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From Winchester Estate// Time Jump to 6 PM

Wolfric checked his phone and tapped out several replies fast enough to make his fingers blur. his financial businesses both legitimate and illegal were in safe hands with his assistant Lilly yet he still liked to be kept informed when possible. His journey back to Winchester had been relatively uneventful except one particular night when he found himself in a staring contest against werewolf Alpha, but such events kept his unlife enjoyable. It had been good to see his family again and he decided to have a night of leisure before the inevitable meeting with the hunters that now patrolled the streets. he felt no particular animosity towards the hunters, Ryland's brief reign had been deserving of swift punishment but Wolfric was bitter that they had gained an excuse to impose their authority.

Wolfric frowneda little before pushing business from his mind and changing into his attire for the night out at the festival. he had decided on a pair of worn jeans and slightly scruffy looking trainers accompanied by a cheap blue shirt underneath a dark red imitation leather jacket. Wolfric purposefully ruffled his hair and sighed at his reflection, it had always been difficult for him to make himself look untidy. Wolfric preferred a much more formal approach to fashion yet there was no denying that his usual attire would make him stand out more than usual at the festival. Even with such tasteless fashion finding a suitable meal would not be hard yet that was not the main purpose for his visit. Wolfric took a deep breath that he did not require before heading out of the mansion and as his feet struck the gravel of the drive he was Richard Fairville once more. Richard stretched his body whilst watching the the transitional colours fade from dusk to night and once more set off towards the fair with nearly imperceptible speed. He slowed down as he approached the fair until he was strolling through the grounds with a vague smile on his face occasionally winking at any girls that caught his eye. It never hurt too look at the menu even if he wasnt

As he walked through the bustling crowds he opened up his senses and filtered the sights,sounds and smells to a bearable level whilst he bathed in the sensation of life. He often reflected on how fleeting mortal lives were.

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i have not accessed the account for at least 6 months and i was required to update and change my password. i cannot remember the password i had chosen as several of my original attempts were deemed unsuitable and so i had to choose something unusual compared to my regular passwords. regrettably i cannot remember my original purchases or the use of my refund tokens as i have had the account for a few years and during that time i had bought several bundles as well as a majority of the champions and a fair number of skins.
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The short trip back to the barracks was enjoyable and Daisanji was tempted to wander for a little while longer before heading to his office. he scrathed the back of his head with a great yawn before heading into the maze like corridors that led to his office with a small sigh. His ever present smile brightened as he walked the corridors, watching the hidden guards. Many of them had grown accustomed to his ability to seemingly dissapear and he had discovered that they had been training diligently to be able to seek him out. Daisanji was proud but the news had been ruined somewhat when he discovered that there was a prize pot for whoever could spot him the most times each month. He was sorely tempted to ensure that they would never notice him yet that would require a lot of effort and he didn't see the harm in a little healthy competition. He shuddered a little as he imagined what Natsuko would have done had she discovered such a competition when she was his squad leader. He had a deep amount of respect for the 10th Division captain and trusted her more than most but he was honest enough to admit that he still flinched a little if she ever raised her voice.It was hard to make Natsuko angry but Daisanji had seen the results a few times. The demon was perhaps an apt nickname though he pitied the fools who spoke it aloud in her division, he certainly wouldn't tell her his spies had helped propagate it. It was perhaps a childish move but one Daisanji considered well earned and in Daisanji's opinion a fearsome reputation made others treat you with a little more care. Unfortunately the 2nd Division captains often gained a reputation by virtue of their position,  Daisanji didn't like that it was simply assumed that he was a blood thirsty killer as some of the captains seemed to believe.

A few of the guards bowed as he walked by and he could nearly sense the annoyance of those who hadn't spotted him. Had his eyes been open he might have rolled them. he popped his head into one of the rooms reserved for interogation, he slipped through the kekkai barrier and was greeted to the sound of whimpering and weak begging sounds. He turned to the interrogator Yodogawa. "Have any new leads been revealed? The Sou-taicho will want a definitive answer soon. You know the drill, if there are rumors of one traitor then there are probably ten actually out there." "This ones looks like a dead end sir. We were able to confirm some rumors surrounding a corrupt group of nobles dealing in illegal goods but nothing about a traitor in the Gotei 13." Daisanji stood in thought for a moment before glancing at the whimpering wreck on the questioners table. "Dispose of him discreetly. He died from a hollow ambush in the outer Rukongai whilst selling illegal goods. wait for the next hollow attack and deposit the body nearby." The begging became louder as the man on the table began to wail and scream for mercy, Daisanji phased through the barrier and in two steps returned to the peaceful corridors. Another dead end and another thread of corruption cut from Seireitei.

