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Name: Rikumaru Jin



Kekkei Genkai: Earth God's Domain
Earth God's Domain is a Kekkei Genkai that was first manifested by Jin's ancestor Rikumaru from which the family name was then taken. Rikumaru was one f the many disciples of the sage of six paths and had an amazing affinity with the earth, requiring no seals or gestures to move or manipulate the earth around her. She had several children that shared her affinity with earth and took them into seclusion into what would become the Land of Fire. As the new ninja culture was slowly grown and began to war with each other the Rikumaru clan remained hidden, honing their skills for times of peace. As the hidden villages were formed the Rikumaru clan began a tradition for adolescents to  travel the world on pilgrimages so that they could learn more of the world and better attune themselves with the earth as a whole. Whilst on the pilgrimage the young members of the clan would choose whether to return to the village and learn to fully unlock their Kekkei Genkai or to leave the clan and start a fresh life. Most chose to return but there was no enmity within the clan towards those that did not and the ones that left often joined the growing villages and there descendants often had powerful earth affinities. Many were drawn to the land of Earth and the Hidden Rock village. Several members of the clan also helped found the Fire Temple and integrated its methods of teaching with the clans culture.

The Kekkei Genkai itself allows the user to manipulate the properties of the earth itself allowing for strange and powerful techniques to be created. It also protects the user from earth based techniques within a 3 meter radius of them (if a technique has been used outside of this radius it will not be affected even if it enters this area). Those who master the kekkei genkai require no seals to perform earth techniques and can freely control the earth with simple gestures or thoughts. Jin's second affinity to water has guided his manifestation of the Earth God's Domain and he is able to freely change the density of the earth by softening or hardening solid rock to flow like water allowing for techniques unique to him. Unlike mud techniques the earth does not actually become liquid and remains solid despite being able to flow around objects and behave like water. Jin can change the density of the earth in his techniques at will to either make the earth lighter or heavier as he chooses. Due to this ability Jin is able to use many water jutsu with earth and rock instead of water, e.g. Jin could use syrup capturing field which would flow around the opponents legs or torsos trapping them in solid rock once the technique is released.

Personality: Jin is fairly cheerful and optimistic about most things and is usually content to take orders from others around the village as he sees it as his duty to help others and further foster cooperation and peace. Jin does not enjoy killing and will avoid doing so if possible but will not hesitate if it is deemed unavoidable. Jin holds great respect for the earth and creatures upon it and aspires to one day become a sage and protector as well as  spending the rest of his days unlocking the earths secrets and passing on the knowledge to a few worthy disciples. Jin himself is a vegetarian as most of his clan are and this is linked  to his dislike of killing other creatures. Though Jin does not approve of eating meat himself he never questions or feels disdain for those that do. Despite his kind and cheery outside appearance Jin has a terrifying rage when triggered and has twice gone on a rampage outside the village to vent his anger, the result of which took several days to repair the damaged buildings,roads and landscape.

Background: Jin grew up within the confines of his clans village hidden inside an artificial mountain in the Land of Fire. The clan lived a fairly monastic life eschewing needless comfort and luxuries in order to strengthen their mind, body and spirit as well as creating a more substantial connection to the earth and rock. After displaying signs of his Kekkei Genkai at an early age, Jin was sent to train in the lowest level of the village deep in the bottom of the mountain where the rock was warm from the lava flows beneath. Jin was trained in the use of his Kekkei Genkai from a young age and was selected for a new experimental pilgrimage at the age of 10. Each of the chosen children would travel to a hidden village with the usual pilgrimage but would remain, train and serve as a ninja for each village. They would pass information on via the pilgrimages regarding the state of the ninja world as well as passing on new techniques or skills that would benefit the clan. in order to choose which village the children would join each of them drew lots. Jin pulled the village hidden in the leaves and set off on his journey. After 5 years he had successfully gained the rank of chunin and had been on many successful missions and a few failed ones. Just two years later he advanced to the rank of Jounin and has now been deemed ready to lead a team of his own. Jin resides in the village and occasionally teaches at the academy when he isn't training or on a mission.

Appearance: Jin is 5'11 tall and weighs 85kg. His body type is lean and muscular without being too bulky with a very slight tan skin coloration. He has long shaggy hair that is an earthy red colour and bright green eyes. Jin has a small mount of stubble on his chin but very little hair on his body or the rest of his face. There are two large healed scars on his left cheek. Jin wears a pair of baggy brown trousers that are slightly similar to hakama in appearance which is held up with a light brown belt. he wears a chain vest and sleeveless white keikogei over that. His arms and legs are bound in white bandages that stops at his fingers and toes. On his feet he wears green geta sandals and has small polished stone mala prayer beads wrapped around each forearm. His headband is attached to the front of a takuhatsugasa that is either worn on his head or hanging on his back. The takuhatsugasa is reinforced on the inside with steel wire allowing it to be used as a shield or thrown weapon. Around Jins neck is a larger set of  stone mala prayer beads bound with wire.


Land of:Land of Fire

Affinity: Earth, Water

1 A-Rank:
Raigō: Senjusatsu (Welcoming Approach:Thousand-Armed Murder)
The technique is activated when the user takes a specific stance with their left hand making a half-ram and then extending their right hand down with his palm parallel to the ground. Once the stance is taken, the spirit of the Thousand-Armed Kannon is summoned to defend the user, or attack their enemies. The spirit is normally calm, angelic and looks peaceful. However, whenever the user gets angry, the spirit turns red and transforms into a demonic-looking creature. Kannon then attacks the user's target with its 1000 spirit fists. The size and power of the spirit is dependent upon the skill of the user.

2 B-Rank:
Doton: Kajūgan no Jutsu (Earth Style: Weighted Boulder Jutsu)
The enemy's mobility is diminished, as the person is crushed by gravity — and in some cases exhibit petrification-like symptoms and then began to crumble.When this technique is applied to the user it decreases their speed, but the increased weight drastically improves their strength.

Doton: Keijūgan no Jutsu (Earth Style: Lightened Boulder Jutsu)
This technique reduces one's gravity, making it much lighter. The atmosphere, along with their body, can be lightened in order to take flight and increasing their maneuverability. With enough practice, the user can control their flight through the sky with specific bodily movements. However, a consequence of using this technique on oneself or another individual is a decrease in the physical force of the affected person's attacks.

4 C-Rank:
Suiton:Suirō no Jutsu (Water Style: Water Prison Technique)
This technique is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. This technique requires a sufficient amount of water, which can be provided by expelling it from one's mouth. Once trapped the target is unable to move or breathe while within it due to the heaviness of the water. Because of the density of the water it can be used, to a limited extent, for defensive purposes if performed on oneself. It can also be stored in scrolls as traps. Water clones can be used in preparation for the technique, which block an opponent's attack and trap the attacker in the prison using the clone's own water.

Suiton:Mizurappa (Water Style:Trumpet)
Water gushes from the user's mouth like a waterfall and washes away the enemy. One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount chakra one releases.

Rakanken (Arhat Fist)
This style of combat focuses on simple physical attacks such as palm strikes, shoulder thrusts, knee strikes, and punches utilizing the users strength to cause massive damage to the opponent. The techniques seem simple or basic yet with enough practice they can be used to perform a nonstop barrage of attacks that enable the user to attack with virtually any part of their body.

Doton: Retsudo Tenshō (Earth Style: Tearing Earth Turning Palm)
This technique causes the ground surrounding the enemy to spiral inwards on itself, burying them alive or crushing them. This technique is capable of causing quite a bit of damage to the area. This technique is much more damaging if used in rocky mountainous areas, or inside a cave.

Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
By using the Body Flicker Technique, a ninja can move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalize the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. Other elements or substances can be used instead to distract the opponent

Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Style:Double Suicide decapitation Technique)
This technique conceals the user underground and drags the object of their attack down into the earth, robbing them of their freedom, leaving them completely unable to move after they're underground. In addition, they can start another attack. This technique is normally used for torture, by cutting into the enemy's neck after it was used.

Kasumi Jūsha no Jutsu (Mist Servant Technique)
This genjutsu creates eerie black ninja illusions, which appear one by one from trees and rocks, and then corners the enemy. Their movements are somehow slow, but when attacked they multiply, and in this way they appear like ghosts inhabiting the mist. Kunai knives are added to this technique, by throwing them to match illusions movement, making them seem real. As the clones continue to multiply rapidly, the victim will eventually be worn down.

Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Hell-Viewing Technique)
This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts. Everyone has an image of the one thing they wouldn't want to ever see. This genjutsu is a technique that draws forth such an image from within the heart and has one mistake it for reality. First, an imaginary circle of leaves will spin around and envelop the target, falling away shortly after. After a short period, the illusion will begin. This is to make the illusion more convincing, since the user will likely have moved before the illusion sets in. If the mental image is a gruesome one, the shock will be accordingly great.

Kanashibari no Jutsu (Temporary Paralysis Technique)
A technique that physically restrains an opponent, as if the opponent had been tied in invisible steel ropes. It debilitates the victim for a short period of time, which allows the user to either strike again, or take the target into custody. This is a D-rank ninjutsu where the intensity will vary greatly according to the user's level of skill. The technique can also be cast on every target at once, depending on the user's skill, and won't fail a shinobi during their missions.

Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hiding in Mist Technique)
The Hiding in Mist Technique is a speciality of the ninja from Kirigakure, where one causes a mist to spring forth by either lifting up water from a pre-existing source, or expelling water from their mouth.[2] They can then go in and out of sight at will from within the pearly-white realm. The mist's thickness is controlled by the amount of chakra kneaded into it. It cannot fool the Byakugan, but, due to the mist being created with the user's chakra, any Sharingan and Rinnegan-user will see the mist coloured by their opponent's chakra — which will effectively hide the user from the dōjutsu.

Genjutsu:Kai (Illusionary Techniques:Release)
This "genjutsu dissipation" can be done by the victim themselves. The user must disrupt their flow of chakra in order to break the technique (assuming they realise they're under a genjutsu's influence) or an ally who emits chakra into them.

Kawarimi no Jutsu (Substituion Technique)
With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, the user can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield. Explosive tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise. Despite it being a basic ninjutsu taught at the Academy, it is seen as a useful art that can be applied in variety of situations as it allows for a swift getaway from danger. The technique even allows a restrained shinobi to escape capture.

Kakuremino no Jutsu (Cloak of Invisibility Technique)
This technique allows a ninja to take a cloak or a piece of cloth to blend into an object, making them invisible.

Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)
A ninjutsu that creates an intangible copy of one's own body, without any substance. Since the clone itself doesn't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other ninjutsu. It's a basic technique, but depending on one's ingenuity, it can be used effectively. The clones may not dissipate when they come into contact with something. These clones can be easily distinguished by persons with dōjutsu. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones do not have shadows and will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (i.e. won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.).

Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons. The transformation of a skilled shinobi will be exactly like the genuine article, so it will be impossible to tell the two apart. On the other hand, a transformation performed by an inexperienced person will have obvious discrepancies. It will be impossible to deceive anyone with it. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it.

Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escape Technique)
A basic technique taught at the Academy. It allows a ninja to free themselves if they have been tied up.

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Name: The Rhuidean Theocracy

The Ruidean Theocracy was once  the kingdom of Shardaad until a widespread religious faction overthrew the nations monarchy and government before enacting a great purge upon all other religious or dissident factions in a holy war that would later be referred to as the great enlightenment. The great enlightenment took place 50 years before the present day and the Ruidean Theocracy has grown to become a highly influential force in the political arena. Despite their weak military they have a fanatical populace and their religion has spread to other nations with varying levels of success. So far they have not been attacked  due to the threat of political or violent uprisisngs within their own country as well as the fact that conquering the theocracy would likely require wiling out most of the population leaving little to actually rule. The location is bordered by several countries to the south and barren wastes to the north, the country itself is roughly oblong  in shape with its main resources being quarried  stone, precious gems and rare timber. The population of the Ruidean Theocracy is small and it relies upon the dedication of its followers as well as a series of specialized cults and a system of strict shift rotations and rotas that allow the small population to utilize their time as efficiently as possible.

Arms: Standing army  is small but the majority of the population are part of the voluntery army if required. D20

Charisma/ Culture: The Ruidean Theocracy governs with the power of faith and the conviction with which it is delivered. The country itself was forged from the once small religion that was considered little more than a cult and within 50 years has become the cornerstone of the nations success. With certainty of faith comes an unwaivering confidence and will. Few nations have ever had such total adoration and love from the populace. D6

Population: After the great enlightenment that established the Ruidean Theocracy as a nation, the population was small but the has been steadily growing. D20

Technology: Despite having been founded on religious beliefs, the teaching of Ruidean Theocracy encourage the development of technology, attributing each new discovery as a blessing from the gods. D12

Intrigue: The Ruidean Theocracy has a powerful and extensive network of spies and assasins that are charged wiith the holiest of
Missions, protecting the faith. All citizens born after the great enlightenment are heavily indoctrinated in the faith with many being randomly selected as agents regardless of age or social class. There are a great deal of sleeper agents and spies situated in other nations. No one cult withn the Theocracy has control over the network and only the 7 prophets have access to all of the information at any one time.  D8

Luck: The Rhuidean Theocracy are guided  by the will of the gods, they believe that if the gods will something to be, it shall come to pass. D8
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A B B R E V I A T E D   B I O G R A P H Y

Apparent Age: 53
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Virtue: Patience
Hair: Dark brown/grey
Nickname: Black fang, The Broken King
Actual Age:~2000
Languages Spoken: Common, Wolf Speech, Ancient Gaelic, Ancient Norse, Latin
Weight: 200 lbs
Vice: Sloth
Eye Color: Gray

T H E   F I N E R   D E T A I L S

D e s c r i p t i o n
The streaks of grey hair upon his head betray him as a man past his prime and the weariness in his countenance and his eyes do little to dissuade this notion. His abnormally pale skin is often hidden by a thin layer of grime and dirt that naturally gathers when constantly travelling. Though he is slightly taller than average he will usually be picked out of a crowd by the presence of his over sized great sword Caladbolg slung across his back. Whilst travelling he wears an ornate suit of armour carved with  runes and script from various old languages. The armour is obviously of the best quality despite its lack of polish and the multitude of scratches and scars that tell of an eventful past. Across the shoulders of the armour is an unnaturally large wolf pelt with the large beasts head hanging down his back like a hood. Over the armour he wears a great black hooded cloak that is ragged and frayed at the edges, obscuring his armour and face.

