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Sun 8 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
The large meeting room was filled to standing room only.  A mix of different ranks, races, and civilian personnel sat or stood in the room.  Once everyone settled into place, the lights dimmed over the crowd and rose over the stage.  A human male stepped forward with the rank of Admiral on his collar.  He stood in the center of the stage as an image of a Luna-class ship appeared behind him.

"Welcome everyone to the last official briefing before the launch of Operation Outreach. As you probably know, I am the mission commander, Admiral Zenerin. All of you should have your assignments and orders by now. If anyone has any questions, approach your department head or one of the senior officers.  If anyone has any final questions, now is the time to ask."

He looked around the room to see if anyone had questions.
Taeko Takamuko
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Sun 8 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
In reply to Storyteller (msg # 1):

Lt Taeko stands with his security section as watches the meeting evolve
 His face carefully impassive.
Idly he wonders who will ask the first questions and what they would be.
Taeko awaits his orders
Parker Tails
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Mon 9 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
Lt. Commander Tails orients himself towards the Admiral attempting to strike any worry from his expression but failing miserably.
"Sir, I have read through the available material of what is known of the base and as I'm sure you know there is not a lot we can be certain of, but with your command experience what can you tell us would be typical of a base this size and type? I do of course understand that none of this is guaranteed, I'm just looking for a better picture of what to expect sir"
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Mon 9 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
The counsellor stood amongst a crowd of mixed personnel, of all races, ranks, and division colours. He'd decided to hang around here, rather than cling to a Medical group, as he was nominally a part of, because he felt the role of counsellor should be seen as more universal and independent, if people were to trust him. But mostly he just didn't want to seem cliquey at this stage. He didn't go out of his way to chat to people, though. A overly friendly counsellor could seem like someone looking for issues. But mostly he was just shy.

Mavrik also stood out, for, of all the species present, he seemed the tallest, had a bald head that gleamed in the lights, and was the only one who was green. Or at least the greenest, as he considered some faintly olive-tinged Vulcanoids. But as an Orion, he stood alone. There were many other Orions in Starfleet, of course, but none it seemed who would volunteer to go so deep into the Outer Dark.

He was still sorting through his reasons for that, and he'd counted a half-dozen, but broadly he felt, most of all, that it was the right thing to do. That he'd delved into the Inner Dark, so it was only natural to explore the Outer. That if he'd refused the call, he'd always regret it. And he had so many regrets.

He turned his attention outward, contemplating the people around him. Some he faintly recognised from personnel files. He could read among them a hundred reasons for hurling themselves into the unknown too: curiosity, ambition, and a need to escape were prime among them. And all shared the same doubt, uncertainty, and fear about what lay ahead, whether they would get home. Except him. He trusted them to do that.

As Admiral Zenerin introduced himself and commenced the briefing, and seemingly concluded it by jumping straight to final questions, Mavrik listened up.
Chamille 'Shimmer' O'Connor
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Mon 9 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
Unlike the Orion Counsellor, Shimmer took a lot of time talking to pretty much just members of the science team for now. There would be plenty of time to mingle with and talk to other members of the crew. But where Mavrik would have to deal with many departments every day, the science and medical teams were most likely going to be Shimmer's main dealings for the duration of their mission.

Still, she was hardly unfriendly, boldly and confidently introducing herself to at least the other members of the head of staff. She had never been a department head before and it was a little nerve wracking, but truth be told, it was also very much an honour. To be this far into deep space meant a lot of opportunity to find and decipher new scientific data, to record previously unobserved phenomenon, to perhaps even ally with and study newly discovered species and planets. It was a dream come true. And whatever may come, she trusted Star Fleet to have picked the best fot the job - the command officers, the medical staff, the engineering team... They would all be relying on each other.

With that thought in mind, she decided that, after getting to know her science team a bit, she'd branch to other members of the crew....

Before she got the chance, however, the Admiral was speaking to them and everyone fell still and silent to listen. The XOs question echoed some of her own concerns, so she listened quietly for the Admiral's response.
Richard Jericho
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Mon 9 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
Jericho watched as the the majority of the personnel mingled and became acquainted. He could match names to the majority of the faces, having carefully gone over the files of everyone who would be part of this mission. He had not meet or talked with any of them but he was confident Starfleet had chosen well. Besides there would be ample time for getting acquainted on this mission.
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Mon 9 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
Sialk watched from a distance cataloging all of the different life forms in the room. "It has been a long time since I have been in the presence of such a large number of people. In time we will be completely dependent on each other. This will be the crucible that either makes or breaks us" Sialk thought to himself. As the Admiral spoke Sialk focused his attention to him.
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Mon 9 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
M'Norri had been quite active, aimlessly chatting to everyone and everyone who wanted to talk. There were so many people here! So many noises and faces and sounds...

When the admiral spoke up her voice tailed off, instead stopping to let him speak. It put a flutter in her chest to know that these strangers would be the only people she'd have around for so long. She hoped they'd be friendly enough, at least. She was head of department, so it would only mal sense that she'd see a lot of them very soon for check ups and the like.

Realizing she'd started to daydream, she immediately pushed those thoughts away to better focus on the Admiral's words, even though he'd just finished speaking. Well, late was better than never, right?
Zachariah Ebbens
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Wed 11 May 2016
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Prologue: Starbase One
Zachariah sat with the rest of the security section clearly uncomfortable in his uniform. He chewed on his fingers and tried to keep out of first officer's view."I wonder what the ten forward scene will be like on the ship." He thought. He looked around for a moment to see if any telepaths were around and not noticing any, he tried to focus on his half betazoid empathy to poke around and see people's mood starting first with Lt Takamuko.

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