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Wed 28 Sep 2016
at 19:43
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Draconic stutters a second as he takes in what he has just been told by Jorlan. Part of him finds the story all very amusing almost believable but a voice in the back of his mind urges caution , this all seems to good to be true. At this point Draconic turns to his companions asking,

What do you all think to this Jorlans offer ? Do we trust him or take our chances?

Draconic then turns to the Drow prisoner slightly shocked he had finally spoken and decides to press him for information , surely if he was a guard here he would know about this Jorlan and be able to confirm who he was or discredit his story.

So Drow does this Jorlan speak the truth ? Is he to be trusted ? Are you with us?

Draconic then sees most of his fellow companions are still shackled and struggling to free themselves, So he turns to Renjie and says,

A little help perhaps ?!

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Thu 29 Sep 2016
at 17:25
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Salaius (msg # 28):

Zamara shakes her shackles in frustration.

Get me the hell out of these!!!
Renjie Morningstar
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 08:01
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Draconic (msg # 30)

Renjie attempts to break the shackles of draconic so that he may assist in freeing the others

08:59, Today: Renjie Morningstar rolled 17 using 1d20+4.

"Aye, il try breqk yours and we both free the rest"
Delg Ironfist
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 20:35
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Salaius (msg # 26):

Taking in the information from Selina something she mentions stirs up memories from his past.

"This Derro and his worship frightens me. I remember tales from my time at the temple of Truesilver, hushed tales of dark rituals performed in the name of unholy gods. Some require constant sacrifices where killing the sacrifice would not be sufficient but heinous mutilations usually whilst the victim still lives until they can stand no more..."

Startled by the sudden appearance of the scar-faced drow, Delg listens carefully to his proposition.

This seems too good to be true. I don't for one second doubt that this drow will seek to attempt to recapture us during our escape...

Even more surprised that his fellow captur has chosen now to speak. Delg looks upon the feeble drow.

"So have you give up and resigned yourself to some unfortunate end or can you verify this Jorlan's story? Was he captain of the guard. Do you think we can trust him? Can we trust you?"
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Mon 3 Oct 2016
at 20:58
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Renje moves about the group, using the other prisoners to assist with his attempts to free them all.  Thankfully, through effort of will and collaboration, everyones shackles are removed.  All the while Jorlan rolls his eyes before saying.

"You know I could have just given you the key." Now shifted over to a table and chair not far from the cell bars, with a rye smile and the key hung from his index finger.

"You're also mistaking me for Shoor, I imagine we Drow look alike to Dwarves, the feeling is certainly mutual.  However, You and I have a common enemy at least.  Let me put it this way, despite my dislike for your kind, and my opinions on slave labour, my distrust and hatred of Shoor is stronger.  Enough that I would use you to make them look bad, that would give me an immense amount of pleasure."

Sarith the silent Drow, coughs and splutters, clearly his issues are not just limited to potential mental health.

"It is known that Jorlan holds no love for Shoor, more so than any other Drow level of political intrigue, and his story certainly holds true from what I know."

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Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 00:57
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Draconic glares at Jorlan almost unable to contain his rage at his blatant mockery of them. Wether the story is true or not , he wants to go hit him right in his ugly mug, consequences be damned !

Instead he turns to his newly freed fellow prisoners and says,

''I think the time for introductions is past , we need to make a choice now , trust this Jorlan or go with our original plan? I will go with what ever the rest of you want to do as were stuck in this togther! Seems to be though we could hold our own here if you want my opinion''.

Draconic looks to hs dwarven companions keenly waiting for their responce.
Delg Ironfist
 Ryan, 7 posts
Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 08:32
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Delg casually walks over and picks what appears to be some sort of nutrients and walks back to the group. Taking a sniff of the bowls content's, Delg has to force himself not to gag.

If this wouldnt put hairs on a beardling I don't know what would...

As Delg gets back to the group he talks softly so that Jorlan does not overhear him.

"I do not trust this sunless elf but he has much to lose if we are recaptured and it comes out he was responsible for our escape. I think if he is willing to leave the door open for us we can let him. We must remain on guard though we will be far from out of the cave yet."