When not travelling Cathrain will simply wear a dark chain mail and leather vest with Caladbolg's harness over the top. He is rarely seen without Caladbolg on his back. despite his aged appearance his physique is still impressive with his whole body covered in corded muscle earned from a lifetime of battle and hard labour. At a glance it is clear that he cares little about grooming or his personal appearance in general, Caladbolg stands out further as it harness and the blade seem to be kept impeccably clean and oiled. His torso and arms are a mass of scars both large and small and there are several faint scars on his brow, nose and cheeks. His gray eyes are cold, ageless and carry the full weight of his years in each stare. It takes a particularly stubborn or brave person to match his stare for long. Perhaps what is most strange about him is that despite the presence of Caladbolg and his armour, he doesnt appear to carry a particularly threatening or violent demeanor and is often friendly and polite though short spoken.

G i f t s

Master of War: Cathrain has lived and fought on countless battlefields both great and small. He has an innate and instinctual understanding of battlefield and is able to easily read enemy movements as well as the shifts and changes in battle. His battlefield experience is unparalleled and allows him to direct armies or skirmishes with a great deal of proficiency.

Wolf Brother: Cathrain  always had a bond with wolves even before he was turned but it was only after his change that he began to truly understand them. He has spent several lifetimes surrounded by wolf packs and has learned to speak with them in their own tongue. Throughout the years he has fought beside many wolf companions and is able to integrate with packs without having to rely purely on his influential abilities. In the past he has had several close relationships with werewolves due in part, to his affinity and understanding of wolves. [This gift has no impact on Werewolves]

Body and Blade as One: Though Cathrain has tried almost any practical weapon available, none have managed to match the beauty and perfection he finds in the art of the sword. He has devoted himself to sword fighting above all other weapons in order to achieve the highest possible level of skill. In battle Cathrain seemingly dances around his enemies, barely appearing to move or extend effort as his enemies fall dead to the ground in his wake. His fighting style is of his own creation and utilizes perfect balance paired with precise control over the momentum of the blade to perform attacks that has in the past left people in a state of shock for a few seconds before registering what they have actually just seen. the style he has created was once jokingly described as 'sword juggling'

W e a k n e s s e s

Vampire: Being a vampire he suffers from all of their inherent weaknesses such as sunlight, crosses and holy water.

Pride goeth before destruction: Not too long ago he found himself perilously close to the final death and lost everything he had built but the armour and sword that he was able to drag from the burning remains of his castle. The sight of all his accomplishments turning to ash in front of his eyes broke something in him and he has lost nearly any trace of arrogance or self respect which in part is the cause of his ragged appearance. Cathrain now suffers from self doubt and is held back by a general wariness of his surroundings making it very hard for him to trust others or accept aid without being subject to a price. Furthermore he has become more reclusive and lost much of his charisma.

Seen too much :Having lived so long means that he has experienced many wild and bizarre events that have left him jaded and he has also grown accustomed to witnessing acts of atrocity or kindness to a point where it barely registers with him on any emotional level. As he is rarely surprised or invested in events around him in his life (or lack there of) this has made him somewhat distant and apathetic to the people around him. He sometimes feels an acute sense of loneliness and wanderlust to seek out the fate of old friends and even old enemies which can easily distract him from his goals.

P e r s o n a l i t y
Cathrain has been worn down by centuries of existence and above all else epitomizes stoicism as he continues to survive in an ever shrinking and dangerous world for his kind. He is very patient and tolerant by nature. His emotional connection and empathy towards those he does not know personally is virtually non existent yet the occasional glimmer of heroism or anger has survived the years and he will on occasion help out others in need or in rarer cases lash out violently. He is wary of humans, especially those that are affiliated with the church and dislikes their agents in particular. He likes to think he is weary of fighting and warring but deep down knows he never feels more alive than when in battle. He does not judge people quickly and is slow to trust but is completely loyal to those that he does. He is a straight talker and does not bandy words without a good cause leading him to seem unapproachable despite his often polite demeanor.

H i s t o r y

Where it all began
Cathrain was born into a small pagan tribe on the island that would one day be named Britannia by its eventual invaders and conquerors. His early life was fairly standard as he helped tend the small herds of livestock, collecting firewood and general chores shared by the tribes children. He also trained to hunt and fight with a sword by his father. When he came of age he began to participate in the tribal skirmishes that often took place in the summer months. The years passed by and he married and children that in turn had children of their own, when he was 30 he had become the chief of the tribe by passing a trial of strength and endurance before being elected and anointed by the village elders and the druids. In his thirty fith year, rumours of a strange creature began to circulate through the nearby tribes. Tales told of a strange man clad in rags, moving by night and attacking anyone that strayed too far from the light of their fires. At first the stories were dismissed by many but eventually all within the tribes had become unsettled and many claimed to have spotted the creature. A moot was called among the local tribes and it was agreed that each would send two warriors to track and slay the creature.

Cathrain himself volunteered to lead the hunt and none of the other tribal chiefs protested, he was a capable warrior and should he fail the others would have one less skilled fighter to face during the war season. They spent five days walking at a hard pace, making sure to be well hidden before the sun had fully set. As the moon rose high and full on the evening of the sixth day they spotted the creature before lighting torches and charging it as a group. Cathrain was shocked to discover that the creature was in fact a feral man with long claw like nails and eyes that reflected eerily like mirrors in the light of the flames. the fighting was swift and brutal with three of the party killed and two wounded before Cathrain's cut to the creatures hamstring provided another warrior to deal the creature a killing blow. The swords and armour of the fallen were gathered (good iron and strong leather were two valuable to be burnt with the bodies). A hasty pyre was constructed whilst the feral mans body was left in a shallow grave unmarked grave.

Ten years later the creature reappeared and had become bolder, attacking entire families as they slept and draining them of blood. Though no longer young, Cathrain was determined to see the creature killed again and, first the group located the feral mans grave but instead found a small burial site. As they began digging they discovered the bodies of several families that had gone missing, each family in a different state of decay and in shallow graves as if left there to mock the hunters efforts. the next night the creature attacked without warning and only three warriors survived the battle with Cathrain himself piercing the monsters heart with his blade before cutting open his stomach. The body was this time buried deep and had a granite slab placed above the grave with chiseled runes provided by the druids to seal away the creatures evil spirit.

Nearly a decade passed and Cathrain had passed on his duties as chief to his son. his wife had died two years previously in a particularly harsh winter and he found himself often traversing the woods where he spent a great deal of time watching a small pack of wolves. At first they were very wary of hi presence but eventually grew to accept him so long as he did not draw to close. Occasionally one or two inquisitive pups would venture his way and Cathrain would play with them carefully so as not too seem a threat. He left the woods as the sun began to set and as he did most nights, looked in the direction where the monster was buried. As he approached the village the sound of wailing and shouts of outrage could be heard from the direction of his home. He arrived to find his sons family ripped apart and left in the street amongst the corpses of many villagers, the few survivors were worn and bloody, many of which in the throes of shock, rage or grief.

Cathrain  retrieved his old sword from his sons dead hands before donning his armour and gathering several short throwing spears as well as his bow and a small quiver of precious arrows. He saddled a horse and rode hard into the night. In two days time he found the granite slabbed flipped onto its side and a small hole leading from the grave. He fell to his knees in a moment of despair, tears freely falling down his face and wondered what he had done to displease the gods that they would send such a allow creature to exist and torment him. As the sun began to set he became aware of a soft chuckling noise from the trees nearby, followed by the sound of tree bark being scratched by a blade or perhaps by claws. Cathrain considered letting the creature simply kill him but the thought brought forth a great rage upon him as he stood and faced the spreading darkness in the trees. As his shadow lengthened and dissapeared he drew his sword and screamed a rage filled war cry as the last rays of light were swallowed by the night.

Thinking back on that night, Cathrain remembers very little of the fight itself other than flashes of pain and the feel of his sword striking flesh, at some point the sword had fallen and he had been left to fight with a short throwing spear. His final recollection of that night was of a wheezing laugh and a sharp pain in his neck before feeling warmth spread down his shoulder as his body began to tremble and shake. the laughter became more clear and more cruel. He couldn't remember picking up the splintered shaft of the spear but with a final surge of strength he drove the wood into the creatures chest. The laughter stopped and he felt a moment of peace fall over him as the creature screamed, the scream gave him new strength and Cathrain found purchase on his sword and hacked the creatures head off in three rough and wild swings and was rewarded with a spray of warm blood across his face and tired arms. Finally he collapsed. When he next awoke he it was to a world of burning. The sun had begun to rise and single ray of beautiful light scorched his flesh an ugly red colour. in fear he ran to the grave and dove into the recently disturbed earth frantically clawing at the walls with a newfound strength he could not understand until there was only the cool darkness of the earth and blessed sleep. He didn't know how he knew the sun had gone down but he awoke and knew it was safe to leave the grave. He clawed his way out of the earth and beheld a world that was so familiar yet so different. He felt a deep, disturbing hunger and unknowingly took his first monumental steps as a vampire that would lead him to a world more vast than he could ever have imagined.

[Rest of the history is a WIP]
The Fall

A little over 300 years ago Cathrain found himself in a position of power and influence. After years of scheming and fighting he had cultivated his own vampire clan and as it grew in strength so did he grow prideful and arrogant, considering himself to be a true immortal he made enemies in all races believing in the superior strength of his clan and was often fighting. His hubris and arrogance made him dismissive of the steadily rising strength of his enemies until it was too late.]

T r i v i a & F u n S t u f f

♦ Cathrain currently travels with a large docile black wolf that he has raised from a pup.

♦ He likes to collect coins from years where particularly interesting things happened as keepsakes and to help him more accurately recall the vast passages of time.

♦ Surprisingly a good dancer (when not wearign armour or his sword caladbolg) and on rare occasion even sings (though he isnt very good at the latter)

♦ Cathrain used metal from a hundreds of small fallen stars that he had found/bought to forge his sword Caladbolg which with its strange black colouring earned Cathrain the nickname "Black fang" around 5 centuries ago.

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A B B R E V I A T E D   B I O G R A P H Y

Languages Spoken: QQQQQQQQQQQ


T H E   F I N E R   D E T A I L S

D e s c r i p t i o n

G i f t s

W e a k n e s s e s

P e r s o n a l i t y


T h r e a d s o f F a t e
Ideas for different relationships / storylines that QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ would make a good part of.


T r i v i a & F u n S t u f f


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Character Name:Nathaniel  Aguado

Character Position: Pirate Captain
One Line Character Concept:Handsome and  cruel pirate with a penchant for torturing and slaughter.

Physical Description of Character: Nathaniel is young, barely into his twenties and is incredibly handsome and charming. Some time ago a rumour began that his looks came from his  mother and that she was a siren. His copper skin is flawless and is stretched across a lithe and athletic frame that could be described as statuesque. His immaculate clothes display a style that indicates he may have once been a pirate or perhaps is simply mimicking the fashion. He carries a matching pair of exotic, wicked and ornate swords decorated in gold and silver with gold etching running the length of the blades.
Occupation:Pirate Captain and brothel owner on Skull Island.

Player Questions
Have you read and understood the game rules?:
How often can you post?:

Writing Sample
Please provide an in-character response to the following prompt:

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Name:Wolfric Solomon

Nickname/Title: Sphazó Zaev




Play-By: Tom Hiddleston

Occupation:Head of the Big Smoke Syndicate

Physical Description:

Height: 6"2
Weight: 79Kg

Distinguishing Features:
- Callused knuckles and hands.
- Bullet wound scar on his left shoulder.
- Linear scars criss-crossing his back.

Personality Description:
Wolfric Solomon is a stoic and careful man that is rarely prone to taking risks. He is capable of great acts of cruelty and violence does not particular enjoy ordering or performing such acts, viewing it as a simple necessity in his profession. In his world weaknesses in others are to be exploited but weakness in ones self is to be hidden or destroyed at all costs. He views the world in a very black and white way between those that are strong and those that are weak and believes that everyone falls into one of those categories. His success is largely due to his brutalist outlook on life and his unwillingness to compromise. He is not particularly dour as one might think and enjoys mixing with high society and can often be found at parties and social events hosted by rich or powerful individuals. He is not entirely without charm yet he always exudes a predator like demeanor, often seeming to appraise and measure people with his eyes.

Characters History: [Tell us about your character, his/her family, details. At least 2 paragraphs]




Writing Sample: [Intro post from another game.]
The black bentley sped past a sign indicating that Fallen Woods was 7 Kilometers ahead, the driver barely even glanced at the sign but instead kept his eyes firmly on the road, trying desperately not to look in the rear view mirror. Wolfric smiled in amusement from the plush leather interior of the back seats as the driver couldn't resist sneaking furtive glances at him through the mirror. Wolfric was bored from the journey and had whittled away some of the time by occasionally allowing his natural form to become obscured in the mirror image, the driver would do a double take and see his passenger looking as solid as ever. it was a small and perhaps petty game but it helped keep Wolfric amused and if he were truly honest it helped calm his nerves slightly. He had been acquainted with Johannes decades before and it had not been a particularly pleasant experience. Johannes was a poster child for a stereotypical member of Invictus, brilliant in his own way yet brash and arrogant with a deep rooted love for power. Many of these were indeed considered virtues within Invictus yet Wolfric could not help but feel that Johannes sense of self worth had become bloated and distended by his recent promotion to Prince, it could not be denied that his methods were effective however. regardless of his personal thoughts on his new Prince, Wolfric would serve as he always did, loyally and effectively whilst subtly grasping at opportunities to expand his influence and wealth.

