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Combat Actions
Combat goes like this:

1. Initiative - this value determines who attacks when and in what order.

2. Move - up to maximum speed.

3. Take an Action - You can do one of the following
   a) Attack - attack with a weapon

   b) Cast a Spell - hocus pocus :)

   c) Dash - Make a second move up to maximum speed.

   d) Disengage - your movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. Useful for trying to escape a more powerful adversary.

   e) Dodge - You focus on avoiding attacks, until next turn, any attack against you is at disadvantage, and you make dexterity challenges with advantage.

   f) Help - you can help another creature with an action, giving them an advantage to a check.  Additionally you can help another person attack a creature, you provide a feint, which means that person has advantage on their next attack.

   g) Hide - Attempt to hide from people.

   h) Ready - You can prepare any action in this list in response to a condition.  For example, you ready an attack, incase a goblin tries to attack the party.

   i) Search - Allow you to search for anything of interest, based on Perception (Wis) or Investigation (Int).

   j) Use an Object - Use an object, ie draw a sword, ready a bow, use a wand etc.

You all need to roll for initiative.  To roll you need to do a D20+Initiative, your initiative values are below.

Delg +1
Draconic +2
Renjie +1
Selina +1
Zamara +3

Rolls to attack:

To attack with a weapon you have to roll to hit first, then roll damage:

To Hit:
Melee -  D20 + Str bonus + Proficiency Bonus (Dex with Finesse)
Ranged - D20 + Dex Bonus + Proficiency Bonus (Str with Finesse)
Some weapons change this, such as those with the finesse quality, these weapons allow you to choose Str or Dex as your attack bonus.  (Examples, Dagger, Darts, Short Swords, rapier and Scimitar)

To Damage:
Melee - Weapon Damage Dice + Str Mod (Dex with Finesse)
Ranged - Weapon Damage Dice + Dex Mod (Str with Finesse)