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Fri 27 May 2016
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Request to Join (RtJ) and Rules Thread
It is a requirement to have a passing understanding of this website's RuBB Code; namely using 'Easy Tables'.  I can help if you have questions - but, you will be editing and modifying them quite a lot for this.

Please be sure to read through the game rules [link to a message in this game] so you can have a decent understanding of how the game works.  They may seem long because there are multiple posts - it's just my way of breaking-up the data into more manageable chunks.  Also, some of the data includes lists of terms to make things easier to understand.  Please do not be intimidated by the rules - the game is actually moderately simple - just lots of options that can be accessed over time.

Please provide the following information for the RtJ:
  1. Your Character's Name (Your Character is 'The Chief' in future reference throughout the rules);
  2. Your Character's Race; and
  3. Why you left regular civilization to start your own little world, whether for good or for ill.
  4. Your Cohort's Name
  5. Your Cohort's Race

Your Chief represents you in the game world as the leader of your Usurpation.  Your Cohort represents you and your second-in-command is your back-up character in case your Chief dies.

There really isn't a lot of dice rolling (by the player).  While it may not seem like much of a 'role-playing' game -- it is as much as you make it.  And to help in the spirit of such, the more descriptive and narrative you are in bringing your teams to life; the more reward you will receive.

Tell me which race you would like your leader to be:
  • Human,
  • Elf,
  • Dwarf,
  • Orc,
  • Goblin,
  • Lizardfolk, or
  • Gnome.

The choice of race has only a marginal impact on actual gameplay.

You will begin play with:
  • A Chief
  • A Cohort
  • 1 Unit (from the standard Units list)
  • 1 Throne Room
  • 2 Barracks
  • 1 Storage Room
  • and 100 Gold Pieces

Note: Even if the game has already begun -- I do not mind adding players (up to a point), however; you will gain no advantage on existing players.  You will begin with the standard basic lair, unit and gold.

Also, as this is a PvP game -- if you are eliminated, that's it.  You're done.  This game uses secret locations - thus knowing any data would preclude one from rejoining.

Once accepted - choosing a portrait that generally matches your character's concept is a requirement.  It's part of the taunting and fun.

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Mon 25 Jul 2016
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Request to Join (RtJ) and Rules Thread

We'll be identifying the schedule for posting here.

[ Turn Cycle - 1 Turn per Week ]

    Sunday: Receive new turn indicator
    Players Post BEFORE Wednesday
    Thurs-Friday: Narrator posts results
    Saturday: Players post Responses.
    Sunday: Receive new turn indicator.

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