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Adventure Summaries and Facts
GM Explanation:  Here's a synthesis of the information, since it takes so long to get it out on RPoL:


The Matrix in its native state is a creature that can infect the machines, as it did when it attacked you.  (It is highly susceptible to extreme heat and thrives in cold.)

You discovered that the Matrix is part of some sort of scientific effort to control and use it for something.  This is some sort of secret research through ByChem.  (This is not relevant to how it got out of hand back in the previous adventure; that was the Matrix in its natural state.)

You found the datastick (now held by Shinsa) with the downloaded information and, presumably, an isolated version of the Matrix.

This message was decoded from the datastick, with Shinsa attempting to decode more:

Accessing alien datapad...

Mass file corruption detected...files deleted...

#&$(##~contact Ky*#&!)#n at ByChem for anal#*$&! Venturi*#&!*!#(@~
#*$(#&!~catalyst detect&#(*$~)(@%%Jetsom infection caus#&$&#~)#(!@#
(!*&$Matrix succes&~(!@*#@control#(!!)~!@collateral damag#%*@body co#
deaths inconsequent@!%$%#$&*#~#Akizk must die#*&@(#crew eliminat##*!(@
#~!&#(#bio-chemicals needed$&##*!)!invasion imminent$#*!new race$*#!
code nam#&@Shadow&#Rakon.#&*!#$*#####!(#$~$@($*@~$@~$&%!)*$@(*!@*~

Alien messag#*($&**!(. Following decod&# and translat#@:

&*$ the stars carry this mess#&$*# of &#*$#!%
Heretics accord$#*#%# Qantariate&$#@!%#&*#@(!
Symbol of #*&$#&~)@$(##@!~(~%#%^#@%!to death@$
#&*(!@#&*will arrive in#*!%)#*(cycles*#&%#$#@


You discovered in this adventure that there is a species of extra-dimensional aliens that can pop into this dimension -- the Qantariate.  One of them seemed willing to aid you and gave you the datasphere.  Unfortunately, the vast majority seem to have aligned with the Sathar for some unknown purpose.  They can use tracers to get to certain locations (but none are on the shuttle, luckily).  The Qantariate members who oppose the Sathar are called the Synth.

Apparently, the ByChem experiment with the Matrix was to try to use them against this potential alien invasion threat.

You now have the datastick, which is more fully decoded now, but the alien datasphere, if given to the right person, can be used to fully decode all the data on the datastick:

The Qantariate are trying hard to get the datasphere back from you.

Kyrillian told you:  "The Matrix Project was formed to use the Matrix virus against some sort of invasion by extra-dimensional creatures.  It was thought their broadcasts and transports could be interrupted by inserting the Matrix virus.  Kyrtok and I were charged with experimenting with the blackness they use for transport.  Somehow, they tracked us here."

Kyrillian also translated a message from the now dead Kyrian to the now dead Kyrtok:

"I am told that getting the machine to work will bring a datapad or artifact to us that will allow us to decode the alien messages received on Moneyspider through the Matrix Hole Between Worlds.  The Qantariate discovered our universe because of the Matrix.  I think it should be destroyed but the Synths believe it is critical to our success in preventing an invasion that will destroy our universe more surely than an antimatter annihilation.

The artifact can be taken to Tariel Nuna on Kraatar, who knows about the Shadows of Rakon and is best suited to figure out what it means.  We should also get Dr. Legrange involved.  He's brilliant.

I have decoded the "cycles" listed by the aliens.  Each cycle is the equivalent of 1 month.  This means we have less than 2 cycles left before the invasion!  I'm in a panic.  The worm creatures are involved too.  How, I don't know, but somehow."

So apparently the Synth also believe the Matrix is critical to preventing the invasion.
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Re: Adventure Summaries and Facts
Everyone who survived gets 6 XP from the Blackness adventure to use as desired.
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Re: Adventure Summaries and Facts
GM Heath:
Everyone who survived gets 6 XP from the Blackness adventure to use as desired.

Desi is going to spend [6] XP to advance her Projectile Weapons skill from level 1 to level 2
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Re: Adventure Summaries and Facts





The party is staying at a hotel in Jedsis that is run by the Vrusk Ymen. Ymen is a friend of Rezz, the unemployed shuttle pilot for Sik'Triksta who would take the shuttle to the mining colony on Tivalla, the closer of Kraatar's two moons. Since the explosion that destroyed the colony there, she has been working odd jobs as a technician.

The party first searched out the human female suspect Kirscht.  Since she was not there, the party broke into her apartment. Kirscht is apparently a bit of a hoarder.  Her apartment is filled with various nick-nacks in a jumbled mess.  None of them appear very valuable, and there is no rhyme or reason to them -- ceramic miniatures, old portable phones, a box of empty wallets, another box of keycards, and jewelry stacked in a jewelry box.  She is messy and unsanitary, by the look of things.  She seems slovenly and poor, though the jewelry is probably worth something.  A note is on her kitchen table that reads, "Dear Kirscht, Come visit me in Quazzt when you get a chance.  It's been a long time, and I know you're tired of those bugs down in Jedsis.  The thug bugs are such a pain in all of our arses.  I can also help you with your problem.  Love, Grandmother Elaine."

