Homeroom (Out of Character)   Posted by The Bystander.Group: 0
The Bystander
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Tue 31 May 2016
at 17:50
Homeroom (Out of Character)
Here we will talk about all the business of the game.
Angel Raymond Quinones Castellano
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Mon 13 Jun 2016
at 19:45
Homeroom (Out of Character)
Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on getting my description and character sheet up.

The Bystander, would you mind changing my display name to Ángel Quiñones Castellano? Shortening it up a bit in the display would be nice.

Do we want to discuss our character builds OOC or keep the mechanics hidden from the others? Normally, I like everyone to see my build so I can get feedback and warnings about any mistakes I'm making.