. At the heroes' feet, great locusts erupted from the bowels of the "impregnated" townsfolk, but with axe and spear and hammer, they were struck down as they rose. Eventually, the group found themselves at the base of the Horus statue. Lolth cowered in fear before it but, with a sigh of annoyance, the Scarab rose.

"Must you always ruin my fun Kem?!" With a mighty heave, the wicked priest threw a bolt of putrid energy at the holy man, while, below him, the others sprang upon Lolth.
 player, 33 posts
Mon 4 Jul 2016
at 15:23
Kem's chanting came to an abrupt halt as the green-black bolt washed over him and bent him double, his words choked out in a torrent of thick vomit that matched the bolt's colour. Kem fell to his knees as his body was wracked with spasms, but his will remained strong even as his body was ravaged; looking up from the ground, his eyes bloodshot and ragged, Kem traded his chant for a series of arcane hand gestures that made his many tattoos glow that familiar blue and then, gradually, begin to bleed. The power he summoned was weaker than his words had been, and far more taxing, but the priest's spells thrummed on despite the Scarab's curse; though the locusts continued to scrabble and swarm, the horde remained disparate enough that the Watch could fight.

And fight they did. Cleaving, smashing, skewering their way into and through those new-born locust-creatures that managed to resist Kem's wards. Metihemru led from the front as they pressed into the onslaught, carrying pieces away with every swing of his bronze axe, until they had crossed the distance and arrived at the base of Horus' monument. The massive warrior stood in the shadow of Amhotep-Ra's chosen servant, cut-off from his companions that even now began to flank the giant locust-queen Lolth. Seizing the opportunity, Metihemru launched himself toward the Scarab with his axe held aloft, only to be struck in the chest by another powerful bolt from the sorcerer's hand and sent tumbling back to the base of the stairs.

True to his moniker, Metihemru the Undying had barely landed - the crash of his armour on stone ringing out despite the ceaseless droning of locusts - before struggling back to his feet; the spell had been brutal, perhaps enough to fell a lesser man, but Metihemru would not be slain so easily. Hefting the axe, the warrior began to mount the steps again, seeing with some measure of satisfaction a note of fear in the Scarab's eye not far away.
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Wed 27 Jul 2016
at 15:00
The battle was long, and fierce, but the Desert Watch soon gained the upper hand. The Scarab, eyes now wild with fury screamed something incomprehensible. The battle now clearly lost, he played his final trick, and detonated Lolth, the Locust demon in an enormous explosion, utterly destroying the temple and much of the surrounding city.

The Great demon was banished back into the infernal, but at what cost?