Having not found anything too revealing, the party leaves before authorities arrive and try talking to humans about the Vrusk.  However, everyone in Jedsis (which is more run down) is distrustful and won't talk because the party has Vrusks in their party.  But they were able to get the name of a shop owner named Ejidali in the Black Market area.

Ejidali promises to get some specialized weapons (a type of dart gun) and passes to the lab for the group if they will steal a couple vials from the lab and pay 1000 credits.  He doesn't know much about the lab or what the party is supposed to secure for him (since it's for someone else).  He processes the IDs by nightfall, for the party to go into the lab the next day.

When the party gets back to the room that night, they find their rooms have been ransacked.  Nothing appears stolen, but someone was looking for something.  The party thinks they might have been looking for the sphere.  In trying to clear up the problem with the manager and owner, you find that the hotel is actually mostly owned by the trading house Yrrti'K.  Ymen steps in and has the party pay just 300 credits for the damages (instead of 2000), and says he will report it as vandalism from the riots.



You overheard a conversation:  While recently at Quazzt's Depression, the Human saw starship lights in the sky, which was very odd since starships are only supposed to land at the starport.  The human thinks it was extremists or racists landing there.

At the starport, no one had records of unauthorized landings in Quazzt's Depression.

Then you visited Nuna.  She told you:

"First," she says, "the good news.  Like I told you, the sphere is like a beacon as well as a keyhole to the Qantariate dimension.  And like I said, we had to create a chemical compound to submerge the Sphere in to dampen it and keep the Qantariate creatures from crossing over to our dimension through it.  We've accomplished that."

She shows you a cylindrical glass structure with a slightly amber liquid in it.  Submerged inside you see not only the Sphere, but a strange biological thing that looks almost like the removed organs of a creature.

"Just as we were submerging the Sphere, this thing came out of nowhere.  It must be from the Qantariate dimension, but we don't know if it's from the Shadow Rakon group helping us or from the Qantariate groups attempting the invasion.  Our liquid has kept it in stasis for now.  Until we determine what it is--friend or foe--we don't dare remove it."

"Now for the bad news.  We don't have LeGrange's genius to help us, now that he was assassinated.  So we will need time for the message to be responded to by the Shadows of Rakon that we found yesterday and to decode the schematics.  The problem with decoding is that the message exists simultaneously in parts across multiple dimensions.  It's like piecing together pieces of a puzzle that are separated by oceans."

She continues, "The UPF is sending a ship this way.  They will likely take over the processing of the artifact and making military preparations, but due to the distances involved, it will likely be a week or so before they get here.  We have been communicating with them about our findings, but they have told us to send nothing further, just in case the wrong hands get ahold of the communications. Unfortunately, the Vrusk forces here are not responding well to our requests for better security, especially because of the riots they are facing, but also because we are a non-Vrusk organization and we can't give them details about why we need military personnel here."

She spreads her hands.  "That's about all I have for now.  I'm sure the UPF will want you aboard once they arrive, but they're also going to want better answers regarding LeGrange and if there is any connection between his assassination and the Qantariate or if it's just because he was a loud-mouthed zealot who got in too deep."

Nuna never met LeGrange.  She doesn't think the attack on LeGrange was made by Sathar since the attackers were not Sathar.

She says to check back the next day.

The party next decided to search out the other suspect, a dralasite named Blirdor who is known to be a gambler.  You searched gambling halls. They suspected he has been cheating, but they have not seen him recently.  It surprised them that they have not seen him because he was a prolific gambler.

Then the party found a human (Booker) who was following them.  After a scuffle, he took the party to where he is supposed to report the party's activities to an anonymous person every evening.  He says he was hired by a Yazirian the day after the riots started.  The video is off, but the party hears the person's voice during the report.  After his report of the activities, Booker is asked: "Let me know if anything else about the starport is found.  Have they been back to the news agency?  Have they talked to reporters or given them anything?"  Booker's hesitation makes the caller get suspicious and hang up.

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Re: Adventure Summaries and Facts
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Re: Adventure Summaries and Facts
For newcomers and to refresh your memory, here are some important facts to remember:

1) LeGrange:  LeGrange was murdered by Vrusk assassins right in front of you.  You chased down the assassins, and it was discovered they were RIK employees.

RIK: The Vrusk Commercial Council have recently taken the step of employing RIK, a Vrusk security trade-house, to police the major centers of population. At the same time, the Vrusk trade houses have increased their own internal security and have even taken clandestine reprisals against "known agitators".

