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Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
A fortnight east of Gauntlgrym, home to Bruenor Battlehammer's Dwarf kin, the party are working as guards for a merchant guild caravan contract headed for the sovereign Wizard state of Thay.  Your guild contact, a ruddy Dwarf by the name of Gunner Forgeson, who's callused hands betray his profession as a smith, explained that Thay's diplomatic situation is tenuous at best, with rumours of unnatural magic being used and abused, as well as a suspected leader who may or may not be undead.  Due to this, Gunner Was making sure that the caravan job paid well, offering 1000 gold pieces to each of the guards, in effort to balance the risk and effort involved with the transit to Thay.  It's on the twelfth day of the journey that the party hears a low rumble, which turns into a loud crack as the ground is rend open.  The cart horses become startled, nervously pulling in separate directions trying to flee to safety, but their attempts are in vain, the ground gives way, and the horses are pulled into the depths along with the caravan goods.  For a moment, it appears as those each of you are safe, until a second rumble occurs and the ground below you caves in, dragging you all in to embrace of the dark abyss.  As you fall, you notice the opening to the chasm getting smaller and smaller, as the light around you gets diminishes to nothing.  It feels like you are falling for an age, and you are certain of your death, until you feel your movement stop suddenly, the inertia snapping your necks back and forward violently.  Fortunately, a large configuration of spider webs manages to arrest your fall, and you caught about 10 feet from the floor.  Through the dim light given off by a nearby patch of green florescent fungus, you can see that the horses were not so lucky.  The cart brace still attached to their backs, but the cart itself has split open, and the wares are spread across the cavern floor.  Shadowy lithe figures are rooting through the belongings already, until one of them spots the party.  Reaching into a bag, the figure pulls out a metallic sphere, which it twists around the middle and then launches it at the party.  A faint mist exudes from the device, and your vision goes black as you pass into unconsciousness.

Captured by the Drow!  You wouldn't wish this fate upon anyone, yet here you are - locked in a dark cave, the cold, heavy weight of metal tight around your throat and wrists.  You are not alone.  At the end of the cave you recognise your party members, however other prisoners are trapped in here with you, their shadowy forms huddled at the other end of the cave, in an underground outpost far from the light of the sun.

Your captors include a cruel Drow priestess who calls herself Mistress Ilvara of House Mizzrym.  Over the past several days, you've met her several times, robed in silken garments and flanked by two male Drow, one of whom has a mass of scars along one side of his face and neck.

Mistress Ilvara likes to impress her will with scourge in hand and remind you that your life now belongs to her.

"Accept your fate, learn to Obey, and you may survive."

Her voice echoes in your memory, even as you plot to escape.
Delg Ironfist
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Another fine mess you have gotten yourself into Delg, couldn't take up a nice relaxing post at the clergy.

Delg looks around the room. Maybe he can get some information from one of the other prisoners here?

OOC: This is my first time doing one of these so I may need some hand holding to start with.

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Renjie Morningstar
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
What was in my drink last night my head is killing me

Looking round the room and identifying that the team is alive, Renjie spots the scar faced man and immediatly trys for a confrontation -
"Hey pretty boy how about you come and let me fix that face of yours"

While blowing a kiss at Mistress Ilvara!

Lets see if i can get a rise out of these filthy creatures
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Tue 13 Sep 2016
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Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow!
Renje's actions gets the attentions of the guards.  Lady Ilvara raises an eye brow and looks to the Drow to her side and says.  [Language unknown:  "Liivla ec osent llest, ous ngwhi er hapoll i tipeiv, us isadll ei m menughort eau rea."]

The Drow steps forward, coming close to the bars, before looking down at Renje.

[Language unknown:  "Licant ecun ilivee larreason k leilri! Olre Sainlome day ameeveson ast insan lin stimannte ev cepo ad stast."]

The Drow jabs a spear quickly back and forth through the bars towards Renje cutting open a shallow wound on his side, the Drow twists a cruel smile across his face.

Delg mean while is looking about the cell, and he of course recognises his fellow Dwarf with the anger issues, riling up their captors.  Looking further about, he recognises the massive form of Draconic, the Dragonborn Ranger, the lithe form of Zamara, the Half-elf bard and Selina, the party's Human Wizard.

As Delg, moves towards the other end of the cell, he notices there is a cluster of ten other prisoners, each in their own groupings.

Firstly, in one of the corners is a Derro, with a massive white beard and whisps of hair on either side of the head, showing a clearly balding top head.  He seems to look back at Delg with a welcoming look.

A hulking frame of a Quaggoth with it's fixed grin is looking at Delg, this one seems to be much less aggressive than it's exterior appearance would imply.

A Female Dwarf is sat against one wall, who immediately brightens as she recognises more of her kin in the same situation as her.

A Deep Gnome is trying to coax an Orc into a wager, though the Orc keeps glancing over at Eldeth and to the parties Dwarves as well, with a look of suspicion.

Oddly a Drow is in the cell with you, but he appears to keep to himself, and looks quite dispondent.

Huddled in another corner, the shape of a large humanoid fish is sat in the lotus position, seemingly relaxed.

Two further Deep Gnomes, one with long lank hair, and the other with a few tufts on top of their head, seem to be sticking together and look somewhat agitated, they keep shifting their field of view around the cell, keeping an eye on everyone.

Lastly, there is a small fungoid creature, similar in size to dog, that is moving about the floor, moving between the various prisoners.  Some of which ignore it completely, others give it a swift kick and it scurries away trying to stay safe.

For each of you wanting to search the cell for anything useful, roll a D20 + 5, and post them with your reply.

Pretty much everyone playing is new to it, so it's a good place to start.

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