The kindred sighed as he swirled the red liquid in his brandy glass and softly inhaled the scent of the contents. The vintage was from excellent stock, she came from very old money with little dilution from what passed as an aristocracy in the USA. 23 years old and perfectly formed, Wolfric felt a flash of regret that he had killed her before leaving his last residence. Finding good quality blood was harder and harder these days. He took a shallow sip and savored the taste as he licked several stray drops across his fangs before allowing himself to swallow the sweet nectar of life. As the town came into view in the distance he drained the glass and dabbed his lips gently with a small pocket kerchief which he carefully folded and returned to his suit pocket. He was sated for now and awaited the rush of senses that would soon overtake him. His senses were working at their peak and he felt every vibration from the engine pass over him like a wave of sensation, he could feel the tires grip and skid across the tarmac as well as smelling the noxious fumes drifting through the air conditioning unit.

He opened his eyes as the car slowed and entered the town. Buildings flashed by and Wolfric began analyzing each business and property they passed, viewing potential investments or threats to expansion that would have to be crushed. A short while later the car slowed to a halt outside of a club with a sign displaying 'Valhalla' outside. From the riotous din that humans referred to as music it was clearly a night club of some sort and Wolfric restrained himself from grimacing, personally he preferred a good state house or governmental building to conduct business in. The driver stepped out and smoothly opened the passenger door, keeping his eyes to the ground. "We have arrived at your destination Sir." Wolfric stepped out smoothly barely resting his weight on the ornate cane he carried at his side. The cane appeared to be made of polished black ebony with a small silver tip at the bottom, the handle at the top of the cane had a small ruby carved into the shape of a rose with small emerald vines and thorns wrapped around the first hand span of the handle. Wolfric's hand grasped the cane firmly without putting any weight on it. Strangely the cane seemed to suit him and if anything added to his graceful stature as he walked. He handed the driver a small envelope sealed with the Invictus symbol impressed into the black wax seal. On the pinkie of his left hand he wore a signet ring matching the same symbol that was on the envelope. The ring was large and appeared to be made from carved ivory, sat in a base of jet.

He walked into the building and approached the doors to the second level as he was stopped by the guards. He produced a small letter and allowed the guard to read it for a moment. The burly neonate reached the end of the page before hesitating a moment and handing back the letter, gesturing for the Wolfric to be allowed through. Wolfric strode into the elevator and through the reception area before straightening himself and brushing off his suit a little. He blinked slowly and blocked out the music as best he could before entering the throne room. He strode in with back straight, eyes forward and his cane tucked tightly under his right arm, the very picture of a nobleman entering a royal court. When he was 10 paces from the throne he bent down on one knee and bowed his head downward in an act of uniform subservience. "I, Wolfric Wroth, kneel before His Majesty the Prince Johannes and do so swear an oath to serve him in good faith and to the best of my ability serve the domain he holds in the name of Invictus. May the true death take me immediately should i fail this oath." Wolfric's voice was clear and carried an emotional force behind it that very nearly sounded as though he was entirely happy to be making such a powerful oath before Johannes and the present members of his court. Wolfric kept his head bowed, awaiting a command to rise as was proper for a first greeting and oath making. He did well to keep from sighing at the pointless theatrics and simply played his role as was expected. Some formalities were simply unavoidable.

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Name: Inja Godai

I write this to confirm that i am required to write 4 IC posts per week as a MINIMUM.

I write this to confirm that i am required to write only 1 IC post as a MAXIMUM.

Physical CharacteristicsCombat AbilitiesLife Factors
Strength10Attack180Life Points50
Dexterity9Wear Armor0Presence45
Mental CharacteristicsCombat Stats- Physical30
Intelligence3Martial Knowledge300- Poison30
Perception5Initiative60- Disease30
Power10Movement30 feet- Magic30
Willpower5Size10- Psychic30

AdvantagesDisadvantagesMy MetaphsicKi PowersEtc...
Acute senses (1) Been Around (2) Martial Mastery (2) Characteristic increase x 2 (2) Unconnected Techniques (1)Exclusive Weapon: Unarmed? (-1) Characteristic Decrease (-2) Slow Learner (-2) Deep Sleeper (-1)   

Acrobatics40   -3040
Athletics    -30-30
Climb    -30-30
Jump    -30-30
Ride    -30-30
Swim    -30-30
Etiquette    -30-30
Intimidate    -30-30
Leadership    -30-30
Persuasion    -30-30
Streetwise    -30-30
Style2020  -3040
Trading    -30-30
Notice    -30-30
Search    -30-30
Track    -30-30
Animals    -30-30
Appraisal    -30-30
Herbal Lore    -30-30
History    -30-30
Law    -30-30
Magic Appraisal    -30-30
Medicine    -30-30
Memorize    -30-30
Navigation    -30-30
Occult    -30-30
Science    -30-30
Tactics    -30-30
Composure    -30-30
Feats of Strength    -30-30
Withstand Pain    -30-30
Disguise    -30-30
Hide    -30-30
Lock Picking    -30-30
Poison    -30-30
Stealth    -30-30
Theft    -30-30
Trap Lore    -30-30
Art    -30-30
Dance    -30-30
Forging    -30-30
Music    -30-30
Sleight of Hand40   -3040

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BROTHER Phesan Yilani

                                       Fatigue        :
Chapter    : Raptors                   Fate           : 3/3
Specialty : Tactical                   Insanity       :
Rank       : 1                         Corruption     :

Chapter Demeanor    : History of Pragmatism
Personal Demeanor   : Calculating
Past Event          : Sole Survivor
Special Ability     : Marksman's Honour (Solo Mode - When firing
single shots  at long or extreme range reduce penalty by 10)
Power Armor History :

Weapon Skill4240000
Ballistic Skill4240000


Total Wounds    : 20
Current Wounds  : 20
Critical Damage :


Half Move: 4
Full Move: 8
Charge: 12
Run: 24


Basic Skills:
[CHA]+10%+20%Total %PageDescriptor
Awareness[PER]X-52% [62%(Sight & Hearing with helmet)]95
Climb[STR]--61% [41%(without Power Armour)]96Movement
Intimidate[STR]--62% [42%(without Power Armour)]99Interaction
Silent Move[AGI]--47%104Movement
Swim[STR]--32% [20%(without Power Armour)]105Movement

Advanced Skills:
[CHA]+10%+20%Total %PageDescriptor
Speak Language (Low Gothic)[INT]--36%104-105
Speak Language (High Gothic)[INT]--36%104-105
Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes)[INT]--41%100Investigation
Common Lore (Imperium)[INT]--41%100Investigation
Common Lore (War)[INT]--41%100Investigation
Common Lore (Deathwatch)[INT]--36%100Investigation
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes)[INT]--36%101-102Investigation
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)[INT]-36%100-101Investigation
Ciphers (Chapter Runes)[INT]--41%96
Tactics (Recon and Stealth)[INT]--36%105
Navigation (Surface)[INT]--41%103
Drive (Ground Vehicle)[AGI]--47%98Operator


AmbidextrousDoes not suffer the -20 penalty for actions using off-hand113
Combined with Two-Weapon Wielder penalty for attacks with both weapons in same turn drops to -10113
Astartes Weapon TrainingCan use ALL groups of weapons (barring Exotic) without penalty113
Deathwatch TrainingAutomatically confirm Righteous Fury result against Xenos without needing to re-roll the BS or WS test115
Bulging BicepsCan fire Heavy Weapons on Semi or Full-Auto without bracing. Does not suffer the -30 penalty for not bracing114
Heightened Senses (Hearing)+10 bonus to any test involving hearing120
Heightened Senses (Sight)+10 bonus to any test involving sight120
Killing StrikeMay spend a FP so that an All-Out Attack (before rolling dice) is impossible to Parry or Dodge121
Nerves of SteelRe-roll failed WP test to avoid or recover from Pinning123
Quick DrawCan Ready as a Free Action (when armed with a Pistol or Basic Ranged weapon or a one-handed Melee weapon)124
Resistance (Psychic Powers)+10 bonus to tests to resist the effects of this group125
True GritHalve the result (rounding up) of Critical Damage128
Unarmed WarriorUnarmed attacks do 1d10-3+SB I damage. Does not count as Unarmed. Attacks count as Primitive quality129
Unarmed MasterUnarmed attacks do 1d10+SB I damage. No longer Primitive quality128

Unnatural Strength (x2)Multiply characteristic Bonus136
Unnatural Toughness (x2)Multiply characteristic Bonus136

Mode abilities - See pages 215-225

IMPLANTS (Page. 36-37)

Larraman's OrganImmune to Blood Loss (attacks with the Warp Weapon quality will inflict Blood Loss)
Catalepsean NodeNo penalty to PER-based test when awake for long periods of time
Preomnor+20 bonus to TOU tests against ingested poisons
OmophageaGain access to information or a Skill by devouring a portion of an enemy
Skill counts as Untrained Basic and lasts for IB hours (until more is devoured)
Multi-lungRe-roll failed TOU test for drowning (Can breath water through Multi-lung) or asphyxiation
+30 to TOU test to resist effects of gases and may re-roll failed results
Sus-an MembraneMay voluntarily enter suspended animation after 1d5 rounds of meditation
Automatically activates when knocked unconscious by Critical Damage. While suspended wounds will not deteriorate or heal
+Requires chemical therapy, auto-suggestion techniques, and successful HARD(-20) Medicae test to revive
Melanchromic OrganMay ignore or be resistant to Radiation, depending on severity, at GM's discretion
Oolitic KidneyRe-roll failed TOU tests to resist poisons and toxins, inc. attacks with Toxic quality
NeuroglottisMay detect poisons and toxins by taste/smell with successful CHALLENGING(+0)/HARD(-20) Awareness tests respectively
+10 bonus to Tracking test if quarry has been tasted (at GM's discretion)
MucranoidRe-roll any failed TOU test for extremes of temperature
Betcher's GlandMay spit acid at foes. If BS test succeeds by 3 or more Degrees of Success, then opponent is blinded for 1d5 rounds
May slowly chew through nearly any nonliving substance (at GM's discretion)
ProgenoidsSee page 37 & 271


Ranged Weapons
Bolt Weapons
NameQClassRangeRoFDamPenClipAmmo LeftRldSpecialWt
Ast. Bolt pistol1Pistol30mS/3/-2d10+5 X51414HalfTearing5.5kg
Ast. Bolter (Godwyn)1Basic100mS/2/42d10+5 X52828HalfTearing18kg
Natural Weapons
NameQClassRangeRoFDamPenClipAmmo LeftRldSpecialWt
Spit Acid--3mS/-/-1d54---Toxic-

Melee Weapons
Traditional Weapons
Ast. Combat Knife1Melee-1d10+2 R22kg

Fire SelectorBolterCan have up to 3 different clips added. At start of turn, shooter can select which clip to fire from+1kg157

Stalker Rounds11.8kgBolter

Grenades and Missiles
Ast. Frag Grenade3ThrownSBx32d10 X0Blast (5)2.4kg
Ast. Krak Grenade3ThrownSBx33d10+4 X62.4kg


Armour TypeLocation(s) CoveredAPWt
Ast. Power ArmourAll8/10180kg

Special (Page. 161)
Enhanced Strength+20 to STR. Add effect to SB after Unnatural Strength
Auto-sensesGain Dark Sight trait. Immune to Photon Flash and Stun Grenades. Called Shots are Half Actions.
+20 to Sight and Hearing Awareness Tests (stacked with implant bonuses)
N.B. Benefits do not count when not wearing helmet
Osmotic Gill Life SustainerWith helmet on, armor is environmentally sealed
Bio-monitor and InjectorsSuit will administer Pain Suppressors, Combat Stimms and Anti-toxins if the wearer's bio-signs drop. Benefits are:
+10 to resist Toxic Quality and similar poison effects
6 doses Pain Suppressor - ignore Critical Effects for 1d10 rounds
If wearer is Stunned, effects last for only 1 round before bio-monitor negates it
Vox LinkBuilt-in Vox Link
Magnetized Boot SolesEquivalent of built-in Magboots
Nutrient RecyclingIf no source of nutrition is ingested within 2 weeks make a TOU test (increasing 1 step of difficulty per 2 weeks past)
or suffer 1 level of Fatigue
Recoil SuppressionGrants ability to fire Basic weapons one-handed without penalty
N.B. Any weapon not classed as a Pistol may not be fired in CC
Giant Among MenClassed as Hulking (Black Carapace negates enemy attack bonus)
Poor Manual Dexterity-10 penalty to Delicate tasks unless using Astartes weapons and equipment
Honour the Machine SpiritArmour takes 20 minutes to remove or don unaided, and never less than 5, no matter the amount of assistance

Head: 01-10
Right Arm: 11-208Left Arm: 21-30
Body: 31-70
Right Leg: 71-8510Left Leg: 86-100


Chapter Trapping (Marksman Combat Sight)1w/(A combat sight with shadow light and focal targeter)-
Repair Cement1(requires 1 round to apply, but no test)0.5kg

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Name: Boomchucker (Boomer to his friends)

Race: Goblin

Class:Alchemist (Fire Bomber) Rogue (Underground Chemist)


Concept: An Urban, Lawful Evil Alchemist.

Sample Writing:

Boomer was content, and unlike most of his kind he actually understood what the word meant. He twitched excitedly as he brewed his latest concoctions in the small wooden shack situated in the dark recesses of a filth covered alley. The shaky structure of mismatched wood was held together by bucketfuls of rusty nails and grim determination, yet for Boomer it was a place of work, rest and maniacal laughter. He watched the brewing potions with a fanatical fervor, counting each drop carefully and showing amazing self control for a goblin. A loud series of knocks shook the shack a little and Boomer released a torrent of goblin curses as he quickly sealed the various glass instruments that he used to brew his liquid fire. He snatched an already completed bomb and slammed the door open raising the bomb high and shouting up at the incredibly rude person. The fact that the intruder was easily double his size didn't seem to perturb him in the slightest. he switched to the common tongue.

"What you want longshanks? Got nothing better to do than spoil Boomer's hard work? Speak up quick or i'l feed my special friend to you!"