Delg then holds his nose and tries to stomach some of the food before passing it around the group.
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Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 16:32
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Draconic (msg # 35):

Zamara slinks up towards Draconic and whispers

What choice do we have but to trust this Jorlan ? Lets see what he can offer but allow me to shadow him and the first sign of trouble i`ll deal with him

then speaking to the group

Jorlan seems like a trustworthy individual and I, for one dont really see the appeal of spending more time in the hole the obsolutely necessary
 Luke, 7 posts
Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 17:31
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Draconic hears Delg and Zamara and nods in agreement it is time to get out of this place! He then turns to Jorlan and says,

''Very well Jorlan we accept your offer. Let us hope you are good to your word or sooner or later you will feel my wrath!''

Draconic then turns to everyone else in the cell and says,

''Everyone whos is coming should prepare and be ready at a moments notice ok ?''

Finally Draconic wispers as softly as he can to Zamara as not to arouse any suspicion from Jorlan,

Very well , when the time comes keep an eye on him and at the first sign of betrayal end him.''

As the time to leave is rapidly approaching Draconic has a bad feeling about this, but they have no better options right now, besides if it's one things he knew dwarfs were good at it was fighting and he could hold his own if needed.
 GM, 14 posts
Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 20:15
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Jorlan smiles a knowing smile before chuckling to himself.  "Good, I can almost see the embarrasment that they will have to endure.

He stands and grabs the keys, pausing for a moment before flicking round to one of the keys on the chain.

"Play your part, play it well, and I will not forget your assistance in my return to glory."

Jorlan unlocks the cell door, and leaves it closed over.

"Remember, on the next guard change, leave the cell, make for your equipment across the hall and up the stairs, then escape over the ledge.  I will create a diversion, you'll know it when you hear it.  Make your plans on who's doing what, but be ready."

Jorlan spins on his heel, and walks to the prison door.  Opening slightly, he peeks left and right, before slipping out into the dark of the Underdark.

Crunch time, which of the non-party members do you want to take with you? And which do you want to leave behind, if any.  Next up will be the prison escape which could potentially be pretty dangerous.

Delg Ironfist
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Thu 6 Oct 2016
at 07:14
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Delg waits until he is sure Jorlan has left before addressing the rag tag group of prisoners.

"Well it looks like we just have to wait for the right moment before we can escape. This could be your chace at freedom but it's not going to be easy."

Delg crouches down reaching out to Stool.

"Stool, although we don't need you to create a distraction for us anymore I still think you skills will come in handy for keeping this breakout organised. Will you join us?"

Standing back tall, or as tall as a dwarf can be Delg gestures to Eldeth and Ront.

"I believe that the both of you have something valuable to add to this escape, can you put your differences aside for now and work together?"

Delg then turns his attention to Sarith the dark elf prisoner. Delg inspects the elf to see if he would be fit enough to escape or if he would be a burden to the group.

Turning back to the group looking at each prisoner in turn.

"I'm sure you all want to get out of here and as I said before this is going to be no stroll through the ettin cave. What can each if you bring to increase our chances of success?"
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Thu 6 Oct 2016
at 07:33
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Delg Ironfist (msg # 40):

Zamara gestures towards Delg in agreement, then scoots down towards stool and gives it a little rub between its spots.

Hey Little Guy
Renjie Morningstar
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Fri 7 Oct 2016
at 08:25
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Delg Ironfist (msg # 40):

Renjie looks round the room at the group of captives and thinks to himself

What a sorry bunch, i say we leave them all and get ourselves out

Renjie then looks at the Orc infront of Delg and says

" you make one wrong move green skin and i will have your head"

Renjie finally removes his eyes from the Orc and speaks with Delg

"Bring whoever you wish, we need anyone who can bare arms if not what use are they? the drow is too quiet for me and the beast i dont trust i say we leave the gate open and let them fend for themselves"

Renjie getting agrovated mutters to himself

Sooner i get outa here sooner i get me a large Ale "

After a long thought of some sweet Ale Renjie snaps out of his Daydream and addresses the Cell
" Listen Up, We all need to be ready so once we see the guard change and hear the distraction we make for our gear. we have Drakon and me if we run into any enemies on the way. once we retrieve our gear we can fight our way out if we must."Everyone be Prepared we Go hard and we go fast
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Sun 9 Oct 2016
at 21:28
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Stool excitedly hops up and down in a childlike fashion, which Eldeth remarks "Someone's excited to tag along.  As for you you have my sh.."  She glances down at her slightly raised arm and looks back up with a smile.  "..shield.  Well at least when i get it back that is."

