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Sat 23 Apr 2016
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Game Discussion
This thread is for anything directly related to the game, but not in character. This includes questions about the mechanics, lore, or world, suggestions for other players, etc.

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Sat 23 Apr 2016
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Game Discussion
Link to The Sprawl rules (amongst other things):

Baz's Teeth:

The Underbaz:

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Mon 8 Aug 2016
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Game Discussion
Saskia Fletcher
Fixer 1

Style +1
Edge +2
Mind +1
Meat -1
Cool +0
Synth +0

Owned: By poveshennykh sada goncharnogo - The Hanged Men of Potter's Garden. Happy to work for them as they allow her to make some money on the side, as
long as it's not with enemies of the Russian-styled street gang.
Financial, Network: When you hinder the mission for money or because you are vory v zakone mark experience
Cybercoms: encrypted,
Hustling: 3 crew, 3 jobs
I Know People: 1 per mission roll style, name contact+role
10+ They're a Contact
7-9 They're a known unknown
<6 They dislike you; tell MC why
Balls in the Air: +1 crew and job.
Drug Lab: Intel, Disaster: Something bad happens to lab or user
Technical Work: Gear, Disaster: Something bad happens to someone else's property in the shop
Surveillance: Intel, Disaster: Bad intel
Holdout Pistol: 2 harm hand/close discreet quick reload loud
Flashy Ride: Sports Car
Trauma Derms

Hacker 1

Synth +2
Mind +1
Edge 0
Cool +1
Meat -1
Style 0

Hunted: Before annihilating any records of his existence from the matrix, Long was a young genius producing
deck programs and neural interface boards for a branch of the Lao Tse Zaibatsu. He eventually desired freedom
from this work, and stole equipment to hack into a bank's software, stealthily shifted credits around, and used
the movement to pay a corporate hit squad to cover his escape. The Zaibatsu does not forgive such insults.
Deceptive, Black Hat Network: Mark experience when lies or status as known criminal hacker hinder mission
Neural interface with data storage: encrypted, high capacity
Jack In: Can hack. When you successfully use research to search the matrix, gain an extra [intel]
Console Cowboy: Roll to connect to secure system; gain 3 hold on 10+ , 7-9 gain 1
While in that system, you may spend 1 hold for any of the following effects:
Prevent a construct from triggering an alert
Avoid an ICE routine executed against you, your deck, or your programs
Increase your hold over compromised security or manipulated systems by 1
Zeroed: Stealth +2

Long-and-Silent (Deck)
Hardening 1
Firewall 1
Processor 4
Stealth 6

Identity Protection: +2 Stealth
Efficiency Routines: +2 Processor
Alert: Pick 1 extra option when assessing in the Matrix

Armoured clothing: armour 0, +discreet, subtract 1 when rolling the harm move
Flechette Pistol: 3 harm close/near quick flechette
Microtronics Workstation: May field-repair deck

There are just stats for the Fixer and Hacker; apparently I didn't finish anyone else or write exhaustive descriptions yet. The gang in the fixer stats is also the one Nieren was associated with; Saskia is a mid-level member who has earned a noose and is therefore respected by poveshennyk, gangsters who belong to one several thousand strong group in Kopenik. This group, while not necessarily in control of Kopenik entirely, are considered particularly dedicated within the larger structure of vory v zakone and even encroaching non-Russian gangs for being the first to break the artificial lights (leading to accidents that gave them their name) and take advantage of the darkness to do their business, a practice which has become the norm for Kopenik. Saskia primarily handles running the drug factory for the poveshennyk and keeping their techs supplied with stuff to manufacture gear for the gang's various crimes.
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Wed 10 Aug 2016
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Game Discussion
The Reservations Code:

Dinner for One: As basic as it gets. Target is untrained, has either no or amateur security, little likelihood of reinforcements or much armor around.

Dinner for Two: Target is either well trained or has well trained protection. Unlikely to have resources to call upon reinforcements. Body armor likely.

Dinner for Three: Target is trained, has excellent protection, and is expecting some kind of attack. Expect countermeasures and security obstacles.

Dinner for Four: Target is actively in protection in a secure location. Expect strong, armed resistance if things go loud.

Dinner for Five: Target is either a cyber-psycho-killer with wetware to the gills (literality varies) or is being protected by a veritable army in either quantity or capability.

Dinner and Dessert for (x): The target knows you are coming.

Dinner at a Private Table for (x): The job cannot go loud

Somebody would like to speak with the chef: Someone outside PCS is on their way to kill you.

... And they tip well: The job is expected to be more lucrative than the usual rate. There's almost always a good reason.

... Has specific dietary requirements: The The Maître D' has specific information that will help. It will be in your inbox after the call. (usually Intel)

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