The plain looking human hastily passed over a letter sealed with cheap wax bearing a rather misshapen insignia that could have been either a cat or some kind bird. Boomer lowered the bomb and clipped it back in place at his belt. With a sharp nail he broke the wax seal and quickly read the letter. When he had a finished an unsettling grin spread across his face, revealing his razor sharp fangs menacingly. "Well you get to leave un-burned this time dogwife. Be more careful next time or i might be adding you to my meat stores."

He dismissed the human and went back into his shack, pausing in the door to give the frame a little push and watch how much it shook. Apparently happy with the level free moving motion he entered and rubbed his hands gleefully. The job he had just be given would need a lot of explosions, and who was better than Boomchucker for that?.

Thanks for taking the time to read my RTJ. If there are any issues or questions you would to ask then feel free to PM for discussion :D.
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PATHFINDER Character Sheet
NameMajij Cathrain
 Ability Racial Level Magic Misc Current
 Score Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus ScoreMod


Total Level: 2
XP  :     1300
 TotalCurrentSubdual Total Dex Misc
HP1717 Init+4=4+ 
 Total   Armr Shld Dex Dodge Misc
Full10=10+ + + + + 
AC18=10+4+ +4+ + 
Touch10=10+xxx+xxx+ + + 
FlatFoot10=10+ + +xxx+xxx+ 
SAVES    Ability    
 Bonus Base Mod Magic Misc
Fort (Con)+5=+3+2+0+0
Ref  (Dex)+7=+3+4+0+0
Will (Wis)+3=+3+0+0+0
BaseTotal BAB Str Misc

BaseTotal BAB Dex Misc
CombatTotal BAB Str Race Misc

MnvrTotal   BAB Str Dex Race Misc
Weapon:xxxxxxWeight: x lbs
Move NameTypeAtkDamageCritRangeTypeSpecial

Weapon:xxxxxxWeight: x lbs
Move NameTypeAtkDamageCritRangeTypeSpecial

Armor:xxxxxxWeight: xx lbs

Armor:xxxxxxWeight: xx lbs
    Racial Traits
  • Energy resistance: Fire resistance 5
  • Spell-Like Ability: Ifrits can use burning hands 1/day as a spell-like ability (caster level equals the ifrit’s level; DC 11 + Charisma modifier).
  • Fire Affinity: Ifrit sorcerers with the elemental (fire) bloodline treat their Charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities. Ifrit spell casters with the Fire domain use their domain powers and spells at +1 caster level.
  • Darkvision: Ifrits can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

    Feats                          Indicate for level, class, race, etc.

    Class Abilities                      Indicate current abilities only

  • Studied Target: A slayer can study an opponent he can see as a move action. The slayer then gains a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks attempted against that opponent, and a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against it. The DCs of slayer class abilities against that opponent increase by 1. A slayer can only maintain these bonuses against one opponent at a time; these bonuses remain in effect until either the opponent is dead or the slayer studies a new target.
    If a slayer deals sneak attack damage to a target, he can study that target as an immediate action, allowing him to apply his studied target bonuses against that target (including to the normal weapon damage roll).
  • Accuracy: At 1st level, a sniper halves all range increment penalties when making ranged attacks with a bow, crossbow, or firearm.
  • Slayer Talent: Ranger combat style; Point Blank Shot: You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.
  • Deadly Range: When the sniper makes an attack against a target who is within his weapon’s first range increment and completely unaware of his presence, that attack ignores the 30 foot range limit on ranged sneak attacks, and if it is a sneak attack, he adds his sniper level as a bonus on his sneak attack damage roll. After this first attack, the target is aware of the sniper’s presence.

  • Eschew Materials: You can cast many spells without needing to utilize minor material components.
    Benefit: You can cast any spell with a material component costing 1 gp or less without needing that component. The casting of the spell still provokes attacks of opportunity as normal. If the spell requires a material component that costs more than 1 gp, you must have the material component on hand to cast the spell, as normal.
  • Bloodline Powers (Elemental: Fire):One of the four elements infuses your being, and you can draw upon its power in times of need. At first level, you must select one of the four elements: air, earth, fire, or water. This choice cannot be changed. A number of your abilities grant resistances and deal damage based on your element
  • Cantrips: Sorcerers learn a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells.

    Prestige Class Abilities             Indicate current abilities only



SPELL SAVE DC = (Spell Level + Ability Mod + 10)
1DC xx
2DC xx
xDC xx
SKILLS (Max Rank = Level, Class Skills get +3 bonus with at least 1 Rank)
   A         A
  B         R
T I R C     M
O L A L M R  
Acrobatics(Dex) = + + + + - 
Appraise(Int) = + + + + - 
Bluff(Cha) = + + + + - 
Climb(Str) = + + + + - 
Craft:_____(Int) = + + + + - 
Diplomacy(Cha) = + + + + - 
Disable Device(Dex) = + + + + - 
Disguise(Cha) = + + + + - 
Escape Artist(Dex) = + + + + - 
Fly(Dex) = + + + + - 
Handle Animal(Cha) = + + + + - 
Heal(Wis) = + + + + - 
Intimidate(Cha) = + + + + - 
Knowledge:Nobil(Int) = + + + + - 
Knowledge:Relig(Int) = + + + + - 
Knowledge:Arcana(Int) = + + + + - 
Linguistics(Int) = + + + + - 
Perception(Wis) = + + + + - 
Perform:_____(Cha) = + + + + - 
Profession:____(Wis) = + + + + - 
Ride(Dex) = + + + + - 
Sense Motive(Wis) = + + + + - 
Sleight of Hand(Dex) = + + + + - 
Spellcraft(Int) = + + + + - 
Stealth(Dex) = + + + + - 
Survival(Wis) = + + + + - 
Swim(Str) = + + + + - 
Use Magic Device(Cha) = + + + + - 
Trained only


GEAR (Weight):
Spider-Silk Body suit14850gpbody
Longbow, Composite +113200gp 
Arrow, common4062gp 
Light Horse (Combat Trained)11,100110gp 
Saddle, Military13020gpOn horse
Saddle bags18 empty (20 capacity)4gp 
Current LOAD: Light
LightMedium (-3)Heavy/Max (-6)Lift (x2)Push/Drag (x5)




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A B B R E V I A T E D   B I O G R A P H Y

Name: Magni
Age: ~3500
Gender: Male
Height: 6 Ft
Virtue:Humility, Diligence
Hair: Black
Nickname: Heir Eternal, The Red Prince.
Actual Age: ~3500
Languages Spoken:
Weight: 86 Kg
Vice: Wrath, Lust
Eye Color: Golden Yellow

T H E   F I N E R   D E T A I L S

D e s c r i p t i o n

G i f t s

Pinnacle of Brethren Physiology: Though weaker than the four originators, Magni's senses and physical gifts are a clear cut above the other brethren prince and princesses that fill the halls of the court. Some of the more daring and less wise brethren sometimes say that he could be strong enough to match the originators, of course this is not true but he could maybe make them break a sweat were they too fight. He can still be killed like any other brethren and pushing his strength to its highest level is exhausting for him if kept up for too long.

Shadow Magic: Like his father he has inherited the ability to make shadows tangible and shape them to his will though he lacks the ability to travel through them directly, he can fashion weapons and armour with ease. His magic shares the same weakness as his fathers.

Frost Aura: Magni is always surrounded by a chill in the air and his skin is always deathly cold, the only time his flesh becomes warm is whilst bathing in hot water, though without a constant source of heat the water soon turns cold from the contact with his body. On the rare occasions that he lets the magic free, waves of frost form around him for several meters in all directions and his touch can shatter metal and crack stone as he passes nearby. Magni struggles to regain control the power once released and so utilizes it as a last resort. Once it has been released it can take several days tog et it back under control, in which time he is unable to feed or be around most brethren lest they become caught up in the power. Stronger brethren can withstand the colds effect to the point that it  hinders them very little.

Beast Bond: The strength of his blood is such that its alluring power can even affect wild creatures as well as humans. By feeding small amounts of blood he can form a dominant bond with animals that allow him to communicate with them telepathically and give them simple commands or if he really concentrates he can share one or more of the creatures senses. His bite and pheromones affect humans normally but his blood does not provide the same dominating affect as with animals. If he chooses to share an animals senses then his own become muted for the duration and it requires a lot of effort and concentration depending on the distance. After a particularly lengthy communication or one at great distance, Magni is struck by painful headaches that take a few hours to subside. The bond requires that he share his blood at least once a month with each beast he has bonded with.

G o a l
Too long has he been mocked behind his back about the throne that will not be his. Magni wishes to claim his birthright and rule, whether by having his father secede the throne, or by carving out a kingdom of his own. He refuses to live within his fathers shadow and has spent a considerable portion of his life dedicated to becoming a strong and intelligent leader so that he will be remembered as more than just the King's son.

P e r s o n a l i t y
If you ask most of my brothers and sisters they might say i was stern, cold or aloof. Some would say inspiring or noble. The truth is that i do not consider myself to be any of those things, the brother they see most of is a mask and a charade. It is merely what i am expected to be, someone to aspire to to lead by example and to not bring shame to my father. My father... that is the root and stem of it all really, my life's summation and greatest achievement, being born the son of a king. Am i bitter or envious that i will die without ever wearing that crown? of course i am, for over 3000 years i have dreamed that it might be passed to me one day, if i could only prove how strong and capable i was, then my father would surely understand that i could lead New Eden into greater heights!

Dreams do not come true unless we grasp them and make them real ourselves, but how can one take there dreams when they are crushed in the iron grip of a powerful immortal? One cannot, so one begins to loathe and despise instead, feeding the writhing serpent of envy within. I try to be kind to the humans and brethren alike, but there is so much history and far too much blood, i have spilled more than my fair share of it. perhaps that makes me a hypocrite? Is it better that i have never enjoyed the act of killing for killing sake? that i try to harm those i feed from as little as possible or that i shower them with wealth and privilege? The truth is that it makes no difference if i am kind or cruel, they are still sustenance to me and the obsession and that springs forth from my bite is another form of slavery and cruelty. I feel the years weighing heavily of late and i fear that my ideals and morality will begin to fade. I often wonder what my father was like when he was mortal? Has he always swung between kindness and cruelty so easily or was he merely the product of time.  Does it even matter?.....

H i s t o r y

I was born around 3500 years ago. I cannot remember precisely when. Life was simple and full of childish dreams and expectations. I trained hard in my studies and distinguished myself as an excellent warrior, though in truth there was little fighting sport to be had except for the odd duel to the death. After a thousand years or so i had proven myself a match for even some of the eldest of my brothers and sisters. I was close to many of them back then, before the tragedy struck and we began dying in droves, my Aunt vanished and all hope seemed lost. I had never before believed our kind could truly ever die off, not with the originators to continue the line, but i feared it would all end during those sad times.

Shortly after, the humans rose up against us. Such an event was beyond our prediction and was laughable . They could never match us in ordinary circumstances, but with many of our elder kin dead and the rest of us having been severely weakened...they stood a much more even chance. I could not blame them for trying. It was during this time that i proved i could lead and also where most of my support amongst the younger brethren comes from. i warred and slaughtered the humans time and time again, even weakened i still outmatched them and strategy helped me  through the rest of the war. Once the uprising was quashed my father named me  general. An empty title considering we have no true standing armies to war with yet i felt pride at its giving all the same. it was one of my more happier memories, though somewhat tarnished by the thousands of humans i had killed, their precious lifeblood staining the earth and going to waste. it was after the uprising that i first began to question the system of our world. Had we treated the humans kinder and ruled with them instead of over them then perhaps they would have helped us during our weakness rather than try to destroy us. perhaps that outcome was inevitable regardless of how we treated them. But still i wonder if those lives could have been spared. My actions in the uprising were my greatest victories and my deepest regrets.

That is my character sheet RTJ right now.  i will probably add to history and maybe personality after chatting with a few other players so we can have shared history etc.  please let me know if you have any issues or tweaks you would like to make. that you feel are inappropriate :)

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Name: Eli Thorne
Class: Dread Necromancer
Prestige Class: None Planned
Alignment: NE
Brief Background: Eli was apprenticed to a necromancer at an early age, he doesn't remember the circumstances under which this happened as the necromancer was certainly not a relative. His earliest memories are of him playing hide and seek with skeletons and playing horsey with zombies. he never saw the undead as evil or cruel but as playthings. Even as he grew older he delighted in breaking his 'toys' removing legs and arms and watching them wriggle on the ground before ordering one of the others to dispose of them. When he was old enough to read and write he began his lessons with his master. At first it was simple tasks, cutting off appendages of living people and recording their rate of decay. Eventually he began to learn the basic necromantic spell craft. Years passed in the ruined castle he was raised in and he grew up with a disregard for the boundaries between life and death for he had never been taught that it was of any importance. His master imparted one very important lesson to Eli. All can be made to serve, the living and the dead.

He grew older and more powerful. He began venturing out into the woodlands and exploring more of the local area. One day he ventured into the local village and found himself enjoying all the new sights and sounds. Most of the people that lived there were hard working and simple yet Eli could not understand where all the undead were. Upon returning he asked his master and Eli was shocked to learn they buried their dead in the earth. Wasting them. Eli continued to explore the village and people began to question the young mans presence, he carried gold always came from the dark woods. many thought him to be an adventurer, other were suspicious of this inquisitive and odd man.

After several more years Eli realized he had grown more powerful than his master and decided that it was illogical that he should obey someone weaker than himself. His master disagreed with this philosophy and spent the next few days as Eli's first individual project. The results were a success and Eli began pouring over the tomes his master had hidden from him. Over the next 10 years he slowly integrated into the village and began working as an undertaker after marrying the daughter of the grave keeper who was regrettably buried alive mere months after he saw his daughter wed. Coincidentally it was long enough for Eli to learn the key points of the profession so he naturally stepped into that role. With a good supply of new corpses and access to an abundance of old ones he began to slowly build up his work force. his new wife took some convincing but eventually she saw the benefit of a work force that did not need to eat or sleep, one that would follow orders and protect them from the dangers of the world more diligently than any town guard could. The villagers were persuaded to agree one by one. On one occasions bandits attacked and Eli unleashed his small army upon them, watching with interest as they fought and died, only to be raised by Eli immediately after they fell. The village accepted the undead either by persuasion or by simple fear. Soon the quality of life improved for all as the farms were tended day and night and the forest was cleared of dangerous beasts, each one that fell being added to the work force.

