[Conspiracy] A Plan Is Hatched (Tuesday 9-1-15 Evening)   Posted by Aeternitas.Group: 0
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 18:35
[Conspiracy] A Plan Is Hatched (Tuesday 9-1-15 Evening)

This is the thread for Blake, Emily, Keri, and Tony's first meeting on the evening of Tuesday, September first.

The four teens manage to slip away from everyone else and meet in the greenhouse. The large space smells of rich earth with a hint of compost, even for those without Tony's sense of smell, and the air is quite warm - warmer than it is in the house.
Emily Glazier
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 18:53
[Conspiracy] A Plan Is Hatched (Tuesday 9-1-15 Evening)
Emily glances around the Greenhouse for a moment as if getting her bearings.  "Laminated Glass.  This place didn't come cheap.  Dr. H. must care about it.  Or it was a safety measure with a bunch of super powered teenagers around.  I don't know."

Reaching into her pocket Emily takes out a pen and crumpled piece of paper.  Her handwriting is careful and neat.  No cameras here.  I can't guarantee no microphones.  How careful are we playing this?
Tonauac 'Tony' Torres
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Mon 3 Oct 2016
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[Conspiracy] A Plan Is Hatched (Tuesday 9-1-15 Evening)
"Or it's another corporate sponsorship to hawk 'super vegetables,'" Tony says with a shrug and a lopsided grin. He glances at the note. He gestures for Emily to let him write on it as well.

Tony writes a short message on it.

How about vote. Thumbs up 'talk,' thumbs down 'write.'

After Tony hands the note back, he gives the others a thumbs up.

"Maybe I should give Dr. H the benefit of the doubt on this," he says as he points at the vegetables and the note.

"But you know me, I'm an optimist..."
Emily Glazier
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Mon 3 Oct 2016
at 03:56
[Conspiracy] A Plan Is Hatched (Tuesday 9-1-15 Evening)
"I like that explanation.  It sounds more sinister and optimism is overrated." Emily gives a thumbs down as she taps the paper and turns it to face the other two.
Keri Griffith
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Mon 3 Oct 2016
at 05:14
[Conspiracy] A Plan Is Hatched (Tuesday 9-1-15 Evening)
"Or both." Keri gives the place her own once over. "Corporate sponsorship, harnessed to the Doc's cause. The professor is practical enough to arrange that, I think." She looks at the paper, considers the matter, then gives a tentative thumbs up.
Blake Turner
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Mon 3 Oct 2016
at 05:41
[Conspiracy] A Plan Is Hatched (Tuesday 9-1-15 Evening)
Blake rolls his shoulders and gives a small sigh of contentment as the temperature of the building rolls over him. He moves about a little while the others speak, listening and thinking.

"That's true enough, something like that seems more likely. Doubt they'd be trying 'super-vegtables' as you put it Tony. People have a hard enough time coming to terms with ordinary modified foods."

As he speaks, he gives the group a thumbs up, without any real hesitation.