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Why Warforged are Disliked
The Treaty of Thronehold, in addition to ending the Last War and outlawing the use of creation forges, granted full rights to existing warforged as independent living beings. Which is good, as far as it goes, but ultimately amounts to words on a page.

The Last War raged for a century. Even some members of the longer-lived races have known only war in their lifetimes. Even without the warforged, the world would be full of reminders of the conflict. But a graveyard, or a smashed wall can't walk up and greet someone on the street. Or take their job.

How accepted are warforged, really? In order to accept something, one has to understand that thing, or think they do. Rumors would have abounded about warforged during the War, stories both accurate and exaggerated about their capabilities and involvement in action. At best, they might be seen as an alternative to sending flesh and blood beings to die (though that diminishes them as living beings in their own right) and along those lines at least they're better than the abombinable undead armies fielded by some sides in the war. But they're also nigh-implacable killers who, it may seem, follow orders more blindly than even the most hardened soldier. And what, ultimately, can a construct care about a living person?

A weapon or a horse or a ship may be honored for its role in war, but after the war is over it's put away and only taken out for special occassions. Not so the warforged who are part of everyday life now. Very well: the warhorse can be lashed to the plow, the ship pressed to carry cargo; these tasks are honorable and rewarding and important in their way.

What of the weapon? Unless it was originally a tool of agriculture or industry, it is probably ill-suited for a peaceful purpose. A sword can't chop wood and isn't ideal for hunting. Even owning one in fighting shape implies an intent to use it for its purpose - to kill someone.

Warforged are those weapons, it is widely believed. Their blunt fingers, perfect for holding weapons, mean that delicate work, even writing, is probably frustrating to them. Their unchanging faces make personal relations questionable and confusing at best, even for animals. Their weight and rough integument make them inappropriate in crowds and in certain environments. Who wants a butler who runs roughshod over their fine rugs?

And warforged are self-driven weapons. Who knows when they might decide that they're tired of chopping wood and go to chopping a house? Or a person?

Because how smart are they? Most who have seen them have seen them following orders. The people are told that warforged can think for themselves, but can they really? Do they have actual emotions anyone should care about? Even if they do feel emotion, do they really feel pain? Are they cleverly designed to fool people into thinking they're alive? Do they have brains? Hearts? How can they have hearts if they'll take away jobs from living beings who need to buy food? How can they even understand living beings?

In all, it shouldn't be difficult to imagine how a populace might be more than a little uneasy with warforged in their midst. Yes, it's also fairly easy to imagine how they could be integrated, but for the purposes of this game, that hasn't happened to a significant degree.

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