As he strode into his office he found Usagi and her squad kneeling on the Zabutons to the side of his desk. He moved passed them and sat down before idly waving for them to stand. Usagi was an old hand in the 2nd Division and had been a member of Daisanji's team when he was still a squad leader, despite her age she still maintained a youthful appearance with a face that would have been beautiful if it was not always a cold mask of seriousness. "We will be heading over to the 10th Division barracks shortly to collect your gigai and identifications. Your next operation will be an extended stay in the human world until further notice. You are to monitor two awakened humans and a Quincy. Usagi, you, Nousagi and Eichi will pose as high school students. Satoru will be a local road sweeper and Anno a vagrant. I want eyes on them whenever they are outside of home or school but remain discreet and make no contact unless directly approached. This is a recon mission until further notice. You are not to engage hollows or assist the targets, if they are killed by hollows then it will be one less job for us. if i give the order i want a simultaneous attack, take no chances with these ones."
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Wolfric kept his facial expressions fairly neutral except for a small twist at the mouth that threatened to break out into a wicked grin. He was surprised by Johannes welcome and admission of his abilities, the latter made mentally flinch. Of course he knew his past actions would not remain a secret but he hoped this knowledge would not spread too far. Despite the generous offers Wolfric understood that he walked along a razors edge, he had not expected to be asked to perform the duties usually taken by a Hound or Sheriff but he knew that Johannes did not accept refusal lightly. More importantly Johannes was offering Wolfric an opportunity to establish himself with relative ease. It was likely that his new Prince knew that Wolfric could not resist the chance to gain money and influence and was playing his weaknesses against him. A dangerous position indeed. Wolfric rose in a fluid movement offering a smaller bow with a flourish of the hand. "I apologize for the delays my Prince, I had some un-finished business to attend to before I could fully devote myself to your service." It was no secret that a few neonates had tried to clumsily wrest a degree of financial control from Wolfric though they were foolish enough to use the exact method he had the first time he had dragged his teacher down and assumed his position. A thought made him feel annoyed, was he ever that incompetent? If his instructor had been more aware of mortal culture then Wolfric would likely have ended up penniless and shamed like those fools who challenged him.

Wolfric raised himself form the bow and stood with a graceful poise, meeting Johanne's eyes unflinchingly, he was of course aware of some of Johannes abilities yet it would be improper for a member of Invictus to cower before their prince after being offered a boon. "I have indeed looked over some prospective businesses, in the long term they could be extremely profitable yet it will require a deal of work to establish the necessary contacts within the mortal elite." The inflection of the word elite made it clear that Wolfric considered the notion to be a distasteful and laughable. "Running this establishment would of course provide me with a good foothold from which to expand and could allow for development of  black market distribution, with your permission of course my Prince. I had not intended to presume a claim for ownership of this business but i will gratefully accept the role if you wish it. If His Majesty agrees, all profit shall be fed directly into the domain, minus the usual taxes and levies required to provide you and your servants with the necessary personal resources to fully perform within their roles." Wolfric left the reply hanging for a moment to gauge Johannes reaction, in human culture it may have been considered a bribe of sorts yet it was often polite not to mention beneficial to offer some form of gift to the prince and  members of his court.

Wolfric continued. "Initially I will attempt to secure a position of financial security before introducing myself publicly to the other rich business owners, perhaps with an exclusive party. The initial number would be small but with a sufficient display of wealth the others will likely come to me and believe it was of their own accord. Then it is a case of investing in the correct businesses and ensuring that the wrong ones are absorbed or crushed. If I can establish a suitable flow of black market goods then it would be a simple matter to fund a few rival human gangs and arm them. If required we can use them as an indirect threat and having constant eyes and ears roaming the streets may restrict the other supernaturals moments a little. A group of armed humans dissapearing in the forest for example would provide the perfect legal and moral opportunity to clear out any dangerous beasts that may roam there. Through the mortals we can gain disposable armed tools, and providing we keep the right one rich and happy they will continue to throw their own kind to their deaths. If you prefer i can begin investigating any property owned by the mages or wolves and prepare the necessary plans to cripple them."
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Wolfric traced the route back to Valhalla and requested some paper. he wrote quickly yet his handwriting was immaculate even as his hand began blur across the page pushing the limits of its structural integrity. When he finished he folded the three pages delicately and folded the final page to make a makeshift envelope. he handed the letters to one of the guards. "Be sure that the Prince receives this letter as soon as convenient. He removed his phone and handed it to the same guard. "Put that in the office please, I don't want any disturbances tomorrow." Wolfric Strode form the building and headed towards the location of his new haven.

