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Noir Stories
Character Biography

Liam Bardy

Age: 32
Occupation: Professional Publicist/ Media Representative
Nickname: The Dragon
Family: Paul Bardy [Younger Brother]
        Lizzie Kate-Bardy [Wife]
Known Associates: Joseph O'Blique, Barristan Cripp, Marian Spinner
Liam Bardy is an accomplished publicist and media spin doctor with a fearsome reputation, a temper and a fondness for illegally imported rum. He rarely has much time for small talk and is often direct and to the point, not one to bandy with words, he is often blunt and unflattering with his opinions. Many people mistake his blunt accusations and red face as a sign of near constant rage and has so earned the nickname 'The dragon due to his apparent temper'. In truth Liams flushed face is unusually the result of illegal rum that he drinks frequently so that he is always a hairsbreadth away from becoming inebriated. despite his fondness for rum, Mr Bardy is efficient at his work and has enough confidence and political and financial backing to make him a major player in the world of media. He has never failed to make even the most incompetent artists popular and more importantly, fabulously wealthy. He makes the hopeless palatable and the talented immortal.

Liam began climbing the greasy ladder of power within a small journalists firm formed from a young group of college graduates that contained a healthy mix of idealism, cynicism and a desire to make themselves heard throughout the country. It was at this gathering of young minds that he became acquainted with a idealistic yet unimpressive writer named Joseph O'Blique. Liam barely spoke to Joseph and openly mocked his lack of writing talent. the few occasions they were forced to work together were strained and generally awkward affairs leaving each participant reluctant to pair off again. After a few years Joseph gave up on writing and instead turned his attention towards editing. Oddly enough Liam and Joseph soon became fast friends shortly after Josephs change of position. They have remained close friends since.

The writing group became established as Cupid Stunts & Co, named after two of the richer members; Maximilian Cupid and Renais Stunts, that helped source the money to create the company. The articles were mostly reviews of musical events or picture shows that had recently become more prominent in society and Cupid Stunts & Co gathered a modest fan base and began to steadily make profit. Liam's role was instrumental in the companies rise to success as he developed a large variety of contacts within the media and helped advertise the journal on a national level. As a side project he began dabbling with using his connections to make aspiring stars in the artistic practices more famous, for a modest fee of course. His ability to spin stories and promote his clients was surprisingly brilliant and he soon left Cupid Stunts & Co to pursue focus on gathering a stable base of clients to nurture and harvest the rewards from when they succeeded.

The years have been kind to Liam and he has amassed a sizable fortune that he guards carefully, he has several Ex Wives and a number of children dotted around the country but is otherwise enjoying the prime of his life and all of the benefits that come with wealth and influence.

Marian Spinner

Occupation:Wealthy Heiress and Professional Writer [under the pen name Richard Lovitt]
Nickname: [N/A]
Family: Barristan Cripp [Former Fiancee]
        Olivia Spinner [Mother]
        Frank Spinner [Father]
        Arthur Spinner [Younger Brother]
        Louisa Cripp [Cousin]

Known Associates: Barristan Cripp, Liam Bardy, Joseph O'Blique, Maximilian Cupid, Lizzie Kate-Bardy
Marian Spinner is one of the rarely progressive women that refuse to be tied down by social conventions and is unapologetic about making her opinions heard. Her parents both come from old money with both sides of the family able to trace their roots back to the early English colonization. Being an only child Marian was spoiled her entire life and was also provided with a very high standard of education provided by private tutors. Her father, Frank insisted that she also learn subjects usually only taught to boys. The tutors thought to humour her father yet were disturbed when she seemed have an aptitude that they considered was unnatural and unhealthy for a young lady of the house.

At the age of 16 she became promised to Barristan Cripp though the decision was agreed between each respective parties parents. Marian and Barristan are fond of each other though their relationship is closer to friendship than that of a romantic relationship. They were formally engaged and were romantically attached though it was occasionally rocky, Barristan was more interested in Marian's cousin and Marian herself was terrified as a life of submissive servitude and fake smiles. The engagement was broken off when Marian was 22 and Barristan married her cousin the within the year though the pair remain close friends.

After the separation from Barristan, Marian began writing a series of short novels and poems but could find no one who would take her work seriously and was often dismissed as a silly girl trying to pass off someone else's work. She submitted some of her work to several small publishers that were known for releasing controversial and interesting works. Cupid Stunts & Co were one of these publishers and it was through this submission that Marian became acquainted with Joseph and Maximilian. They published one of her stories under the name Richard Lovitt. A meeting was set up in their new office and they were surprised to discover that Marian was a woman. At first the two  men were at a loss for words and took some convincing that she was indeed the author.

Eventually it was agreed that she should continue to use her pen name as a compromise, convincing her that she would only get so far if the readers knew she was a woman. With the contract signed Marian began releasing a series of short stories focused more on heroines outsmarting criminals or using wily charms to throw them off. Each story held thinly veiled messages regarding the inequality between the sexes. most male readers believed it to be a funny gag targeting women and the stories sold well and helped Cupids Stunts & Co became more well known. Joseph put Marian in touch with his old friend Liam and Richard Lovitt became a household name.