Derendil interjects "It is the only course of action that we can take, staying here seems to be only leading to further indentured servitude.  Not a particular option I'm fond of, so I will join you in this attempt."  Raising one of his large claws upward.  "One of the distinct advantages of this form is it's natural weapons, not so good with penmanship though."

Ront nods at Delg.  "Our feud can wait, I will stay my hand for our mutual interests, these pointy eared bastards will feel my wrath today."

He turns and looks at Renje, and jutting a thumb in his direction, he turns back to Delg.  "Just keep that one from running his mouth."

The large fishlike form of Shuushar lumbers behind the party, giving off a damp musty smell.  "I will join you, though my code means I can take no action that would harm another."

Topsy and Turvy scuttle forward.  "We need to leave here, so we will join you, we are good at staying hidden. Well most of the time, but we have been here too long, and it is imperitive we escape as soon as possible."  Their focus of vision is looking around them at all times, they don't seem to hold eye contact for very long, as though they are naturally of a nervous disposition.

Jimjar steps forward "I may not be the most martial of people, I do know a few tricks and have some contacts in and around the Underdark should we be successful.  Besides, someone has to keep an eye on those two."  He gestures toward Topsy and Turvey.  "On second thought, anyone want to take a bet on the likelihood of us escaping successfully?" He holds up a small pouch of money in one hand while smiling at his betting proposition.

Buppido sighs, "Yes, we will escape, I know I have foreseen it, my Lord guides my way through this trial.   We may have to help it in some small way, little tribute here, or some intervention.  Eitherway I know we will be successful."


Next post up tomorrow will be the next steps,

Delg Ironfist
 Ryan, 9 posts
Mon 10 Oct 2016
at 15:20
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Looking around the cell listening to each of the prisoner in turn. Delg ponders each response.

Damn pacifist, what good are you going to be if things head south. Suppose we could get him to hold the door or something.

Delg then advises the group.

"Well it looks like we are all going to be in this together. Well most of us that is..."

Delg nod's towards Sarith.

"The drow looks to have some sort of infection. If left unchecked I'm certain he will succumb to this affliction. I could try treat him if we could get him back to our gear.
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Tue 11 Oct 2016
at 23:05
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
It seems like an age since Jorlan left the room.  This sign whatever it was to be, seemed like it was never going to come.

Ront stands up and growls a low gutteral growl of frustration.  "That puny Elf better not have forgotten about us, I'll strangle him with my own hands if he has."

Derendil seems to be letting hearing Ront and getting aggitated, His beastial side coming to the surface more.  "Quiet.... I'll kill you.. if I have to."

At this point, one of the patrolling guards looks into the cells with a critical view, taking a casual glance around, he turns on his heel and move out away from the cells again.  As he's leaving you see his pace picks up someone and he suddenly breaks into a run as he moves fully out of the prison.  He leaves the door wide open, and you can all see right outside at this point.

At first, it starts as a horrible droning buzz, which echos throughout the cavern.  This is followed by several piercing inhuman shrieks, that seem to come closer and move further away at varying increments.    There is the sound of a horn being blown and you watch as more guards run to the left of the door at considerable pace.

Jorlan rounds around the door, with a panicked look on his face.  "Go, go now.  This is as good a distraction as I could have given you.  The demons are not my doing. Fight them at your own risk!"

Moving out of the cells to the door, the Prisoners can see what is causing the noises you heard earlier.  High above the outpost, you watch as two giant humanoid vulture like creatures, large and savage in their looks are fighting against four smaller creatures.  The smaller creatures resemble some sort of unholy mixture of humanoid and fly.  Both groups appear to be coming towards the outpost from a northernly direction.  As the demons swoop and buzz around, they appear to be ignoring other creatures as both groups savagely assault each other. The drow that defend the outpost are hurridly getting into position to try and defend it, caught off guard by the quickness of the approach.