Little by little the village grew into a fort of wood and stone with a booming lumber industry. Many of the traders found it odd that so many of the townsfolk and guards wore robes and masks but were happy to accept the explanations and excuses given, that they had committed crimes which they paid for with labour, the masks and heavy coverings acting as a symbol of humility and conformity. Eventually the wealth of the village had expanded enough that it began to rival other small towns in the lumber trade. many of the other towns began suddenly moving into the newly formed fiefdom of Elion, often during the night in a mass exodus. A local lord dispatched adventurers to investigate. Unfortunately one of them escaped alive and told his tale of an evil necromancer that had bewitched the people and committed fell rituals. the lord raised an army and hired adventurers to storm the fort. Eli had never faced such strength before and his undead horde were greatly unprepared for the battle that was brought to them, even the undead beasts of the forest proving to be a mere hindrance as they were annihilated by spell and steel.

Eli watched with rapturous delight, he had thought his limit reached, that his power could grow no greater. the battle proved him wrong, he would only grow stronger though not with the shackles of the life he had built in the small woodland town. He looked at all his creations and felt disgusted that he was so complacent. Why had he stopped with a small town? Why not country of his own? Why not the world? his ambition restored he set out to flee, gathering his books and his most powerful undead he fled the fort. his wife was distraught, and began incessantly wailing and complaining about her friends and their children. None of his children had shown an ounce of magical potential or the genius he himself possessed. unfortunately they were doomed to only have their mothers attractiveness and so were worthless to Eli. He had left them in the now burning fort and not looked back. his wife resisted and had to be restrained. After a week or so Eli grew tired of anger and sadness and broke her neck before immediately raising her body from death. He was much happier with her after she had become more complacent and useful.

He set off into the forest a small band of undead at his heels, blissfully unaware of the bounty now on his head or of his pursuers. Overall he mused that the whole affair had been an interesting experiment,but now he was ready to try it again but on a much larger scale. he looked at the corpse of his wife dragging a small sled with a chest of gold upon it and sighed contently. He felt alive once more.
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NAME: Ashley Connors (fake name)    NATURE:Fanatic               Vassal
Susan Clarke (Real name)            DEMEANOR:Chameleon           Domitor: Jack Caligari
                         CONCEPT:Personal Attendant   HAVEN:

Strength        2      Charisma      2              Perception     3
Dexterity       2      Manipulation  2              Intelligence   2
Stamina         2      Appearance    3              Wits           4


Alertness       3        Animal Ken    x              Academics      x
Athletics       3        Crafts        X              Computer       1
Awareness       2        Drive         3              Finance        x
Brawl           2        Etiquette     X              Investigation  1
Empathy         x        Firearms      5              Law            x
Expression      1        Larceny       x              Medicine       1
Intimidation    x        Melee         4              Occult         x
Leadership      x        Performance   2              Politics       x
Streetwise      2        Stealth       X              Science        x
Subterfuge      2        Survival      1              Technology     1

Fields of Expertise:

Discipline: Obfuscate     1        Alternative identity       3
                                   Resources                  3

           Willpower                           Road of ________
(*)(*)(*)( )( )( )( )( )( )( )         ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )
[*][*][*][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]                Aura: ________ (-0)

           Blood Pool                             Virtues
[*][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]        Conscience   1
[*][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]        Self-Control 5
           x bp/turn                  Courage      3

             Merits                                Flaws
             Harmless                              Phobia (Heights)
             Deceptive Aura                        Incomplete Understanding
       HEALTH                     Experience                 Derangements
Bruised       (  ) [ ]         {              }            {Visual hallucinations}
Hurt          (-1) [ ]         {              }            {              }
Injured       (-1) [ ]         {              }            {              }
Wounded       (-2) [ ]         {              }            {              }
Mauled        (-2) [ ]         {              }            {              }
Crippled      (-5) [ ]         {              }            {              }
Incapacitated (  ) [ ]         {              }            {              }


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Access to The RIFTS

Name: Boomchucker (Boomer to his friends)

Race: Goblin

Class:Alchemist (Fire Bomber) Rogue (Underground Chemist)


Concept: An Urban, Lawful Evil Alchemist.

Sample Writing:

Boomer was content, and unlike most of his kind he actually understood what the word meant. He twitched excitedly as he brewed his latest concoctions in the small wooden shack situated in the dark recesses of a filth covered alley. The shaky structure of mismatched wood was held together by bucketfuls of rusty nails and grim determination, yet for Boomer it was a place of work, rest and maniacal laughter. He watched the brewing potions with a fanatical fervor, counting each drop carefully and showing amazing self control for a goblin. A loud series of knocks shook the shack a little and Boomer released a torrent of goblin curses as he quickly sealed the various glass instruments that he used to brew his liquid fire. He snatched an already completed bomb and slammed the door open raising the bomb high and shouting up at the incredibly rude person. The fact that the intruder was easily double his size didn't seem to perturb him in the slightest. he switched to the common tongue.

"What you want longshanks? Got nothing better to do than spoil Boomer's hard work? Speak up quick or i'l feed my special friend to you!"

The plain looking human hastily passed over a letter sealed with cheap wax bearing a rather misshapen insignia that could have been either a cat or some kind bird. Boomer lowered the bomb and clipped it back in place at his belt. With a sharp nail he broke the wax seal and quickly read the letter. When he had a finished an unsettling grin spread across his face, revealing his razor sharp fangs menacingly. "Well you get to leave un-burned this time dogwife. Be more careful next time or i might be adding you to my meat stores."

He dismissed the human and went back into his shack, pausing in the door to give the frame a little push and watch how much it shook. Apparently happy with the level free moving motion he entered and rubbed his hands gleefully. The job he had just be given would need a lot of explosions, and who was better than Boomchucker for that?.

Thanks for taking the time to read my RTJ. If there are any issues or questions you would to ask then feel free to PM for discussion :D.
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Character Sheet

Name:Jonathan Burke

What you go by: Tally

Age: 26

Profession: Patient in a secure hospital for criminally insane

Personality: Fairly intelligent, cunning and brutal. unlike most survivors Jon actually seems to prefer the world as it is now and it makes more sense to him than before the pandemic. Jon has always had urges to commit violent acts and was able to suppress and control them until he was 11. Jon has become numb to most feelings except anger, lust and pride and spends most of his time appearing very calm and relaxed. he isn't particularly  mean or horrible to other people it just that he dosnt care enough to make an effort to be especially nice and as a result dosnt have too many friends. what he lacks in people skills makes up for in efficiency and combat ability. Jon will complete most choirs or task to the letter which can be good or bad depending on the situation. Survivors tend to tolerate him for his abilities and for his cold and logical approach to problems, even if they do not like what he has to say.

Physical Appearance: Jon is about 6"0 tall has an athletic muscle build with his arms beign slightly more muscular in proportion to the rest of his body due to wielding heavy objects. his hair is cut short (though not bald) and is dark blonde in colour. His eyes are blue. wears a black hoodie over a black vest.on his forearms he has some makeshift leather bracers and a sturdy pear of finger-less leather gloves. he also wears biker trousers with reinforced knees and shins. He usually wears a small respirator that covers his mouth and nose. all over his clothes a small badly sown crosses that seem to be a numerical tally. his weapons have a different tally mark using simple straight lines but there are less of them.

Background: grew up with his parents pressuring him to do well and become successful in his studies like his older brother who was considered a prodigy in academic study and on the piano. Jon was fairly intelligent but did not have his brothers gifts and his parents heavily resented and punished him for his failures. his entire life was planned for him with every spare hour used up with private tutors for sports,academics,art and music. In all areas he failed to match his brothers example. When Jon was 11 he was having his usual violin lesson when he getting constantly berated by the teacher for not being able to play the piece as well as his brother and something in him snapped. Jon calmly laid down the violin and walked into the kitchen where he proceed to grab a knife and much to the furious teachers surprise, walked over and stabbed her once in the stomach and again in the neck when she fell. jon similarly attacked his parents and brother when they arrived home. His brother and father died but his mother survived. jon called the police and an ambulance and confessed his crime before returning to the music room where upon he picked up the violin and managed to play the song he was struggling with perfectly.

After heavy psychological testing it was determined that residence at a secure hospital would be more suitable than prison whilst his mother appealed the decision and asked that he be sentenced to the longest sentence available. The appeal was rejected. Time became meaningless in the hospital and the drugs and therapy appeared to calm and rehabilitate Jon for a time, until he was attacked by a fellow patient and gouged out his eyes with his thumbs. Several years later the pandemic hit and the hospital fell into chaos with many workers simply leaving or just not turning up until eventually the only one left were the patients. without the calming drugs many of the patients began forming groups and killing each other before a small group found a way out and they slowly learned about the terrible state the world had devolved into. For a while the patients worked together to survive the nights but at soon as they were taken into a settlement their more wilder and selfish personality traits appeared. Jon and another patient call lexy were the only remaining patients that had a semblance of self control and traveled through the day and hid or ran at night scavenging whatever they could find and making weapons of anything handy. one night the pair were trapped in small room at the end of a narrow corridor with the vampire like creatures slowly breaking through the door. the fought side by side until the sun rose whereby they both collapsed exhausted. Lexy didn't wake up again. Jon made a habit of marking every vampire kill with a stitched cross on his clothing and a simple notch on his homemade axe for every human he had killed. In killing at least he had proven he was more adept than his brother.

concept for the axe is basically like the one in the picture below but with a longer handle and a double bladed head.
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Name: Samuel Burke
Affiliation: None
Physical description:

Height 6'0, athletic and fairly fit but is a bit thinner in the face and has dark rings beneath bright blue eyes. his hair is brown and messy underneath his black hoodie and beneath the  half face respirator there is some rough stubble. Underneath he black hoodie he wears a brown shirt that have had the sleeves removed at the shoulders and a necklace made from a shoelace threaded through a small silver colored padlock. His body is very clean (considering the circumstances) but his clothing has many streaks of dirt and oil that exudes an earthy smell comparable to the smell of dried peat and it is unclear if this is intentional or accidental. he often wears a half face respirator around his neck whilst resting or in camp but once he leaves he wears it with his hood over his head. his trousers are scuffed black motorbike trousers with Kevlar reinforcement pads on the knees, shins and and reinforced strips down the outside of his legs. on his feet he wears an odd pair of steel toe cap boots, the left boot is  brown and the right boot is black. Sam has a few large belts wrapped around his torso over the hoodie and waist which are covered tight knots made from shoelaces or electrical cables.

Personality:Samuel  has an animalistic quality about him as though he is always on his guard and ready to fight or flee at any moment. His eyes are piercing and some people find him a little disturbing despite his politeness and confidant stature that never reaches his eyes. Sam is driven by self preservation but understands that the best way to survive is in effective close knit groups where the survivors can cover each others weaknesses. Sam can sometimes snap at people or sound very bitter but generally is polite and treats everyone with respect. anyone who has seen him fight will realize that he is very capable of being brutal and merciless to walkers and humans alike. His fighting skills are a little rough but calculating and he will often attack weak points to reduce mobility, patiently waiting to finish off the opponent rather than attempting to kill them in a single strike. On occasion Sam has had to resort to using fire arms or close range weapons but prefers the reach of his home made spear. Sam is always eager to attack walkers if they are in small groups or alone but tries to judge the risks before attacking. Something in Samuel seems to have broken and been put back together with many sharp edges and little of the man he once was. Sam always picks up random scraps and quickly studies them before either attaching it to his belt or throwing it away. He has a habit of making something he calls mulch, made from plants and grasses etc all crushed together. It smells like a compost bin and doesn't taste much better yet he has a strange attachment to the food for some reason.

Basic history:Grew up in the England and was raised by a wealthy family and groomed to become a solicitor like his parents. He was always very charismatic and persuasive even as a child and his talent grew during his teenage years. At the age of 22 he qualified as a solicitor and was offered a place at a large commercial firm in London. After three years and a string of successful cases and many good contacts he was placed in an exchange program with an American firm that hoped to perform a merger with his fathers. Sam had been working in America for around 8 months, hopping from office to office when the world was turned upside down and survived by being smart, determined and very lucky. He was in court when the panic and attacks began. Several civilians on the steps of the court began attacking each other and security stepped in. Soon after the shooting began. Sam survived more from luck as he was nearly discovered by the walkers whilst hiding  in an interview room until a security guard began firing and the walkers were drawn to him instead. Sam spent several hours cowering in the room scared out of his wits as his mind tried to make sense of what he had seen and heard. After a few days he was forced to leave by hunger and thirst and observed that the walkers were attracted to loud sound, he removed his shoes and jacket to allow him to move more quietly and began collecting phones that had been dropped or left behind, he set an alarm for the following morning about an hour after he figured the sun should start appearing in the sky and stealthily placed them in a room a good distance from one of the rear entrances.

When the alarms on the phones went of the stillness of the building was destroyed as the sounds of tens of bodies pressing together and stirring into a frenzy around the source of the noise. Sam quickly exited through the door and carefully picked his way through the streets picking up odd items that might be of use to him such as shoe laces, his boots were found on two separate locations. There were still many gunshots around the city with people taking to roofs in the hope that a helicopter would rescue them and though there were many helicopters at first Sam didn't see any stop and help anyone. As time passed the city became quieter. Sam spent the next month and a half slowly traversing the city scavenging what ever he could find though most of the shops and stores had already been looted but was able to find some some discarded items at an old gardening supplies store before something fell in the warehouse and he had to make a run for it. It was from this store he made his spear. He spent days running and hiding and occasional met small groups of people with whom he traded food and supplies by bartering. He spent a week with 2 brothers who spent a lot of time hunting until he overheard them talking about how to kill him so the food would last longer. Sam waited until they were travelling through the city waiting to be betrayed when a mad animalistic state of mind took over and he lashed out at the brothers stabbing one in the side with his spear and felling the other with a blow to the ankle from the hatchet. Their screams drew many walkers and Sam waited until they had left before destroying the heads and taking the hunting knife and what very few supplies remained after the walkers frenzy.

