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Sun 7 Aug 2016
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Requests To Join (RTJ )
  This is a 3.5+ D&D Game.

  Tell me Who you are as a Character, and Who you want to Be.
  Any race, any class, any template.  Well if I have the Book. I do have the pathfinder complete intrigue.. ;^)

HERE; Background is as important as 5th Edition.

  But really there is more then Crunch, there is Play?
  Have you ever wanted to play something, Want a Castle.. We'll see.
  Want to be married, with ten kids, and a big farm.. ..? .. err.. okay.

  What you want to be is important, but even more so is who and how do we make it work.

  Give me a background to work with, I can't promise you will come from Jenisis Valley, but Your background will affect it.

  You will start First Level single classed or a first level gestalt, but you can find a way to change that later if you choose.  Yes.. even LA Races will start at first level. we will use a Racial/tribal/household Curse [see page 190; "Player's Guide to Faerun", either the Royal Curse "Negative Level Adjustment" or the Noble Curse "Lesser Versions".

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