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The Watcher
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Mon 30 May 2016
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Previously on Avatar
Here I will post the backstory, and story highlights as we complete scenes
Wan Shi Tong (GM)
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Mon 30 May 2016
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Previously on Avatar

Let's go back. Back before the legend of Korra, back before the Last Airbender defeated Phoenix King Ozai, before Roku failed to stop his best friend, Sozen. The year is 82 BG (Before the Genocide of the Air Nomads).

Tragedy has befallen the world. The Avatar Kyoshi has died after 230 years of service to name of balance. The world is shaken and afraid, for the long life of Kyoshi has ensured not only a new world, but a new dependence to the Avatar unseen before.

The White Lotus, who has pledged service to the Avatar, has decided that until the new Avatar is discovered in the Fire Nation, they will step up and assume Kyoshi's duties to the best of their abilities. To make up for the increased demand in White Lotus Agents, the elders decided to seek out new agents all around the world.

Each of you have been recruited by a large, bearded man with a funny accent and a wide-brimmed hat called Teichou.

You find yourselves in the capitol of the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se. You are lead to a lake within the walls, Lake Laogai. A contingent of Earth Kingdom Guards patrol the shores of the lake, which you soon find out why. They raise a tunnel from out of the lake, revealing the entrance to a base beneath the lake itself. You all individually arrive and are assigned your quarters. You are each told that you should go to sleep, for you start your life as a White Lotus Agent the next day.

This is where our story begins.

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Wan Shi Tong (GM)
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Sun 12 Jun 2016
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Previously on Avatar

The early gong serves as your wake up call. This unfamiliar room is now your home. Located beneath Lake Laogai in the Walled City of Ba Sing Se, the once-clandestine order of the White Lotus has a secret base that you operate from under the leadership of a large man called Teichou.

On your first day, Teichou had you spar against each other. Basing on how each recruit acted toward each other, Teichou decided that the Fire Bender Kitanna and the Water Tribe Warrior Tikaani would be the first match. Afterwards, the Sand Bender Tiddas and the Water Bender Siku had a bout.

After that match, the recruits sat together and ate lunch. After learning a bit more about each other, the group returned to the practice room to witness a bout between Teichou and the Fire Nation Swordsman, Jinsei. After an intense battle that resulted in Teichou's surrender, the day had ended.

It's been 2 weeks time since your first day. Everyday is spent practicing fighting among yourselves, Teichou and other Benders affiliated with the White Lotus.