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The Concept: Promise and Prejudice
IMPORTANT: This game will not utilize a battle map. See the thread on that topic.

All of the characters, and all of the replacements for lost characters, are warforged. The initial group and, ideally, all subsequent additions or replacements, are the creation of a special hidden forge, operated by a (supposedly) rogue faction of House Cannith. The warforged it creates are not themselves out of the ordinary (though their ghulra appear slightly more intricate), but each contains within itself the necessary knowledge for building another forge like the one that created them. They cannot necessarily access or make use of this knowledge directly, but its existence means the possibility of an ongoing line of warforged, possibly created by warforged themselves. This has implications for everyone on Eberron.

The characters themselves have the underlying purpose of seeing their potential brought to the full, and guiding it's fulfillment, but they also have the more immediate concern of staying alive in a world hostile to warforged. That's because this game will focus on the hatred and fear of warforged. Whereas the baseline assumption in many games is that they're accepted, if grudgingly, in this game, the revulsion many feel for the constructs is almost the point. Along with that is exploring, at least a little, the way a group of warforged might navigate the world. Without anyone of their group needing sleep, food, or even air, what sorts of situations might they find themselves in?

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