Joseph O'Blique

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief
Family: Sara O'Blique [Elder Sister]
        Joseph O'Blique Sr. [Father]
        Anne O'Blique [Mother]
Known Associates: Marian Spinner, Liam Bardy, Maximilian Cupid, Lizzie Kate-Bardy
Joesph is the Editor-in-Chief for Rickard and Mortimer Publishing Co. the company specializes in publishing short stories, poems and alternate genres that may be considered inappropriate for mainstream audiences. Joseph always dreamed of being a successful writer and was dismayed to discover that no matter how hard he tried he would never achieve fame or recognition for his writing. He simply was not good enough.

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Noir Stories
The Blank Page

Without passion there is no art, only technique.- Mary Robinette Kowal

Chapter 1

It was a dull and uneventful evening. Mother was throwing another pointless party for the tittering socialite horde that was considered to be Chicago's high society. Daddy was doing his best to sneak away but was always inevitably dragged back by mother. Meanwhile I sat down at my typewriter and passed the time by staring at the empty pages, wishing words would magically spring up of their own accord. I was thirsting for a new poem or play, anything to free me from the drudgery and boredom I felt when I had to be Miss Spinner, heiress and prize to be claimed according to the line of idiots who thought they could tame me like some pedigree bitch. Unfortunately i had hit a rough patch for four or five months and my creative well had run dry and the hounds were hot on my heels. The phone rings. I curse under my breath before answering in my best good little daughter voice.

"Spinner residence. Could you state your name and business please?"
"This is Mr O'Blique from R & M Publishing Co."
I cover the reciever with my hand and utter a curse unfitting for a young lady.
"Would i perchance be speaking to Mr lovitt?"
"You know I hate it when you insist on calling me by that name Joseph. Must you keep up this foolish charade even when you are calling me at home? it has caused all sorts of confusion and i am sure that some of the maids believe that I am having an illicit tryst with this mysterious Mr Lovitt."
I hear a soft chuckle on the other end of the line then a pause before he shouts at someone in the room.
"I don't give two fucks whether its your job! Fix it or you can join those poor bastards on the breadlines tomorrow!"
I hear a deal of rustling over the line before his voice becomes clear again.
"Sorry about that Marian, these new junior editors are hell bent on tearing this company to the ground. While we are on the topic of the company's success..."
"Excuse me?"
I begin tapping my lacquered nails on the oaken desks finish.
"I am not having this conversation with you again Joseph, I told you that i am doing my best and i refuse to be badgered and harassed by you. I will submit something soon I promise."
His voice takes on a familiar and irritating tone. He was about to be very patronizing and I very nearly put the phone down right then.
"Well you promised much the same the last month and the month before that. And the one before that, so on and so on. Promises don't get reviewers and readers excited, do you know what does? Actual fucking words on paper that i can throw up to Liam so that he can digest ti and feed it to the idiots that want more of Richard lovitt's witty take on female heroism. Look Liam is a genius at what he does but he's not a fucking magician Marian and even he can't sell a blank page forever. I need something, anything that we can use to convince the critics that you haven't lost your touch."

I knew I was pulling a sour face and was for once thankful that this conversation was over the phone.
"Have you quite finished? Good. First off all i have spent the last four months staring at this damn typewriter and nothing is happening! before it just cam naturally but now, i don't know, maybe i don't have anymore stories left to tell."
"Boo fucking hoo. You know I have a lot of time for you Marian, your a fighter and quite frankly a brilliant writer when you choose to be but you know what the real issue is? You don't need to write to survive, you could pack it all in and still live a life of luxury with no significant changes. Whens the last time you had to work for anything? if you want to awaken your inner artist maybe try renting a single room apartment that leaks and go to sleep praying that I call you in to hand you a cheque that might just get you through the week. Why not"
His voice cut off as I slammed the receiver down on the phone and took several deep breaths to stop myself screaming in frustration. How dare he? That piece of shit failed writer. How dare he tell me how to write? That arrogant, smug prick. These thoughts and much more race through my brain and to my surprise I find my fingers moving across the keys of the typewriter and words begin to form sentences and eventually paragraphs as I slowly drift away form the world and become lost in my own creation.

I feel that something isn't quite right, i can't feel my arm and my face feels numb. For a moment i panic and open my eyes. giant letters are imprinted on my vision and a tagger backwards and suddenly im seeing a rush of colour before i feel myself hit the floor. I lay on the tipped over chair staring at the ceiling, trying to decide whether i want to laugh or cry, perhaps both. In the end I settle for laughter, tears would make my makeup run. I use the desk to pull myself upright in a way that i believe will look dignified. It doesn't. I gently rub my aching back and blink my eyes a few times as i feel a rush of blood to my face. I can feel several small circular dents on my cheek. I fell asleep at the type writer again. it happens more than you might think. Something is different though but i can't quite oh! there is writing on the page! looks like talking to that asshole wasn't a complete waste of time. The form and sentence structure is sloppy and the story has no real pacing, it seemed like a series of random scenes smashed together but it was more than i had written in the last four months combined. I gather up the pages and begin to proof read and try my best to feel the gaps, using anger as a catalyst for my creativity i continue long into the night. First i would show those smug assholes that she wasn't finished by a long shot, maybe gloat a little, then take the world of novels by storm. Who says a woman can't be the top writer in the country? I'l show them all in the end. And just like that i regain my passion for the work. I even consider thanking  Joseph and Liam for being such insufferable bastards.

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