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Thu 5 May 2016
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The Facility
The Facility is all you've ever really known.

You have read of other places, the words and images describing them flowing across the faces of the library crystals. But you have never been elsewhere.

You were formed in the creation forge that sits in the center of the Facility, inside a large, high room with walls of ice, melted smooth by the warmth of the now idle forge. The forge sits on a peak of stone, its sides sloping down into darkness. Walkways away from the forge to doors arrayed around the walls.

When you stepped from the forge, one of the doors was open, the others locked. The open doorway led to a hallway and then to a room with three more rooms off of this. This suite is where you have studied and trained with a few others of your kind to prepare for your mission.

In the center of the main room is a green crystal, palm-sized, that answers some, though by no means all of your questions about what you are and what you must one day do. Other crystals, set in sconces in this room but able to be picked up and moved, can be read and examined for information about the world.

The other rooms allow you to train. Chests in the rooms contain equipment such as weapons, armor, implements, tools and reagents with which you are able to practice on the illusory terrain and against the illusory opponents and challenges that appear at intervals.

For one day you will leave the Facility. This you have read in the central crystal. You will enter the wider world where your task is to survive and tap into the knowledge held inside you to build another forge and a new race of warforged.