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GM Heath
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Mon 18 Sep 2006
at 21:25
In Memoriam
The following characters died bravely on the planet Volturnus:

Shemp the Robot

The Following characters died bravely in the pirate attack:

Zik-Nik B'ktel
Phlan Holst
Dr. Alessandra Coles
E. "Crash" Johnson

These characters were from the second expedition crashed on Volturnus, and who later died bravely on the planet:

Kir'Rrt (aka "Carrot")
Jason Argo
GM Heath
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Tue 11 Sep 2007
at 22:21
Re: In Memoriam
Dulob - Trampled by a herd of horse-creatures on Volturnus by the Sathar Artifact.
GM Heath
 GM, 908 posts
Mon 16 Mar 2009
at 23:42
Re: In Memoriam
Frisky- Killed in the final battle of Volturnus
GM Heath
 GM, 930 posts
Mon 1 Jun 2009
at 15:37
Re: In Memoriam
Bartja - Killed in the final battle of Voluturnus.
GM Heath
 GM, 942 posts
Thu 9 Jul 2009
at 18:55
Re: In Memoriam
Becka - Killed in the final battle for Volturnus.
GM Heath
 GM, 1230 posts
Thu 8 Jul 2010
at 16:36
Re: In Memoriam
Ospra - Blown out of a hole in the hull of the ship by the violent winds of Venturi after her tether was cut by a virus-infected robot.

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GM Heath
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Fri 28 Jan 2011
at 17:41
Re: In Memoriam
Sergi - Cut in half by a laser power torch wielded by an ice cutter robot on Moneyspider.
GM Heath
 GM, 1434 posts
Mon 28 Feb 2011
at 19:09
Re: In Memoriam
Kuurn - Pummeled to death in zero gravity while bing grappeled by a giant ape like creature (Sape) turned cyborg.
GM Heath
 GM, 1504 posts
Thu 16 Jun 2011
at 14:43
Re: In Memoriam
Yagrith - ejected into space during a battle which resulted in decompression on the spaceship Pegasus.