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Mon 2 May 2016
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I realize I need to be more clear about what I'm looking for.

Read over the character guidelines post. It's a bit off-putting to read character ideas that mention options that I don't think will fit, at least without explanation intended to help them fit.

It's not necessary for characters to have a "story" or goal at this stage. I mostly get the desire for fleshed out characters, but the trouble is that D&D still encourages and accepts that character will be fleshed out on their own, apart from the adventure or the other characters. I'm a bit over that, having played games that encourage characters to be a more coherent group.

It would be great if you could demonstrate that you're simpatico with the concepts I'm after: Eberron, and the tone that implies; the idea of warforged being exposed to the world for the first time; the idea of warforged being reviled.

This isn't a game for making peace. This is a game for, at best, making temporary alliances. And the way I recently described Eberron to someone is that it's not a setting in which the PCs are expected to come out on top (not that there is such a setting, but many games play out that way), or one in which they're expected to die (such as, for instance, Dark Sun, or Ravenloft), but it's one in which they are expected to lose. Even if it's just in their backstory, an Eberron character should suffer loss. Most of them have sort of inherently lost, by having lived during the Last War and the Day of Mourning. These characters will lose early on, by being ejected from the only life they've ever known, into a world that hates and fears them.