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Tue 26 Apr 2016
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Setting Out: Char Gen, Leveling, and Posting
Starting Level: We're all starting at Level 1.

Starting Abilities: Use the 27 point buy variant method in the PHB

HP: Max at creation, and then roll with each level and take the roll or half your hit die rounded up (whichever is higher).

Starting Gold: Looks like you sold off your assets back home. Take an extra 50 gold on top of class and background gear, and make sure to spend it wisely.

Races: Free to pick anything from current published sources.

Classes and Class Options: All PHB classes are allowed, as well as Elemental Evil pdf spells.

Backgrounds: All PHB backgrounds are allowed.

Experience: XP will be handled behind the scenes. When will you level up? Leave that up to Salaius.

Posting Conventions:
Please use the following conventions when posting

Tense: Third person past tense (Fynn grabbed the sword and slashed at the skeleton!)

Dialogue: "Pick a color and stick with it" said the GM.

"Bold for yelling!"

"Small for whispering..."

Italics for thoughts...

Languages: Make sure to choose the language group option in the private message menu.

OOC: Use orange text and make sure to post your rolls (it makes it easier for me to reference than to pull up a bunch of windows)

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