After the incident with the brothers Sam avoided most humans and began hunting solitary walkers very occasionally groups of two or three of them (after a very close fight he became more cautious). Sam occasionally had to talk his way out of some situations in which he usually convinced a small group of survivors that he would put up too much of a fight for the little supplies he had. He began trying to study the infected and managed to cripple one woman that had attacked him. Watching the walkers attack her was unpleasant for him, watching the infection spread and rupture her body more so. After that experiment he had found the respirator at an old DIY store and taken to wearing it religiously as well as covering as much skin as possible when outside. he spent most his time sleeping out of sight in old dumpsters or in the sewers. If he couldn't find anywhere to sleep that he couldn't escape from he relied on terrible smell and sight to hide him. it seemed to work for him so far but perhaps he had just been lucky.

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The Basics
Nickname:The Wise, Master of Demons, Lord of the Jinn, Creator of the Keys, Keeper of the Seal.
<b><smallcaps>apparent Age:Mid 50's

Real Age:2,988

The Appearance
Weight:83 Kg
Height:188 cm
Physical Description: Jed is dressed in his version of smart casual, that is to say some form of suit missing a tie and with several buttons undone at the neck or sometimes wears the shirt un-tucked entirely. He appears to be an aging man with slightly above average height yet carries himself tall and with a youthful energy about himself. He often wears a warm and mischievous smile that makes him look like he is in on some hidden joke. He is often accompanied by an assistant to carry his things and carry out other general tasks such as time keeping. He seems to have about 15 or so assistants in total though he is rarely seen with more than two at any time. Hi hair is a little unkempt as is his short beard and both are heavily flecked with grey. His eyes are grey and piercing, as seemingly able to strip everything down to its most fundamental level. He rarely looks surprised or panicked.

Distinguishing Features:
Rarely without one of his assistants each of whom are all incredibly beautiful and draw the eye much more than the unassuming Jed. Yet there is something slightly off putting about their beauty, as though they are too perfect and the way most of them look at Jed when his back is turned would lead most to believe they truly hate him. People may find it odd that they would still work for him with such obvious hatred and contempt in their eyes. to those that can sense or see the supernatural they are terrifying creatures coming in sorts of hideous forms and each immensely powerful in their own rights.

As well as the assistants , he appears to wear a golden signet ring with an odd design that seems to be made of mind defying geometry whereby the angles from words in a strange language. Looking at the ring for more than a second or two is headache inducing and most normal people seem to forget about the strange shapes the moment they look away. for those that can see or feel magic the ring is like looking into a tiny star and it radiates magic that rapidly dissipates. The Assistants true forms appear to have their forms bound tightly by chains by the same power that radiates from the ring.

The Human
Mundane Skills:
(When it comes to describing your character's personality be as detailed as you can be. Include things like how they act, how they feel, how they view the rest of the world. Do they act differently to their friends than they do with strangers? Things like that. Also in this section include any basic skills that a regular human might have.)

The Not So Human
Species Description:
Powers and Abilities:
(Alright so here is where I would like you to give a description of what your character's species is. Even if its something more normal and well known like a vampire, everyone here has their own unique twist on things so I would like to see what your's is. The powers and abilities are those that they have that don't come from just being human. If you are plaining a regular old human, just leave this section out)

The Story
Character Background:
(I think this one is pretty self explanatory)

(These next 2 sections are optional, but I think that sometimes they can be nice to have and can be added as time goes on in the story. Past connections are those that you made before coming to Sanctuary, they can be with other characters in the game or not. The Current Connections are those that you currently have in the game, be it friends, enemies, relationships, etc.)
Past Connections:
Current Connections:
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35, 31, 34,37,27, 29, 32,32, 25

--*Only War Text Character Sheet*-------------------------------------------------
--*General information*-----------------------------------------------------------
Character Name: Jared Gant                              Player Name:
Home World:Porphyry                          Squad Logistics Rating: ?
Regiment:The Porphyrian 1st "Star Coyotes" Heavy Mechanized Recon
Specialty: Heavy Gunner

Character Description:

Height: 0.00 m                               Eyes:
Weight: 000 kg                               Hair:
Age:    00 yrs                               Skin:

Bionic Replacements:
- Best Quality MIU
Weapon Skill  Ballistic Skill
+----------+   +----------+
|    25    |   |    42    |      x = attained - o = not attained
+----------+   +----------+
   oooooo         oooooo

Strength   Toughness   Agility   Intelligence  Perception  Will Power  Fellowship
+--------+ +--------+ +--------+  +--------+   +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
|   27   | |   31   | |   40   |  |   38   |   |   32   |  |   29   |  |   31   |
+--------+ +--------+ +--------+  +--------+   +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
  oooooo     oooooo     oooooo      oooooo       oooooo      oooooo      oooooo

+-*Point Buy Allocation*---------------------------------------------------------+
WS:  00 BS: 00 S:   00
T:   00 Ag: 00 Int: 00
Per: 00 WP: 00 Fel: 00


Total:   06         Fate total:   1
Current: 06         Fate current: 1
Fatigue: 0/0
Critical Damage:
Critical Damage Effects:
Insanity: 0
Degree of Madness: Stable
Trauma Modifier:
Corruption: 0
Malignancy Test Modifier:

Movement=   Half: 0m  Full: 00m  Charge: 00m  Run: 00m  Leap: 00m  Jump: 00cm
Lifting=    Carry: 00kg      Lift: 00kg      Push: 00kg

Current Weight Carried: 000kg

Name               Char  Basic  Train  +10    +20    +30     Total
Acrobatics         (Agi)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Athletics          (Str)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Awareness          (Per)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Charm              (Fel)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Command            (Fel)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Commerce           (Int)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Common Lore        (Int)
- Imperial guard          +      +      o      o      o       00
- War                     +      +      o      o      o       00
- Admech                  +      +      o      o      o       00
- Tech                    +      +      o      o      o       00
Deceive            (Fel)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Dodge              (Agi)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Forbidden Lore     (Int)
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00
Inquiry            (Fel)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Intimidate         (Str)  +      +      o      o      o       00
Linguistics        (Int)
-Low Gothic               +      +      o      o      o       00
-Techna-lingua            +      +      o      o      o       00
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00
Logic              (Int)  +      +      o      o      o       00
Medicae            (Int)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Navigate           (Int)
-Surface                  o      o      o      o      o       00
-Stellar                  o      o      o      o      o       00
-Warp                     o      o      o      o      o       00
Operate            (Agi)
-Aeronautica              o      o      o      o      o       00
-Surface                  +      +      o      o      o       00
-Voidship                 o      o      o      o      o       00
Parry              (WS)   o      o      o      o      o       00
Psynescience       (Per)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Scholastic Lore    (Int)
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00
Scrutiny           (Per)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Security           (Int)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Sleight of Hand    (Agi)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Stealth            (Agi)  o      o      o      o      o       00
Survival           (Per)  +      +      o      o      o       00
Tech-Use           (Int)  +      +      +      o      o       00
Trade              (Int)
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00
-                         o      o      o      o      o       00

x = attained - o = not attained

--*Talents & Traits*--------------------------------------------------------------
Weapon Training
o Bolt    o Launcher   o Shock
o Chain   o Melta      o Solid Projectile
o Flame   o Plasma
+ Heavy   o Power
+ Las     + Low-Tech

Traits                 Description

Starting Talents       Description

Bought Talents       XP Cost   Description

  Melee Weapons                             Ranged Weapons
+--------------------------------------+  +--------------------------------------+
Name: Name:
Class: Melee    Damage: Class: Basic   Damage:
Type:   Pen: 0 Type:   Pen:   Reload:
  ROF: -/-/-     Clip: 00
Special rules: Range: 00m
  PB: 0m/S: 00m/M: 000m /L: 000m /E:000m
+--------------------------------------+  |Special rules:                        |
+--------------------------------------+  |                                      |
Class: Melee    Damage:+--------------------------------------+
Type:    Pen: 0 Name:
  Class: Pistol  Damage:
Special rules: Type:   Pen:   Reload:
  ROF: -/-/-     Clip: 00
+--------------------------------------+  |Range: 00m                            |
+--------------------------------------+  |PB: 0m/S: 00m/M: 000m /L: 000m /E: 000|
Name: Special rules:
Class: Melee    Damage:  
Type:    Pen: 0+--------------------------------------+ 
Special rules: Name:
  Class:         Damage:
+--------------------------------------+  |Type:   Pen:   Reload:                |
                                          |ROF: -/-/-     Clip:                  |
                                          |Range:                                |
                                          |PB:    /S:    /M:    /L:    /E:       |
                                          |Special rules:                        |
Name                            Weight

Name                            Weight  Description

                                         Hit Location & Armours

                                            |     Head     |
                                            |    (1-10)    |
                                            |     ()       |
                                            |Type: Common  |
                           +--------------+ |              | +--------------+
                           |  Right Arm   | +--------------+ |   Left Arm   |
                           |   (11-20)    |                  |    (21-30)   |
                           |      (0)     |                  |       (0)    |
                           |Type: Common  |                  |Type: Common  |
                           |              | +--------------+ |              |
                           +--------------+ |     Body     | +--------------+
                                            |    (31-70)   |
                                            |       (0)    |
                                            |Type: Common  |
                                            |              |
                                 +--------------+      +--------------+
                                 |   Right Leg  |      |   Left Leg   |
                                 |    (71-85)   |      |   (86-100)   |
                                 |       (0)    |      |      (0)     |
                                 |Type: Common  |      |Type: Common  |
                                 |              |      |              |
                                 |              |      |              |
                                 +--------------+      +--------------+

                                                         Total Armor Weight

Aptitudes        x=known Aptitude    o=unknown Aptitude
x General
o Offence        o Weapon Skill
o Finesse        o Ballistic Skill
o Defence        o Strength
o Psyker         o Toughness
o Tech           o Agility
o Knowledge      o Intelligence
o Leadership     o Perception
o Fieldcraft     o Willpower
o Social         o Fellowship

               +---------------------+       +---------------------+
               |     XP to spend     |       |       XP spent      |
               |                     |       |                     |
               |                     |       |                     |
               +---------------------+       +---------------------+

--*XP Advancements*---------------------------------------------------------------
Name:                     XP Cost:Name:                      XP Cost:

+-*Squad Mate*-------------------------------------------------------------------+
Special Abilities:

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Visored RTJ -

Name:Paria  (Formerly Amatsuki Otori)

Paria appears to be a young man in his late teens and has remained perpetually youthful since the hollowfication process took place over 1,000 years previously. Whether due to the odd circumstances of his transformation or some side effect of devouring hollows, his skin has become a pale ashen gray colour and his once jet black hair has likewise faded into a mixture of dark and pale blue hues. hi eyes seemed to have also drained of colour except for the black pupils at the center that carry tremendous age. On his head he wears a large rabbit shaped mask of white black and blue and from a distance he could easily be mistaken as an arrancar though his preference of clothing appears to be a direct mimicry of the style that shinigami captains wear, though the color scheme and patterns are entirely different. On his hip he wears a black and blue zanpakuto which may further convince the casual onlooker in hueco mundo that he is one of the arrancar. He rarely draws or even touches his sword, preferring to wield a small blue and white tessen to bludgeon, pierce or cut his opponents to pieces.

He stands at roughly 5'9" and has a very slender, almost fragile looking figure. The sword at his hip is mostly covered by his haori but upon close inspection it is bound with a multitude of small chains with tiny seals etched into each link. Curiously the chains seem to prevent the blade from being drawn from the saya more than a few inches. Similarly his haori and rabbit mask are covered in similar markings that have been delicately carved or sewn into them.

Family: It is very possible that he had children somewhere in soul society at the time of his disappearance but he has no knowledge of what became of his kin after he was struck down in battle centuries ago.

Crushes:Prior to aiding Oryo in founding the gotei 13 and in the years before he was fell in battle he was openly infatuated with Fujigiku Oryo and was prolific in his attempts to woo her. Though a distant memory to him something yet lingers though he could not name the feeling anymore and he often unconsciously touches the faint scars that were usually the end result of his advances. [This is obviously pending to Oryo's agreement with the character back story etc]


Gekkō Megami (Moonlit goddess) is the collective title for both of his zanpakuto and is the name of her original form as well as the name required to activate his bankai release. It was considered to be the strongest wind type Zanpakuto in history once he mastered his bankai. Gekkō Megami is a dual weapon type zanpakuto though even amongst those it is fairly unique in that each zanpakuto has an independent aspect of the greater whole with separate personalities and can be released independently though both must be released in order to use bankai. Gekkō Megami's form is divided into two aspects: Mangetsu (full moon) and Shingetsu (new moon) and when divided appears as a pair of twins, Mangestu wears white and blue and Shingetsu wears black and blue.

In their unsealed state, Mangestu and Shingetsu appear as two distinct zanpakuto mirroring the colours worn by each aspects spirit.

Mangetsu release phrase: Exhale and rejoice, Mangetsu!
Shingetsu release phrase: Inhale and lament, Shingetsu!

Both Shingetsu and Mangetsu appear as a tessen fan in their released states in their respective aspect colours. Each of the tessen have 2 long cords ending in a tassel, one of which is blue and the other is either black or white respectively.
Each of the tessen work as conduits that allow Paria to infuse the wind with his reiatsu allowing for a wide variety of devastating techniques that can range from creating cutting blades of air to repelling gusts of wind or even storm like hurricanes. The effect of the techniques will vary depending on which tessen is in use.

Mangetsu is the aspect of positivity and overwhelming force and its techniques tend to be sharp like blades for physical destruction. Many of the attacks are based on using thousands of small blades of wind cut the target into minuscule pieces and often appear as small tornadoes or storms of wind made from Paria's reiatsu.

