Apologies and the Future.   Posted by Storyteller.Group: 0
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Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 12:51
Apologies and the Future
I want to apologize to everyone for my absence from this game for so long.  I had some personal as well as work issues and was sent to a few different locations for training that kept me away from home for a few weeks.  I also kind of felt we lost our way and was not sure where to take the story, then life got busy for awhile and I completely forgot to login and update everything.

I am really sorry to let everyone down and that I have been unresponsive for over a month or so.   I had high hopes for the story and really liked the characters and how everyone was interacting.  I hope everyone had some fun with the initial story.

I will leave it up to everyone if you want to continue.  Once we get to the station I think it will resolve the "feeling left out" issues since we can get more stories moving with everyone involved.  I will do my best to stay active and keep you informed if I need to vanish for a period of time.

Let me know your thoughts and I will respect what anyone decides.