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Movers and Shakers: Important NPCs


Fellow Prisoners:
Buppido - Derro
Prince Derendil - Quaggoth who claims to be an Elven Prince
Eldeth Feldrun - Dwarf Scout from Guantlgrym
Jimjar - Deep Gnome
Ront - Orc
Silent Drow
Shuushar the Awakened - Kuo-toa pacifist
Stool - Myconid Sprout
Topsy & Turvey - Deep Gnome Twins.

Ilvara Mizzrym - Drow Priestess and Commander of outpost.
Ahsa Vandree - Drow junior Priestess
Shoor Vandree - Drow Lieutenant and companion of Ilvara.
Jorlan Duskryn - Disfigured Drow warrior.

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