KLC: Despite a continued growth in prosperity, and the efforts by the Vrusk to sort out problems by employing experts in Human personnel management, the animosity between the races swelled. Eventually, 30 years ago, a group of Human idealists led by Jack Legrange and David Dever, founded the Kraatar Liberation Corps (KLC): a secret organization dedicated to freeing Kraatar from Vrusk domination by "direct action", including bomb attacks and sabotage directed against the Vrusk

2) RIK Zzik'Ti:  He is in charge of starport security and hired you to investigate the assassination.  He also informed you that the security robot that attacked you as you tried to apprehend the assassins was caught, but she committed suicide by blowing her own head off, even though she had worked there for 8 years with an exemplary record.  He was very upset that the assassination was committed by RIK employees, who should have been under his command.

3) Rezz:  Sa'Shr'It'Rezz ("Rezz") is a Vrusk pilot you saved during an attack by thugs during the riots.  She is an unemployed shuttle pilot for Sik'Triksta who would take the shuttle to the mining colony on Tivalla, the closer of Kraatar's two moons. Since the explosion that destroyed the colony there, she has been working odd jobs as a technician.  She got you set up for your hotel and is in your debt.

4) Investigation: A group broadcast over the news service to take responsibility for the assassination. You investigated the broadcast and got some leads to follow.  Thought you didn't really find any solid suspects, you found out about reports of strange landings at Quazzt's Depression, with starship lights that shouldn't have been there since they can only land at the starport.

5) The "Tail":  Your hotel room was ransacked and the taped interview with the reporter was attempted to be stolen, but you had it in your possession.  You tracked down Sikriie, a Yazirian henchman of some sort.  He also tried to plant a bug on you to locate and eavesdrop on your activities.  You caught a human following you around, and after being caught, he said he just follows you and reports on your whereabouts every day.  You insist on listening in to his next report.  The speaker on the other end is curious if you are investigating the news houses and is glad that the starport seems be under blame.  Then a dralasite named Gorboz offered you 30,000 credits for the video, which you declined.  You recognized his voice as the one on the other side of the vidphone.  He took off.

6) Gorboz: Gorboz's name comes up again on the train.  The gambling dralasite Blirdor says Gorboz is a criminal mastermind that has been trying to get information about LeGrange.  Semoins, the human advisor for the Clic'Aqat trade house were trying to track him down.  They originally thought Blirdor was responsible but have moved on to investigating Gorboz.  Blirdor says if you find Gorboz, you probably have a good chance of finding who is behind the assassinations.  So it looks like you had suspected Blirdor when you should have been looking at Gorboz, just like the Clic'Aqat trade house.

7) Funeral:  You next went to Quazzt's Depression to investigate the funeral of LeGrange (whose family is in that area) and the strange sightings of landings.  On the way, you find that a news representative who has been in and out of the sanitorium near Quazzt's Depression has an implant in his head that made him act funny and eventually killed him when it exploded.  Also, your train was sabotaged and attacked by KLC representatives.  You barely avoided catastrophe, only to find out that, contrary to normal practice, LeGrange's remains had been cremated and the "funeral" had already been held.

8)  Next, you are going to investigate the Sanitorium and have been waylaid by these KLC operatives.

Other characters:
Kirscht: She was a suspect, but appears to just be a kleptomaniac.  She was also on the train, going to visit her grandmother, who offered to help Kirscht with her "problem."  She tried but failed to pickpocket you on the train.


There are other contacts and information related to the parallel adventure "The Blackness," which are just briefly detailed here, including your discovery of Sathar on Kraatar, your investigation into the artifact/sphere, and the impending multi-dimensional attack from the extradimensional aliens known as the Qantariate.  Nuna was your main contact, and LeGrange was supposed to be the genius who would help you figure out what the Sphere meant, until his assassination.  The UPF is sending a ship for you, but you still have to wait a week or so for it to arrive.

The Qantariate has a splinter group known as the Shadow Rakon which is against the imminent attack and is attempting to communicate across dimensions to help.  You discovered that the Sathar are aiding the Qantariate and have been promised a great many things for their assistance.

On Day 5, a human female named Teliko and her reptile companion Syzzyx attack and steal the Sphere with the help of their android colleague.  They broke in claiming to be a delegation from the UPF sent to investigate the sphere.  Teliko kills Dr. Matsuhara.  An extradimensional creature exits the Blackness and kills Dr. Nuna as well.  A Sathar also appeared, and the party sees them escape through a strange portal.  They take the Sphere with them.  However, the party kills Teliko and her companions.

UPF Consulate Grandin Spief meets you, and tells you to continue to investigate the assassination, and to see if any of it is related to the Qantariate, then to report back to him.  Also, report to him any Sathar involvement.  He thinks there is a connection between it all, but so far, the UPF doesn't believe him.  He wants you to keep him informed and collect evidence.  He gave you his contact information and told you to digitally record any evidence important to these matters as evidence for the UPF.

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