The demons buzz past the hanging towers several times, leaving the walkways and caverns, where the part are, out of range of the effects of their droning and screeching.  Those in the guard towers are not so fortunate, as they grab at their ears, trying to protect them from further damage.  As the battle rages on, the demons come into range of the towers, and the elite drow warriors start to attack the demons as well.  Bolt after bolt is fired from their crossbows into the demons, with apparently little effect on them.  Fortunately, this means that the Drow have not got their attention on the cells and will act as a great diversion.

Jorlan looks at the party.  "Go, jump into the webs below, or find your equipment, it should be in the armoury just over there. Good Luck"  Jorlan points to a building to the left of the parties location (10 on map) and turns on his heel and draws his sword, as he runs to his fellow drow.

Renjie Morningstar
 Adam, 10 posts
Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 17:38
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Salaius (msg # 45):

Renjie is trying to process all that is going on but quickly snaps to the issue at hand and adresses the group
"Right lets use this distraction amd charge across the bridge to gather our stuff! Draconic you take point!"

Renjie begins rallying the geoup to get a move on

Get me out of this god forsaken hell hole and get me a large ale

"Ront you take up with draconic so i can keep my eye on you, il stay close to the group incase anyone ambushes"

OOC: woo lets go lets go get ourselves a fight ;-)
 Shaun, 7 posts
Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 18:12
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Salaius (msg # 45):

Zamara smiles to herself, looking to the direction Jorlan has gestured and shouts to Renjie

Now!! while we still can! keep them busy and let me get our gear

Zamara starts to make her way across the bridge keeping low and to the shadows, doing her best to keep anyones attention away from her

OCC- need to do a stealth role but not sure what...
Renjie Morningstar
 Adam, 11 posts
Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 19:50
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Zamara (msg # 47):

"You got it zamara go safe il hold anyone off"
 Luke, 8 posts
Tue 18 Oct 2016
at 21:05
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
With a feeling of excitement and trepidation Draconic Does as Renjie suggests and takes point with Ront and Rushes out of the cell. Towards the open door. Although Zamara has suggested she is going to collect all their gear by herself he feels like is probably not such a good plan as she may be unable to carry it all by herself and certainly be less able to defend herself should she be spotted.

We're going to help get our gear with her ! We can take these Drow on if we need to! Besides splitting up now doesn't fill me with much confidence !

Draconic looks round as his fellow escapees, waiting for any objection but decides to press on before he can hear any.He simply just says,

Lets Go!
Delg Ironfist
 Ryan, 10 posts
Wed 19 Oct 2016
at 06:28
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Delg takes a moment to look back at the cell, he can still see Sarith's meek form in the gloom.

He may be a filthy drow but no one deserves to suffer so. May Truesilver guide and protect you on your path to the great beyond.

With a pang of regret Delg turns to the group and places a hand on Draconic and Ront's arm. Delg feels a warmth course through him as he invokes his deities assistance.

"Truesilver shield and guide these warriors from harm"

OOC: Delg cast the cantrip Resistance on Draconic and Ront

Delg then gathers the rest of the group and follows across the bridge towards the room their belongings are rumoured to be located.
 GM, 17 posts
Sun 23 Oct 2016
at 22:36
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
The screeching and baying of the warring demons can still be heard above Velkynvelve, bearing in mind that Jorlan had told the part where their equipment was, the party forged forward towards the guard house nearby.  The rope bridge that leads to the guard house seems relatively new, but it sways from side to side as the party make their way across it.  Fighting on such a bridge would be difficult at best.
As you make your way cautiously across the bridge, one of the avian like demons flies by close to the bridge, it's screeching almost deafening.  It's fly by is closely followed by the low droning sound of one of the fly like demons.  The pursuing demon flies into the bridge further toward the tower, and it's collision causes the party to have to hold on tight.  JimJar loses his grip and begins to tumble over the side, he begins to cry out, however Derendil reaches down and grabs him by the lapels of his clothing and hauls him back up onto the bridge.

Exchanging glances, everyone agrees that crossing the bridge quicker would be advisable, and the party make their way across the bridge at a quicker pace.  It isn't long before the door to the guard house is right in front of them.  It's closed over, but Ront stomps forward with determination in his eyes.

