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Fri 27 May 2016
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World Events
This is the area where everyone will receive Updates to the ever-changing nature of the game World.  Each month represents a portion of the game year.

There are 4 Weeks (turns) in a Month, 10 Months in a Year. (thus 40 turns in a year.)

There are four seasons:

Months 1-3: Spring.
Months 4-6: Summer.
Months 7-8: Autumn.
Months 9-10: Winter.

Each Season is colored and flavored with its own potential events.  As such, you will notice trends depending upon the season, although there is a lot of room for randomness.

At the start of each month, each event is 'reset' and cancelled-out, and new events are listed.  You will not get to see these World Events until the start of each month; so be careful and take advantage of any useful events when they are there.

(Events labeled with: Permanent or Semi-Permanent are not cancelled at the beginning of the Next Month.)
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Fri 27 May 2016
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Game Map

^ = Mountain = Gold
* = Woods/Forest = Lumber
= = Swamp
~ = Waterway/Lake/River = Stone
# = Plains = Caches
o = Hills = Iron

c = Camp 10-30 people
h = Hamlet 31-80 people
v = Village 81-150 people
y = Colony 151-250 people

S = Small Town 251-500 people
T = Large Town 501-1,000 people
P = Principality 1,001-5,000 people
M = Metropolis 5,001+ people

L = Landmark

"Up" = North

If you would prefer a color version of the map - use the game map link.

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Sat 2 Jul 2016
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Game Map
[Month 1, Year 1]

Event: Even wizards and magicians must acquire gold, as the small coppers they receive for parlor tricks are useful for little more than keeping the larder stocked with bread, they must manage their funds wisely to continue their research into arcane lore.

Mechanic: When Exploring, the results will be weighted towards finding one-time Spell Teaching Offers.

Event: Due to early conquests by aspirant Knights-Errant, numerous troublesome Trolls and man-eating Ogres have been forced to flee from their oft-guarded Iron.

Mechanic: If you Scout in Hills, +5 to Scout.  A Successful Scout check made in Hills will be weighted towards finding Iron.

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Sun 28 Aug 2016
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Game Map
[Month 2, Year 1]

Event: The temperatures are beginning to warm across the land again, and trade is in boom once more!  With the improved temperatures, farmers are becoming more and more able to sow and work their lands.

Mechanic: If you Scout in a Plains - you have a 5% greater chance of being ambushed.  (If the current chance is 0% - that means there will be a flat 5% chance of being ambushed whenever you scout in a Plains. (Those with the Scavenger Leader Bonus would completely negate this when their leader is present.)

Event: Opening gates wide to invite all, the larger city-scapes are seeing an influx of laborers and workers who are once again seeking fame and fortune.

Mechanic: Finding Units to Recruit in Cities is 10% easier.

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Sun 9 Oct 2016
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Game Map
End of Month 2 - Victory Point (VP) Totals:

UsurperTotal PointsPlace
Lieutenant Colonel Rajesh Singh703rd
Chastity Cinsum-Felmar554th
Ruree Malachite812nd
Jakob Algrove495th

"Monthly Event Bonus": Having the highest score in a given category grants a bonus which lasts for the two months following the tally.  For each category in which you have the highest score, "You may double or ignore one monthly event."  This bonus applies only to standard events (you may still be affected by the results of Unique Events.)  In order to apply this effect, at the beginning of week 1 - along with your action post; note which event you would like to modify. [note: the modification only applies to you.  Not to any other Usurper.]

Private Messages will be used to indicate if you are first in any given category.

As the total Points Average is still below 200, we are still in Stage 1 of gameplay: "Normal Game Play."  No modifiers are added.

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Mon 24 Oct 2016
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Game Map
[Month 3, Year 1]

Bountiful Land is Enacted.
[Caches are always found at one-category larger than the success threshold indicates.  (If at max, then: +4 gold value.)]
Artisan Caste is Enacted.
[When exploring, the chances of finding an Extra is weighted by 1.  Additionally, the chances of that Extra having the "Artisan" or "Mason" trait is weighted by 1.]

Monthly Events:

With the hardest tasks of construction having already been handled in the autumn season, and the efforts having been seen in the winter; many of the learned in the ways of math are looking for new employers to keep their bellies full until the next time their professional skills are needed.

[ Mechanics: When Exploring, the results will be weighted towards finding one-time Architect offers. ]

As the rivers begin to flow once more, and signs of life return to the land, explorers have taken to the swamps in hopes of making discoveries before some of the more frightening denizens awaken from slumber.

[ Mechanics: If you Scout in Swamps, you can discover hints regarding Artifacts, even if you do not yet have a Reliquary.  If you have a Reliquary, the results will be weighted towards learning hints about Artifacts by a factor of 1.  ]

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