Your Highness Johannes, Prince of Fallen Woods,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have met a curious Doctor and a group of her like minded friends, they appeared to be a little worse for wear and the Doctor seemed to be entirely drained. I learned by happenstance that she plans to make a trip to a place called Lake Sparrow via the top of Silver Falls to recharge. the impression was given that she will be making the trip very soon though she is immediately preoccupied with looking after her friends who to be honest seemed to have had better nights.

The doctor in question is puzzling and erratic with her temperament. i have approached her under the guise as a diplomatic of sorts in order to negotiate peace on your behalf, i humbly ask your pardon if this was too presumptuous of me but I felt that it would provide incentive for her listen to me. Furthermore it seems that she responded well to my offerings and request at peace however it is clear she cannot be trusted to follow any such terms. With your permission i will continue this charade whilst i put other plans into motion. in regards to the possible meeting tomorrow night i wanted to ask if it would be acceptable to take the retainers you have so kindly assigned to me. i cannot be sure that she will not attack me if given the opportunity and their presence may also stay her hand. Her group seems to have been involved with an explosion at the a gas station to the North of town and i thought perhaps the local authorities would be interested in the descriptions and sworn statement of what i saw  enclosed.

I have also made contact with a young acquaintance of ours who assures me he still serves faithfully, i made it clear in no uncertain terms regarding his current standing in court and he has promised to report back soon. The doctor is wary of myself as can be expected but appears to be responding well to the farmers apparently honest if simplistic mannerisms and i believe that he could possibly be instrumental in resolving this particular problem if he is indeed loyal.

Your Humble servant,

Wolfric Wroth       

Inside the envelope was another letter giving fairly good if not perfect descriptions of the group as well as a brief description of some of the throwing makeshift firebombs at at a group of passerby's. To Johannes it will be obvious that Wolfric saw no such thing yet such claims would likely have to be investigated by the proper authorities nonetheless and would possibly even reach the Mayors desk.

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Wolfric retraced his steps back toward the club. His new club. the nights events were still catching up with him and walked in a slight daze with his footsteps and cane tapping out a smooth rhythm on the pavement as he cheerfully hummed a merry tune. OOC: Song being hummed:[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Tpa-Evi00 ] His reverie was disturbed some what as a car slowly crept along the road and he tensed slightly preparing to move in case he suddenly came under attack, he knew it was unlikely that he would be in danger from the anyone after only a few short hours but he didn't want to take any chances.
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Wolfric simply stared at the beautiful vampire before him. Bargaining could be compared to may things; a tug of war or a battle of wills. Wolfric viewed this particular discussion as a form of dance, the one in the stronger position leads. Occasionally however the music changes and sometimes with it the leader. Wolfric was reviewing the moves in his head and much to his ire he knew for certain that Malvolia was in complete control of the dance. For now.

He allowed the pause to continue, speaking only as she turned away to leave. His voice was reluctant but otherwise conveyed no other hint as to his thoughts. "I agree to your terms except on one point. I cannot allow you to set the price on a whim, instead we shall reopen negotiations as we have done tonight. I am not fool enough to commit myself to an unknown price for information that you decide is useful to me. Send me the account you want the money deposited into and i will draft up the contract and send you a copy, if you are satisfied with the contents I shall present a signed copy to our prince so that he is correctly informed of this deal involving his property." The emphasis on the last two words could be interpreted in several ways, plainly speaking he actual owned the club itself however it could also infer the Princes ownership over themselves.

Wolfric put pen to paper and swiftly drew up the required contract with the agreed terms including the clause regarding the cessation and renegotiation of the contract by notice either written or personal. The clause was extended to both parties equally. The contract also stated that Malvolia would be required to provide any and all such information requested, except when either party chose to renegotiate the contract. Once the draft was complete he handed the letter to one of the clubs attendants with directions to have it taken to Malvolia.

He felt a little stiff as he walked the corridors, it had been over a day since he had enjoyed a decent meal, Wolfric preferred to restrict himself to the bottled variety of life when travelling. It was much simpler than dragging along a mortal wherever he travels. many associates he knew chose to be accompanied by faithful ghouls but Wolfric found it more advantageous to choose someone known to the local mortals someone he could use and turn them. such things required permission however and he would have to spend time choosing from a small pool of candidates. In time he would likely have another servant to feed from, to use and dispose of as he saw fit but that was unimportant at the moment to Wolfric. now he merely wanted to feed.