"Let's get our stuff so we can get out of here."

Ront pushes the door open, and inside the guard house you can see three Drow stood towards the back of the room facing out the nearby window.  The room has several animal skins on the floor, as well as a large table with various objects on them, a quick glance shows various takes of edible items on it.  A spear rack is to the right of the entrance, as well as a large fire pit in the middle of the room, a large chest is at the wall behind the drow.  Towards the back of the room is a flight of stairs that lead upwards.

Two of the guards are wearing light clothing, with no visible armour, but are holding crossbows.  The third Drow is wearing chainmail, with a crossbow in hand, he has several weapons attached to his belt.  They all appear to be tracking the various demons as they fly by, their crossbows are trained towards the aerial attackers and they are taking pot shots as they come near.  They haven't noticed the party coming through the doors.


Map -
Assume that each square is 5 feet across.

Combat goes like this:

1. Initiative - this value determines who attacks when and in what order.

2. Move - up to maximum speed.

3. Take an Action - You can do one of the following
   a) Attack - attack with a weapon

   b) Cast a Spell - hocus pocus :)

   c) Dash - Make a second move up to maximum speed.

   d) Disengage - your movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. Useful for trying to escape a more powerful adversary.

   e) Dodge - You focus on avoiding attacks, until next turn, any attack against you is at disadvantage, and you make dexterity challenges with advantage.

   f) Help - you can help another creature with an action, giving them an advantage to a check.  Additionally you can help another person attack a creature, you provide a feint, which means that person has advantage on their next attack.

   g) Hide - Attempt to hide from people.

   h) Ready - You can prepare any action in this list in response to a condition.  For example, you ready an attack, incase a goblin tries to attack the party.

   i) Search - Allow you to search for anything of interest, based on Perception (Wis) or Investigation (Int).

   j) Use an Object - Use an object, ie draw a sword, ready a bow, use a wand etc.

You all need to roll for initiative.  To roll you need to do a D20+Initiative, your initiative values are below.

Delg +1
Draconic +2
Renjie +1
Selina +1
Zamara +3

Rolls to attack:

To attack with a weapon you have to roll to hit first, then roll damage:

To Hit:
Melee -  D20 + Str bonus + Proficiency Bonus (Dex with Finesse)
Ranged - D20 + Dex Bonus + Proficiency Bonus (Str with Finesse)
Some weapons change this, such as those with the finesse quality, these weapons allow you to choose Str or Dex as your attack bonus.  (Examples, Dagger, Darts, Short Swords, rapier and Scimitar)

To Damage:
Melee - Weapon Damage Dice + Str Mod (Dex with Finesse)
Ranged - Weapon Damage Dice + Dex Mod (Str with Finesse)

Delg Ironfist
 Ryan, 11 posts
Mon 24 Oct 2016
at 20:00
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
OOC: Damn phone was trying to fill in the details for the initiative roll and blam. dodgy roll!!

20:56, Today: Delg Ironfist rolled 6 using 1d20+1 ((5)).

Delg moves silently towards the spear rack and searches for anything useful.

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Renjie Morningstar
 Adam, 12 posts
Wed 26 Oct 2016
at 16:25
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
In reply to Salaius (msg # 51):

Initiative Roll - 17:21, Today: Renjie Morningstar rolled 6 using 1d20+1.

Renjie grabs a weapon for his offhand from the weapon rack next to the door!

Renjie then moves 25Feet To end next to the Fire and initiate an attack on the Drow soldier

Attack Roll - 17:24, Today: Renjie Morningstar rolled 11 using 1d20+6. (1d20 +4Str+2prof)
 Luke, 9 posts
Wed 2 Nov 2016
at 00:04
Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Draconic notices the guards have crossbows and whilst they aren't his prefered choice of ranged weapon he decideds he is going to take one of them from their corpses.Lacking any other useful type of weapon for this situation he rushes 10 feet inside the door and unleashes his breath weapon at the guards!

Draconic rolled 13 using 1d20+2 ((11))(Initiative Roll)

OOC: So not having chose what type of dragon i was during character creation, im going to go with the black Dragon type which is Acid damage type i think , hope that is correct

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