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Tue 26 Jul 2016
at 08:02
Gamemaster says...
Ok, will need to post one of these so not to clutter the OOC and others.

Todays todo:

- post some kind of better lists of spells that tells more about the thread bonuses as well.
- post a list of the talents showing attributes and cost of them.
- post a list of skills.
- answer questions.

Posted 4th edition list of the steps dices - not the same as previous editions.

Number of posts:

Game starts 23:rd July
100 posts 2nd August
200 posts 14th August
300 posts 29th August
400 posts 6th September
500 posts 25th September
600 posts 16th October

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Tue 26 Jul 2016
at 18:06
Gamemaster says...
Talents done.
Added posted things about Game Concepts in the RTJ thread.

Will see how I'll do with Skills and Spells
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 07:39
Gamemaster says...
What is still on me to do and what I hope to get done during the day:

- Rules about building and expanding your Community.
- Write Projects and describe what that is.
- Let you decide three Projects that has been completed.
- Write up the initial IC post.

I feel that your masters that has all vanished is individuals that we can create as we need them. We have at the moment one fleshed out:

The Elder woman Lethe who was the Nethermancer which was the highest Circle among all the adepts even if she was unknown for the community and whom took Silhouette as apprentice.

If you are stuck in the creation or need help, just through it out in the OOC thread and those with the book (or I if it is more of a deciding thing).
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Sun 31 Jul 2016
at 16:42
Gamemaster says...
Added racial abilities on the picked races.
Made sure the text about Karma is in the initial RTJ post.

It works like this:

All adepts, as well as some of the more powerful creatures of the world, are able to tap into the magical energy of the world to enhance their abilities. This magical energy is known as Karma. The use of Karma is simulated through Karma Points and Karma dice.

Adepts use Karma to enhance their magical talents. Unless noted otherwise, spending a Karma Point on a talent allows the adept to roll an additional D6 and add it to the result of the test. As with all dice rolled on a test, Karma dice can result in bonus dice. Special  circumstances, magic, or even Horror taint can increase a character’s Karma Step later in the game.

Each race has access to a different amount of Karma. This allows an adept to enhance their talents by adding an additional D6 when they spend a point of Karma on a test. Karma Points may be replenished by using the character’s Karma Ritual. A character’s Maximum Karma is determined by multiplying the character’s Karma Modifier for his race (found in Namegiver Races) by his Circle. If the character had leftover Attribute Points, they are added to this total. Characters start with their maximum Karma Points.

Doug notes that his t’skrang has a Karma Modifier of 4, and so will start the game with 4 Karma Points at First Circle. If he had chosen to leave his Willpower at 10 and had 1 remaining Attribute Point, his Maximum Karma Points would be 5.
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Sat 13 Aug 2016
at 17:26
Gamemaster says...
Rearranged the threads a bit making it easier to find stuff.

Added rules about Corruption in the Game Concept thread.