He strode down a hallway and stopped to ask directions, the clubs layout was not yet known in its entirety to him. Most Invictus courts had a supply of fresh blood to feed upon and Wolfric was certain there would be someone to feed from. He was directed to a rather gloomy and old fashioned room with several mortals and one or two other kindred attendants that were also feeding. Wolfric stepped towards one of the unattended mortals and glanced at the guard standing at the door, having made no move to stop him Wolfric strode forward and gently stroked his victims arm and with gentle pressure on the bicep forced the veins to rise to the surface. Arterial blood was richer and more flavorsome in Wolfric's opinion but the wounds took longer to heal and it was harder to control the amount being taken. His lips pierced flesh easily and his tongue lapped up the flowing blood with a practiced efficiency. he closed his eyes and measured the amount in heartbeats and swallows. A tingling sensation ran through his body, across his skin and he felt renewed. He held his tongue against the tiny wounds a moment to savor the taste. It was a surprisingly good vintage and he looked at the man beneath him and remembered his face.

He left the feeding room with spring in his step, the rhythm tapped out by his cane.

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00:39, Today: Wolfric Wroth rolled 1 success using 2d10 with the World of Darkness nWoD system with a target of 8, rerolling 10s with rolls of 9,6.  feeding in club valhalla [situational die that can be discounted if deemed inappropriate by gm].

00:38, Today: Wolfric Wroth rolled 3 successes using 10d10 with the World of Darkness nWoD system with a target of 8, rerolling 10s with rolls of 1,5,5,7,6,10(+2),2,7,8,9.  Feeding in club vahalla. ([wits + survival=4] + [Herd 6= 10]) [+2 for situational modifier?]
So either 3 or 4 with situational :D

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Wolfric bowed his head as Johannes greeted him and allowed a slight pause before lifting his head. As he listened he felt a sick feeling of preminition that was confirmed when he glanced at the paperwork. His hand flinched involuntarily and crumpled the corner a little as his eyes flashed with anger before he regained control and made a very forced smile appear on his face. His voice sounded disappointed. The glance at the paper was short and he was soon facing the prince again. <rose>"If she had indeed discovered the issues within the ledgers and made these  adjustments herself then i would  be in the unfortunate positikn of informing you that you do not require my services after all. As it happens these are the very same changes i proposed to Lilith last night after browsing the accounts. I had hoped that it would be a little less abrasive to the rest of your court  coming from one already well established though it seems that she has ommitted mention that the adjustments were of my creation. An honest mistake i am sure, it was a rather confusing night after all, its evident from the fact she has forgotten to pass on the information about the dummy accounts i have kept in order to move funds into and out of the club without being taxed.
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Your confirmation number is 11405634
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Nathaniel loomed over the wreck of a man and observed his work. The first knuckle bone on each finger of his left hand pointed upwards at an impossible angle, all except the smallest finger which had been neatly cut off and placed on his surgeons table. Unlike most first mates Nathaniel had decorated his meager quarters efficiently and it resembled a miniature surgery quarters. He draped a thick canvas over the table when not in use
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He laughed cruelly when she mentioned the swordfish. <coral>"Im sure he will enjoy that one. I have promised to shove a live fish up his ass every morning until i run out of fish or get bored  then im going to chop of his cock and feed it to him. I was quite annoyed at his comments but it should make for an interesting experiment, i think i will leave them inside until they suffocate then feed them to him raw.  Perhaps i will save the swordfish for last eh.
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He laughed cruelly when she mentioned the swordfish. "Im sure he will enjoy that one. I have promised to shove a live fish up his ass every morning until i run out of fish or get bored  then im going to chop of his cock and feed it to him. I was quite annoyed at his comments but it should make for an interesting experiment, i think i will leave them inside until they suffocate then feed them to him raw. Seems like an appropriate punishment and i'l leave it to the new crew to administer it."