Weakness: Though the blades are incredibly powerful physical toughness or body hardening abilities such as hierro can reduce the damage providing the power they put into the technique is comparable to Paria's attacks. An appropriate reiatsu based attack such as kido or a cero can disrupt and weaken the attack or even cancel them out if they are sufficiently powerful.

Shingetsu is the aspect of negativity and dissipating force and its techniques are tend to create displacements in the air that absorb and obliterate reishi and reiatsu, unlike Mangetsu the reiatsu or reishi is not merely damaged but entirely obliterated within the displacement area. The displacement area at shikai level appear as individual large rents in the air that create a noise similar to sonido but sounding more like a momentary high pitched scream. Physical toughness and hardening abilities such as hierro have a greatly diminished effect against Shingetsu's abilities.

Weakness: The noise always occurs at the instant the displacement begins so it is possible to avoid the full damage of the strike if the opponent is quick enough thoguh some of their reiatsu will likely caught in the strike. Releasing a great deal of reiatsu can also gain the opponent precious moments to escape.

Like Oryo, Paria was born with immense spiritual power, though not quite as powerful as Oryo's it can nonetheless be deadly to those around him without at least a Captains level strength. Before being recruited bu Oryo he simply allowed it to run rampant but agreed to learn to control it as a requirement to serve beside her. He Tried using a similar technique as Oryo' but ultimately found the immense amount of feedback irritating and inconvenient and so chose instead to keep at least one of his Shikai released at all times so that it would constantly drain reiatsu from him, making it easier to control. Shingetsu absorbs much more reiatsu due to  her inherent ability when released but her negative emotions often begin to influence his own when released for too long.

It was perhaps due to her abilities that he managed to survive the hollowification process without fully becoming one, unfortunately the vast quantity and power for the newly released hollow energy only amplified Shingetsu's negativity and made her more hollow-like in appearance and in personality. Under Shingetsu's influence Paria can easily become prone too dark moods and fits of rage or sadness. When using hollowfication he can become nihilistic if subjected to Shingetsu's influence for too long and becomes a danger to himself and anything around him. His solution was to bind Shingetsu in its sealed form with sealing chains and further wearing a the rabbit mask and haori likewise covered in seals to restrict his monstrous power as well as prevent himself being corrupted too heavily by Shingetsu.

Mask:When activating his visored abilities the usual rabbit mask he wears turns molten and flows down to cover his face and part of his back resulting in four curved spines protruding from his back and a a mask with a rictus grin and sharp eye slots with two long blade like horns protruding from the forehead.


Immense Spiritual Power: Though several degrees less powerful than Oryo's it is unlikely that any but those who have comparable Reiryoku would be able to accurately distinguish the difference in their power level.

Zanjutsu Expert

Tessenjutsu Master: Since releasing his zanpakuto, Paria has dedicated himself to mastering the use of the war fan and has over the centuries perfected his own fighting style he calls  tessenjutsu that relies on versatile and unpredictable movements combined with hakuda to overwhelm his opponents.

Hakuda Master

Kido Expert

Shunpo Master

Great Physical Strength: Despite his slender frame he has a shocking amount of physical strength which is impressive even before activating his visored abilities.

Arrancar abilities: He has learned to use all the abilities granted by his hollow half to varying degrees and has combined his knowledge of shinigami techniques to create unique versions of the hollow abilities. the abilities can be used without hollowfication but are severely reduced in strength.

Brief History:

Otori was born during a time of great upheaval and uncertainty in soul society amidst power struggles and wars between factions and hollows it was pure chaos and one he thrived in. his early life was focused on survival and he had taken to the life of a shinigami easily enough. Stability was a dream and strength was the only reliable way to rule. Otori constantly sought out stronger opponents but the tougher the opponent the stronger he became as his began to gauge more of the full extent of his power and each fight became easier and left him unsatisfied, the warm blood on his face and blade became trivial to him and cleaning it off was just another basic chore such as eating and sleeping. One day he was approached by a beautiful young woman that radiated power like he had never felt before and demanded that she duel with him. The fight was long and hard fought and he had used every ability and technique he had and finally had found the limits of hi seemingly inexhaustible power but he had lost. It was the first pivotal moment of his existence, as he lay on the ground, body shattered and broken, clinging to life by a thread he watched as this mysterious women looked upon him with cold merciless eyes as she seemed to decide whether he was worth sparing. It was at that moment, beaten and dying that he fell totally and uncontrollably in love with her or at least that was what he always proclaimed, often loudly and in public.

Once he had recovered she told him her name. Fujigiku Oryo. It was for him, the most beautiful name he had ever heard. She told him how she was gathering the strongest fighters to form a system of control and enforcement that would bring peace and keep the balance safe. Otori cared little for the purpose but agreed simply because she believed he was strong enough to stand and fight beside her. he swore to follow her to hell if she asked it off him. It was a time of turmoil and unbound cruelty where order and peace was bought with an ocean of blood and the fear of their absolute strength. It was the best decades of his life. Nothing had made him happier than to fight day in and day out beside Oryo and he even found himself becoming friends with some of the others she had chosen to enforce her new order.

Decades then centuries past and soul society had been cleansed of corruption and chaos, and the hollow threat had been heavily pushed back. He wore a white haori with the number 11 on his back and reminisced how such a thing would have caused him to laugh and feel scorn at the idea of being reduced to a mere number. Times had changed however and the numbers on their haori meant everything in soul society. It was never entirely peaceful yet it was consistent. Then came the great war with the hollows. Days turned to months and then years of constant war, a meat grinder of souls. It was during this war that he lost everything that gave him purpose.

His division had been previously decimated by a surprise attack from a vasto lorde and their fraccion which took most of Otori's strength to defeat. During the battle he was struck down by an arrancar, her blade nearly carving him in half. When he awoke there was darkness and silence, no sound of battle and all around he felt the press of bodies as he climbed in the direction he believed must have been up. When he emerged he knew he was dying but he refused to give in. In his darkest moment he began consuming the hollows around him. He didn't know how long he ate, it could have been years but he was eventually strong enough to move. He began eat the hollows fresh and had no trouble attracting them as he regained his strength yet he was unaware of the terrible transformation that had already begun within him. Time passed with no measure and no meaning, there was only confusion and hunger and the last thing he remembered as a shinigami a feeling of great redundancy and a strange sensation like being smothered before everything went black

Once again he woke up to the darkness but there was a figure nearby, a hollow that looked so human.... he scrambled for his blade and was struck in the face by something and somehow he felt his face crack. He pulled back his hands from his face and within them held a red hollows mask yet he knew instinctively that it was his. The vasto lorde was an arrancar and heavily wounded though he had clearly bested Otori. Surprisingly the strange arrancar found him an interesting curiosity and taught him to understand if not control his new abilities. He introduced himself as Rey and bestowed a new name on Otori for his birth as a hollow, Paria, the outcast.

Paria set off to wander, desperately trying to remember the way home. By the time he remembered where home was he had remembered much of who he had been. his transofmration had changed him physically and his reflection showed a creature he would have gladly killed in the past. Despair swept over him briefly and he made his choice to find some kind of purpose. He never returned to soul society, how could he face his friends, how could he face Oryo now that he had become the enemy, a hollow. She would kill him and would likely be right to do so. He decided it was better they thought him dead. At least his friends and division would remember him as a warrior. Paria would spend the rest of his time wandering, killing and feeding on the hollows that crossed his path, seeking seclusion, peace and a purpose.

After many years he heard whispers of a gathering of vasto lorde s and arrancar as well as a vasto lord raising armies and preparing for war. Paria was unsure why he felt a desire to go and see this for himself but decided that he may find some semblance of purpose. He set off once more across the barren desert of hueco mundo, heralded by a great sandstorm that followed when he walked.

Well thats what i have for now, let me know any changes adjustments you think should be made etc.

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Int:9          Hp:40         Vigor:5
Ref:3          Stun:80
Dex:4         Stamina:40
Body:8         Run:27
Spd:9          Leap:5
Emp:9          Enc:80
Cra:3          Rec:8
Will:9         Punch:1D6+2
Luck:10 (+1 Lucky Token)         Kick:1D6+6

Defining skill:
Magic training:6 [5]

Magical Perks:
 5 Novice Spells
 1 Hex
 1 Ritual


Human Perception:6 [5]
Spell Casting:6 [10]
Hex Weaving:4 [6]
Resist Magic:4 [6]
Education:6 [5]
Ritual Crafting:2 [2]
Social Etiquette:1
Seduction:6 [5]
Grooming & Style:1
Awareness:1 [1]
Deceipt:6 [6]
Endurance:3(+1 Homeland) [2]
Charisma: 3 [3]
Name(stat) ranks

Location.   SP.   Dmg
R. Arm
L. Arm
R. Leg
L. Leg




700 Crowns
Lucky Token, [+1 Luck]
Silver Ring
100 Crowns of components
Writing Kit
Belt Pouch
Gemstone Amulet [Focus 3]

- Mind Manipulation
- Earthen Spike
- Uriens Shelter
- Rhewi
- Tanio Ilchar

- Ritual of Life
- The Eternal Itch

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Class: Wizard [Necromancy]
Race: High-elf
Alignment: CE

Name: Galinneiros Dayedarai (Commonly uses the name Gald)
Appearance:  He is fairly youthful and appears little older than a human in their early 20's with a slight frame and sharp shifting eyes. At a glance he seems relatively harmless if discounting any visible weapons. He rarely makes direct eye contact and seems to always stay slightly scrunched up, making himself look shorter than he really is.

Personality: Gald lets other see him as weak and will often pretend to give into pressure. his best quality isn't strength of arm but strength of mind and a cruelly cold patience. All insults and bullying can be easily paid for tenfold in time. He was born in a small village that fluxuated between being part of several warring nations as they fought their decades long war. The village stayed quiet and were smart enough to hide what little food they could in the nearby forest. one of the nations in the war was an alliance between several large groups of wood elves. they were hated and feared by the mostly human village folk and the fact that their family were high elves didn't seem to matter much. Gald's father was a strong and capable former adventurer who had settled down learned the blacksmiths trade. His skill with hammer and forge made him a necessity to the village and not many would challenge him to a brawl. His quiet and studious son was a much better target for their anger.

Gald had been weak and frail as a child but his mind sharpened on books and scrolls. He would often visit old Hendrik on the edge of the woods. It was well known he could cast magic though only little things like creating water and fire and other little tricks. He was a quiet, gentle man with  large collection of interesting books. Gald had been caught trying to steal one as a child and the old man gave him a belting for his trouble. Gald received another when his mother found out what he had done. Gald was sent to help the old man with chores as further punishment. Hendrik was reluctant and a little put off with the company. Until he discovered that Gald had a talent for magic. He taught him only simple tricks at first but over time would take him deep into the woods to show him more....frowned upon magics. he learned to bring creatures back from the brink of death and was taught other spells he was forbidden to use. the power was intoxicating and years went by in study and training.

it became well known he could use magic and some of the bolder villagers grew fearful once more. A small group caught him alone returning from the old mans hut and beat him. he used what spells he knew and crippled one of his attackers witch set the others to frenzy. during the scuffle a knife flashed and he felt searing agony in his torso followed by several more and finally one to the throat. He could remember drowning in his own blood, a horrid burbling noise issuing from his throat as he collapsed to the dirt.

When he awoke in a dank and mouldy stone room, the sound of dripping water echoed eerily. a scraping sound like two stones was proceeded by a cracking noise. the sounds repeated in a  rhythm and he realized something was moving. he sat up and noticed the several skeletons wandering the room. he drew himself up and suppressed a scream for help. they wandered aimlessly and were carrying pieces of furniture from the room and packing them into great wooden chests. He looked down at the stone slab he had laid on, surrounded by magical circles too complex for him to understand. finally he gazed into a corner and his dark vision made out the shape of Hendrik sat in a great stone chair. He was unnaturally still and his usual smile was a rictus grin. The man seemed to have aged a great deal since he saw him last and had little more flesh than the skeletons that wandered the room. Hendriks crypt now. Several decades must have passed for such a drastic effect.

A note was clasped tightly in his old teachers hands. he pried it open and the flesh was still soft, he had likely died mere hours before. It read:

My dear apprentice,

I am dead.

I was never able to learn the secrets to lichedom but a glimmer of hope remains. I have given you life again and in time i would ask you return my gift in kind. You will have to learn how but you have 200 years and i have confidence in your abilities. See your killers who brought you low wandering this room now. Know they suffered many years under my care and now shall serve you. from their very tanned flesh and blood i have wrought you your first book of spells. Fill its pages with the darkest of arts and find your destiny.
Remember that this world has already killed you once so return the favour in kind i say!

Bring me back to life and we shall be immortals.

Death is just the beginning.

Arkellion Hendrik, Lord of the Ebony Throne

Gald soon wandered the crypts with the skeletons in tow and his spellbook chained to his hip. he felt no disgust or revulsion as would be expected. In fact he found it rather comforting to keep it nearby. Something had changed in the young man, life was now a mere state of being. Clay to be moulded in his hands and shaped as he saw fit. He left the crypt with a smile that would herald years tortured cries and hundreds of deaths. All in the pursuit of knowledge and power. death was just his beginning.

Thats my RTJ, if you dont think the character is a good fit or you want something different let me know. i have a few concepts but didnt want to write so much for everyone so thought i would start by submitting my favorite. Do you have any bugbears about undead army building? (over a long time) i know some GM's dont like it and i can tweak the character to be a little bit necromantic if thats the case.

