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 GM, 12 posts
Thu 5 May 2016
at 20:27
OOC: Please Start Here
Greeting, and thanks for your interest in this game.

As I've written elsewhere in this form, my intention is not for this to be the start of a years-long campaign. My goal for now is just to get through a short section of three to four different situations. We can see how we all feel after that.

So, introduce yourself and talk about the character you've made or plan to make. I'll write up a bit about the character's shared background and "quest," for lack of a better word. Their relationships and personalities beyond that are up to you.

Welcome aboard!
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Fri 6 May 2016
at 00:57
OOC: Please Start Here
I am not sure what the others are thinking but my build thoughts have narrowed down to a Fighter or an Artificer. Very different options to say the least. I am drawn to the Fighter but I like the Leader-y aspects of the Artificer. I will likely decide based on the others in the group.

I am looking forward to hearing the other ideas.
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Fri 6 May 2016
at 01:16
OOC: Please Start Here
Well, the concept I pitched was an Artificer.

(Smith - a short techie Artificer. Does running repairs on his fellow warforged, offers dubious upgrades [i.e. temporary buffs], very passionate about the whole "make a new forge" part of the project)

I'm cool with rolling something else though. If too many other people go "ooh, warforged Artificer" I have some other ideas I'd be happy exploring. (A kinda nervous wizard-forged comes to mind as an amusing RP hook, or maybe a Berserker that basically trained as a soldier - very proper, disciplined and by-the-book - and then discovers the primal half of the class "in the field" through fury and desperation, although not sure if that stretches the GM's ideas too much)

(...it's not hard to make characters for 4e. The hard part, for me anyway, is narrowing down the field to one idea :) - "ALL WARFORGED" really helped there :) )