Nathaniel gave her a quizzical look before retorting dryly. "I must compliment you on the eloquent recovery Captain..." He wasn't so calm and cool inside his head. Her smirk and the dangerous glint in her eyes made Nathaniel cautious
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Nathaniels now moist hand whipped up to grasp her cheeks in a firm grip and pulled her head around to face him in a slow and steady yet unresistable motion. The pain and fear on her face was delicious to him, all the emotion she usually tried to hide when he took out his pleasures on her flesh. She knew deep down that even then he was being kind and holding back. She had seen enough of his victims to know the scope of his addictions but could never truly understand their depth. She would never have asked him tonvent all of his fustration on her if she did. He looked into the eyes of a younger Scarlett once more but this time he neither shied away  or relented. <coral>"Whats wrong? Didnt you want to know what it was like to be that siren bitch to me? For me to treat you like i would her? A piece of living flesh to be carved .
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Wolfric had indeed spent the greater manority of the night in state of stoic silence. He had a curious fascination with the social etiquette of his fellow students. Barely any of them even pretended that they would repay Pandora. It was all so alien and strange to Wolfric, especially the reckless abandon that seemed to overcome them when they realized that the bill was being covered for them. He vaguely wondered if they would spend so recklessly  had they not known she was ridiculously wealthy. It seemed amusing that some of them still judged people like him and Pandora by their upbringing whilst debasing themselves in amusements provided by the thing they dissaprove off.

Shortly after the drunken girl had emptied her  bowels onto the floor he found himself stepping away from a steadily encroaching pool of vomitus. As he did so he felt a gentle vibration in his left pocket and a look of curiosity followed by ansudden realisation flashed over his face. Very few people had that number and even fewer would actually call it. He flashed Pandora a smile and patted her hand gently before heading towards the nightmarish cesspit that the people around him called a bathroom. As he wove into the small crowd he seemed to grow hazy before dissapearing into the crowd completely. He ignored the terrible droning and screeching from the microphone held by Travis and satisfied that he would nit be seen or heard, read the message.  He read the message twice, three times. A feral grin split his face before  eing replaced with a look of focused determination. He sent a short reply and headed into a quiet corner as he began to simply watch the other students. He always managed to keep one eye on Pandora and was curious when she appeared a little distressed and then broke her phone. Wolfric wasnt particularly surprise when the  ew one was delivered, it was standard protocol for VIP members of the Black Claw. Just one of many small perks. He wondered if they would arrive so quickly with a replacement for him. Probabaly not.

It took longer than expected for the vultures to gather around Pandora and Wolfric watched with amusement as they each seemed to line up and take their turn. He couldnt hear what they were saying but he didnt particularly care either, their courting rituals were very different and fascinating. Travis seemed content with recieving her number as he escorted another beautiful woman away, this caused a tiny amount of admiration or perhaps respect to flicker within Wolfric for a moment. It lasted exactly long enough for him to realize that the woman was Grace. He found it a pity that one so beautiful would be wasted on Travis but the  Wolfric was not overly keen to court a corpse. Imagine the scandal! Pandora could feed on it the rest of her life and still not have exhausted the shame it would bring him amonst their peers
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Name: Ptomalac Tolbek

Race: Shabti if allowed, if not either a dhampir or a human.

Class:Cleric (Undead Lord) Investigator (Dread investigator)

Age: As a shabti he would have an unknown age but probs in the material plane for around 40 years. Human would be late 20's or early 30's.

Concept: An Urban, Lawful Evil Necromancer. Probably some horrific past event that made him turn to necromancy but that would be discussed as you said.

Sample Writing:

Tolbek paced the room incessantly, allowing his footsteps to echo softly in the small stone room he had secluded himself into. Tolbek had spent years progressing his art and despite his many setbacks was confident that this time he would succeed, with each new subject bringing nothing but failure he had become a little disheartened. He had no shortage of volunteers, willing or otherwise. he preferred to work with the dead, they didn't need to be fed, kept warm and they were much quieter and peaceful. He viewed each subject as a canvas for his art, in each failure a lesson learned and in each success a leap towards his goal. Every canvas provided challenges and allowed for different approaches and techniques, not all of his canvases survived or even displayed signs of physical harm but they retained and evidence of Tolbek's handiwork nonetheless. Tolbek navigated his impromptu laboratory comfortably in the low light, knowing where everything was placed in the small and comforting room. He glanced over at the fresh corpse on the large fallen stone he used as a medical slab, he hadn't killed her himself. A life of bad choices and drug addiction had done the work for him, she might have been considered beautiful had she not ruined her body with unknown and suspect magical substances designed to induce feelings of pleasure or relief.

"You are fortunate to be here, of course you don't know that. Very few get a chance at a second life, of course i haven't been massively successful but i have a good feeling about this time."

Tolbek wasn't mad, well he didn't think he was, he just found it a rather lonely experience cooped up in his lab for days on end. not all of his canvas' had a the ability or faculty to talk so most of the time he spoke to the dead. They were such good listeners. he injected his latest concoction of various chemicals