  Basic Information 

 Character Name  :                          Height :
 Character Race  :                          Weight :
 Background      :                          Age    :
 Alignment       :                          Eyes   :
 Deity           :                          Hair   :
 Total Level     :                          Size   :
 Current XP      :                          Speed  :

  Character Class Information 

 Level  1 Class :
 Level  2 Class :
 Level  3 Class :
 Level  4 Class :
 Level  5 Class :

 Background : (List bonuses)

  Ability Scores 

 Strength     : 10 (+0)     10 point buy + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Dexterity    : 10 (+0)     10 point buy + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Constitution : 10 (+0)     10 point buy + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Intelligence : 10 (+0)     10 point buy + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Wisdom       : 10 (+0)     10 point buy + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Charisma     : 10 (+0)     10 point buy + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc

 Carry Capacity   : XXX lbs.    Str x 15
 Lift, Drag, Push : XXX lbs.    Str x 30


 Personality Traits :
 Ideals :
 Bonds  :
 Flaws  :

  Combat Statistics 

 Hit Points    : XX         Current HP : XX
 Proficiency   : +X         Temp HP    : 0
 Initiative    : +X         Total HD   : XdX

 Death Saves
 Successes : [-],[-],[-]
 Failures  : [-],[-],[-]

 Base Melee    : +0     0 Prof + 0 Str + 0 misc
 Base Ranged   : +0     0 Prof + 0 Dex + 0 misc
 Base Spell    : +0     0 Prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc

 Armor Class   : 10     XX armor + 0 shield + 0 Dex + 0 misc
 *Disadvantage on Stealth rolls


 Passive Perception     : 10    10 + 0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc
 Passive Investigation  : 10    10 + 0 prof + 0 Int + 0 misc
 Passive Insight        : 10    10 + 0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc

Other SENSES: Dark vision, keen senses

  Saving Throws 

 Strength     : +0    0 prof + 0 Str + 0 misc
 Dexterity    : +0    0 prof + 0 Dex + 0 misc
 Constitution : +0    0 prof + 0 Con + 0 misc
 Intelligence : +0    0 prof + 0 Int + 0 misc
 Wisdom       : +0    0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc
 Charisma     : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc

  Class Abilities and Features 

 Armor   :
 Weapons :
 Tools   :

 Saving Throws :
 Skill Prof.   :

  Skills and Languages 

 [C] Means a character gained Proficiency from Class
 [B] Background [R] Race [T] Trained

 [ ] Acrobatics         : +0    0 prof + 0 Dex + 0 misc
 [ ] Animal Handling    : +0    0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc
 [ ] Arcana             : +0    0 prof + 0 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Athletics          : +0    0 prof + 0 Str + 0 misc
 [ ] Deception          : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [ ] History            : +0    0 prof + 0 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Insight            : +0    0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc
 [ ] Intimidation       : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [ ] Investigation      : +0    0 prof + 0 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Medicine           : +0    0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc
 [ ] Nature             : +0    0 prof + 0 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Perception         : +0    0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc
 [ ] Performance        : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [ ] Persuasion         : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [ ] Religion           : +0    0 prof + 0 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Sleight of Hand ^  : +0    0 prof + 0 Dex + 0 misc
 [ ] Stealth            : +0    0 prof + 0 Dex + 0 misc (Disadv with armor)
 [ ] Survival           : +0    0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc

 Languages : Common,


Resilient [Con]

  Race & Class Features 

Keen senses - Prof on perception checks
Fey ancestry - Prof on saving throws against charms, immune to magically sleep.
Trance - enters a semiconcious meditative state rather than sleeping. Four hours has same effect as 8 hours for humans.
Elven weapon training - Prof with shorts word, longsword, shortbow and longbow.
Extra can't rip from wizard list.
One extra language

  Money and Equipment 

 Armor     :

 Weapon    :
 Weapon    :

 Other Equipment :

 Uncommon Magic Item:
 Uncommon Magic Item:
 Rare Magic Item:

 Money :


 12 Spell Slots     +8 Spell Attack Modifier     16 Spell Save DC

    Known: Toll the dead, Chill Touch, mage hand, firebolt.
 Level 1

 Level 2

 Level 3

* Means prepared

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  Basic Information 

 Character Name  :Gald                      Height :
 Character Race  :High Elf                  Weight :
 Background      :Criminal                  Age    :
 Alignment       :CE                        Eyes   :
 Deity           :                          Hair   :
 Total Level     :8                         Size   :medium
 Current XP      :                          Speed  :30 ft

  Character Class Information 

 Level  1 Class :
 Level  2 Class :
 Level  3 Class :
 Level  4 Class :
 Level  5 Class :

 Background :
- Hired Killer
- Criminal contact

  Ability Scores 

 Strength     : 8  (-1)     08 + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Dexterity    : 15 (+2)     13 + 2 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Constitution : 15 (+2)     14 + 0 racial + 0 level + 1 misc
 Intelligence : 20 (+5)     15 + 1 racial + 4 level + 0 misc
 Wisdom       : 12 (+1)     12 + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Charisma     : 10 (+0)     10 + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc

 Carry Capacity   : 120 lbs.    Str x 15
 Lift, Drag, Push : 240 lbs.    Str x 30


 Personality Traits : I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
 Ideals : Death is the only true foe, and i mean to become its master.
 Bonds  : My master has many secrets i would learn, he must be brought back from the grave.
 Flaws  : I rarely stand up for myself or argue back with others.

  Combat Statistics 

 Hit Points    : 50         Current HP : 50
 Proficiency   : +3         Temp HP    : 0
 Initiative    : +2         Total HD   : 7d4

 Death Saves
 Successes : [-],[-],[-]
 Failures  : [-],[-],[-]

 Base Melee    : +2     3 Prof + -1 Str + 0 misc
 Base Ranged   : +5     3 Prof + 2 Dex + 0 misc
 Base Spell    : +3     3 Prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc

 Armor Class   : 12     XX armor + 0 shield + 2 Dex + 0 misc
 *Disadvantage on Stealth rolls


 Passive Perception     : 14    10 + 3 prof + 1 Wis + 0 misc
 Passive Investigation  : 15    10 + 0 prof + 5 Int + 0 misc
 Passive Insight        : 13    10 + 0 prof + 0 Wis + 0 misc

 Other Senses: Darkvision

  Saving Throws 

 Strength     : +2    3 prof +-1 Str + 0 misc
 Dexterity    : +5    3 prof + 2 Dex + 0 misc
 Constitution : +5    3 prof + 2 Con + 0 misc
 Intelligence : +8    3 prof + 8 Int + 0 misc
 Wisdom       : +4    3 prof + 1 Wis + 0 misc
 Charisma     : +3    3 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc

  Class Abilities and Features 

 Armor   :None
 Weapons :Daggers, darts, light crossbow, slings, quarterstaff.
 Tools   :Thieves tools, Dice

 Saving Throws :Intelligience, Wisdom
 Skill Prof.   :Arcana, history

  Skills and Languages 

 [C] Means a character gained Proficiency from Class
 [B] Background [R] Race [T] Trained

 [ ] Acrobatics         : +2    0 prof + 2 Dex + 0 misc
 [ ] Animal Handling    : +1    0 prof + 1 Wis + 0 misc
 [C] Arcana             : +8    3 prof + 5 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Athletics          : -1    0 prof +-1 Str + 0 misc
 [B] Deception          : +3    3 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [C] History            : +8    3 prof + 5 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Insight            : +1    0 prof + 1 Wis + 0 misc
 [ ] Intimidation       : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [ ] Investigation      : +5    0 prof + 5 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Medicine           : +1    0 prof + 1 Wis + 0 misc
 [ ] Nature             : +5    0 prof + 5 Int + 0 misc
 [R] Perception         : +4    3 prof + 1 Wis + 0 misc
 [ ] Performance        : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [ ] Persuasion         : +0    0 prof + 0 Cha + 0 misc
 [ ] Religion           : +5    0 prof + 5 Int + 0 misc
 [ ] Sleight of Hand    : +2    0 prof + 2 Dex + 0 misc
 [B] Stealth            : +5    3 prof + 2 Dex + 0 misc (Disadv with armor)
 [ ] Survival           : +1    0 prof + 1 Wis + 0 misc

 Languages : Common, Elvin, Abyssal


- Resilience [CON]

  Race & Class Features 

Darkvision: can see in dim light up to 60ft as though it were bright light and in darkness as though dim light. In darkness colours cannot be made out in darkness.
Elf weapon training: Prof with short swords, long swords, shortbows, longbows.
Keen senses: prof with perception
Trance: Enter a semiconscious trance rather than sleeping. 4 hours grants same effects as 8 hour rest for humans.
Fey Ancestry: Advantage on saving throws to resist charm and immune to magically induced sleep.

High elf
Ability increase: +1 Int
Cantrip: Choose 1 extra cantrip form the wizard list
Extra language: you speak, read and write 1 extra language of your choice. [Abyssal].

  Money and Equipment 

 Armor     :

 Weapon    :
 Weapon    :

 Other Equipment :

 Uncommon Magic Item:
 Uncommon Magic Item:
 Rare Magic Item:

 Money :


 12 Spell Slots     +8 Spell Attack Modifier     16 Spell Save DC

Toll the dead
Mold Earth
Chill Touch
Ray of frost
Minor Illusion

 Level 1
Ray of sickness
Cause fear
Find familiar
Mage armour
Unseen servant
False life

 Level 2
Ray of enfeeblement
Hold person
Crown of madness

 Level 3
Life transference
Remove curse
Hypnotic pattern
Summon lesser demons
Animate dead [Arcane tradition]

Level 4
Mordenkainen's faithful hound
Summon greater demon
* Means prepared

Taught necromancy by an old man in his village and eventually killed by fellow villagers after animosity towards elfs caused them to lash out against him. seemingly resurrected by his mentor only to find the old man greatly ages and having died shortly before Gald awoke from death. Hi mentor revealed a title and asks that Gald learnt he necromancer arts to resurrect him and alludes that they can become immortal.

Gald set off and studied the dark arts of necromancy. Since his resurrection he has become crueler and takes no small pleasure in his powers. He spent years working for criminal guilds performing odd jobs and making the occasional person disappear. It was easy to dispose of a corpse when it walked away willingly.

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140 gp

scroll of pass without trace

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What is Rule #6?
Answer:6. One of the Most Important Rules ever - the Wheaton Rule. Simply put, Don't Be a Dick.

What is the password?
Answer:Saving people, hunting things, the family business.

The Basics


The Physical

Weight:152 lbs
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Gray
Distinguishing Feature: Habitually wears a set of rings on each finger and thumb. The rings are each made of a different material; gold, jade, silver, Ruby, bronze, sapphire, electrum, Ruby, iron, obsidian and opal. Each has carvings of aramaic words around the circumference though this can only be seen very close up. Anything that can sense magic would feel each rings presence keenly when nearby. Covering his chest and back are large convoluted magic circles written in a strange unrecognisable language seared into his flesh. The circles lightly radiate magic in tiny amounts but flare up when Jed uses his abilities. Angels or demons with sufficient knowledge would immediately recognize the language of heaven, the same displayed in Cains mark.

Physical Description: Roughly average in height and weight, Jed has tanned skin and dark hair

Under The Hood





Mundane Skills:



Society Info

Length Of Time In Chicago:



1. Rumor has it that a new family is moving in on Lassiter (shapeshifter) turf. What do you do? (Please highlight your answer in one of the various colors)
A. Avoid the situation altogether.
B. Attempt to help the invading family.
C. Attempt to help the Lassiter's defend their territory.
D. Let the families fight. Go in after and kill what's left.
E. Who the hell are the Lassiters?
F. (make your own answer)

2. You've just witnessed a man with a silver knife (a hunter, for all intents and purposes) attack one of the Duvals. What do you do?

3. What brought you to Chicago, and how have you fared since moving to the city?

4. What is your greatest fear?

The Juicy Bits


Writing Sample:

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                              ++ VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE ++

Name:Jack Calligari                            Concept: Mafia connected business owner.
Predator:Scene Queen
Chronicle: Elysium
Ambition:To become a baron                         Clan:Ventrue
Sire:Elizabeth Lake                            Desire:To liberate the strip                             Generation:12th


     Physical                     Social                       Mental

  Strength 0OOOO                Charisma 000O             Intelligence 00OOO
 Dexterity 00OOO            Manipulation 0000O0O                 Wits     000OO
  Stamina  00OOO               Composure 000OO                Resolve   00OO0

               Health                                   Willpower
             00000 OOOOO                               00000 OOOOO


Athletics............... OOOOO  Animal Ken ................ OOOOO  Academics...[Modern History] OOOOO
Brawl .................. 0OOOO  Etiquette  ................00OO0  Awareness ............... OOOOO
Craft [weapon smithing] OOOOO  Insight  .................. 000OO  Finance ................. 000O0
Drive .................. 0OOOO  Intimidation  .............00OOO  Investigation ........... OOOOO
Firearms ............... 0OOOO  Leadership  ............... 00OOO  Medicine ................ OOOOO
Melee .................. OOOOO  Performance  .[Dance] .. OOOOO  Occult .................. OOOOO
Larceny ................ OOOOO  Persuasion  ............... 000OO  Politics ................ 00OOO
Stealth ................ OOOOO  Streetwise [Black Market]
[Personal Rep]. 0000OO  Science ....[Demolitions] .... OOOOO
Survival ............... OOOOO  Subterfuge  ............... 000OO  Technology .............. 00OOO


[6 blank lines suppressed]

Dominate........................ 000OO   Fortitude....................... 0OOOO   Presence........................ OOOOO

Resonance ........................       Hunger OOOOO                     Humanity 00000 00OOO

    Chronicle Tenets              Touchstones & Convictions                       Clan Bane

.                                         Always keep your sworn word            Blood preference (Gamblers)
.                                         Never harm or kill children
.                                         Juliana Parisi - Great grand niece
.                                         Alex Bonsignore - Business partner

       Advantages & Flaws                                    Blood Potency OOOO OOOOO

Fame 0OOOO                                                     Blood Surge                  Mend Amount
Contact 0OOOO
Disliked 0OOOO
Status [Shunned by the Carmarilla] OOOOO                  Power Bonus                  Rouse Re-Roll
Resources................ OOOOO
Haven.[Luxury, Watchmen, Location, Security System] OOOOOOO
Influence.................. OOOOO                  Feeding Penalty              Bane Severity
 ........................ OOOOO
 ........................ OOOOO
 ........................ OOOOO
 ........................ OOOOO

   Notes                                          Total Experience .................15

                                                  Spent Experience .................15

                                                  True Age: 105
                                                  Apparent Age: 26
                                                  Date of Birth: 1914

                                                  Distinguishing Features


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