USS Hyperion -- Main Engineering.   Posted by Storyteller.Group: 0
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USS Hyperion -- Main Engineering
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Wed 15 Jun 2016
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USS Hyperion -- Main Engineering
Terry took a moment to let it all sink in after he stepped back into engineering. She was a beauty this ship, yes she was. All spanking new and he could almost see himself in the reflection of the new alabaster interior walls of the ship. Of course he couldn't really, but she was new and she was a beauty.

The warp core hummed but didn't throb with pulses like the Galaxy class did. No, this baby of his was more like the one on the Intrepid or Nova class ships. Sparkles of light or waves seemed to dance within its core speaking to him in a dancing patterns letting him know she was doing alright. He had to give her a name, but wasn't quite happy with any of the choices he had come up with yet.

The Hyperion was a larger class of ship and had a centered console called the pooltable. This was different in the smaller class ships that seemed to go back to the duet consoles facing the core. She was well laid out and up till now everything was running well. Just needed to work out the kinks and blow out the nacelles. Terry could have sworn he could smell the "new ship" smell on her....but a couple runs through the Delta Quadrant would take care of that.

Competent crew and that Meg, what a wonder. He put a note in his log making sure to get her down here for a checkup. Yep, this is where he belonged; out here in space, among the stars.