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Wed 20 Apr 2016
at 20:45
I don't have a problem with maps as such. They're a useful tool for answering questions at a glance. When I'm at a table, I'll happily present or sketch a map.

Online, it's a different story. I've tried a lot of different approaches and even though not using a map presents some difficulties, they're nothing like the difficulties of posting and updating a map. So, this game will not use maps.

The main benefit of maps is that they remove the need for trust between the people at the table. If you say you move and don't provoke an opportunity attack, I can just look to see how your figure moves; I don't have to demand an explanation. No one has to ask who is in cover or who is out of range, because it's all there.

Another way to deal with trust is just to trust people. That's the route I prefer, and I often rely heavily on it even when a map is present, by not double checking people's math, and the like. So, my aim is for the players in this game to just be able to read what's been posted, say what they're doing and roll the necessary dice.

I have tripped myself up before by making combat areas complicated. I'm hoping to avoid that this time.

Powers that rely on positioning and movement are still useful. More on that later.

Yes, I know there are other systems I could be using. In fact, I'll be taking some pointers from some of those systems. However, I prefer the rest of the mechanics of 4th Edition, most of which don't have anything to do with map positioning.