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Wan Shi Tong (GM)
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Sat 28 May 2016
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This game will use a fudge dice system of our own creation.


1) Every action will require a roll using fudge dice. The max die pool size is four:
*2 Base Dice, you will always roll at least 2 dice, with one exception noted later.
*1 Distinction Die, If one of your distinctions are appropriate for your desired action, you may add a third dice. There are other options for the Distinction Die, noted later.
*1 Bonus Die, this is the hardest die to get in your pool, only being added under special circumstances, noted later.

2) When you roll your pool, you keep 2 dice, and those 2 determine your success.

3) When you roll using this site, a 1 (+) is a success, a 0 is neutral, and a -1 (-) is a failure.

4) + and - cancel each other out. The site should give you a numerical total, so if your result is positive, you succeed and that's that. If it is negative, you fail and that's that.

5) On a zero, you succeed, but something negative happens. (Like your opponent getting a bonus die to their next roll)

6) Once per scene, after you resolve your roll, you can activate your set-back by giving your opposition a bonus die. Upon activation, you roll 1 die. Your first result is discarded and the total on the set-back die is now the only thing that determines if you succeed, break even, or fail.

Plot Points

1) Every player starts a scene with 3 plot points. At the end of a scene, you lose all plot points.

2) Plot points can be earned 2 ways:
*They may be passed out by the Watcher as a reward for excellent role playing, amazing actions, character growth, et cetera.
*After a roll, if your result is 0 or 1, you may add a - to generate a plot point.

3) You can spend 1 plot point to add a + to your roll, you may do this multiple times on a single roll, paying a new plot point each time you do so.

4) If a personal distinction does not apply to the current roll, you may spend a plot point to either add a useful detail or a scene distinction as a Distinction Die.


1) The turn starts with whomever makes the most narrative sense.

2) At the end of a person's turn, they pass initiative to whomever they wish, provided they haven't already acted in the current turn.

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The Watcher
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Sat 28 May 2016
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Character Sheet Form





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