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Thu 2 Jun 2016
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Character Creation, House Rules, and RTJ
The player characters will be constructed using Mutants & Masterminds 3e.
Your characters will be built on PL 6 with 90 points. Your characters will be teenagers just at the beginning of their careers and life experience.
I am not placing a limit on your attributes or advantages. I am also not limiting your skills, but remember that you are playing a highschool student.

You are a mutant, similar to the ones in the Marvel universe. Your powers are manifested sometime during puberty as a result of a genetic mutation.

Your powers should be created according to a theme. At most a few powers, related to one another. For instance, you may have the ability to create heat. You could choose Flight and Blast but not Regeneration.
If you are looking for examples, consider the original teams of the X-Men.
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Sun 5 Jun 2016
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Character Creation, House Rules, and RTJ
You are welcome to create a mutant from any background you can think of. Each young mutant has their own unique story. However, there are a few common elements between them.

You may have been born looking just like any other human, or perhaps you are noticeably different.

At some point between the ages of 13-15 you developed strange and amazing new powers. These powers may be purely beneficial; they may be useful but have drawbacks; or they may be dangerous and unpleasant.

Perhaps your powers manifested in a way that was spectacular and evident to everyone. Perhaps you were able to keep your powers secret for a time. Either way, eventually someone noticed. Something happened that drew the attention of the authorities. During the process of deciding what to do, someone intervened.

A tall man with blond hair in a tailored suit arrived. He talked to the authorities, talked to your parents or guardians, and handed out a lot of papers. Pretty soon all the trouble was taken care of, and you were released.

The trouble was over but the strangeness was just getting started. This man, Dr. Neil Henningsen, introduced himself to you like you were his new best friend. He told you that you had been signed up for a new school just for people like you. He told you that he was going to be your teacher, and that he was very excited to get started.

It is now August 2016. You are flying first-class to San Hares, Colorado. Soon you will land and enroll in your new school.
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Sun 12 Jun 2016
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Character Creation, House Rules, and RTJ
In your Character Description:

Include at least a paragraph of how your character looks. Include height, hair & skin colour, and approximate body shape.

In a second paragraph you may add elements such as how your character carries themselves and moves.

You may also wish to include elements such as how they dress, how their voice sounds, and any conversational idioms.
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Thu 25 Aug 2016
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Character Creation, House Rules, and RTJ
The fictional town of San Hares is little more than a residential blob nestled in the hills outside of Durango, Colorado. With few shops and services of its own, the population primarily commutes into the city for its needs. It has a small school which serves several other satellite communities and runs the gamut from K to 12, with a total population of students coming in at under one thousand. It is part of Durango-La Plata County, which boasts a regional airport and many parks, forest preserves, a remarkably scenic railroad, and a small reservation of Native Americans.

Recently, it became home to Dr. Henningsen's Academy for Gifted Youths, in the sense that it is the closest piece of civilization to the school which lies approximately three miles outside of the towns borders - two if you're only measuring to the gate of the school grounds.
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Thu 29 Sep 2016
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Character Creation, House Rules, and RTJ
The current Power Level is: 6
The current Character Point total is: 91.

Notes About the World and Powers

The only allowed Origin for PCs is Mutant. The Invented and Training Origins also exist in the world and a PC may acquire Powers of this sort in play if they work for it. However, Powers from these Origins are limited according to my judgment, and will generally be weaker than those with the Mutant Origin.

The allowed Sources are: Biological (default for PCs if unspecified), Cosmic, Psionic, and Technological (only for, and mandatory for, Invented Powers).

Refer to for more information.

Commentary on the Content Limits of the Game

Your character may cuss. It should be appropriate to the situation and consist of a single swear word only. If you want your character to cuss at length, state that they are doing so and not what exactly they are saying. Racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced language for real world issues should be avoided at any reasonable cost - the same will not be true of prejudice against mutants, which is a major theme of the game and serves as a stand-in for all of those other social problems.

Your character will almost certainly be wounded. You may describe their status in reasonable terms, and may mention the presence of blood with an adjective or two but may not describe the injury in lurid details. Under no circumstances should you mention gore of any sort.

Your character might be naked at some point. You may mention the fact of it but may not describe any part of their body that would not be visible when fully dressed unless you are describing some feature that is not inherent, such as a tattoo or scar, including the absence of such when it would be expected. This allowance is invalid for tattoos or scars located on a sexualized body part.

Your character might get laid. You will refrain from describing any of the lurid details leading up to the event. You will also immediately fade to black after the clothes start to come off - at the latest! There will not be any detailed discussion of the particulars, even in PMs. This statute and the previous one, in particular, will NOT get warnings if violated - you will simply be banned unless I can immediately tell somehow that you goofed on accident (an event that has about the same odds as finding a snowball in the fires of hell itself).

On Languages and Speech

Many characters in this game are bilingual, or multilingual. Many of the players are not. In the interest of transparency and mutual entertainment, please write your characters speech in English, and denote the other language they are speaking in some fashion. I personally put [Language] tags in front of the coloured speech block, but anything will do. Single words or simple phrases in a language other than English may be used when appropriate.

Your speech should be coloured, including the quotation marks on each side of it, and you should stick to the same colour. If you decide to change it, perhaps because you've been using the same colour as someone else, either literally or merely close enough (for example, the various blues), choose a new colour and then stick to that one.

Red and orange may not be used for speech text.

Combat Posts

Begin your post with a fluff text describing the results of anything that was done to your character in the round since their last turn, followed by their actions for this turn. Do not detail the effects of your turn on another character. NOTICE: As the GM, I will freely ignore this restriction whenever it suits me, which will almost always be for the convenience of everyone involved.

Put any rolls you have made beneath the fluff text of your post in a new paragraph. Be sure to include any Save DCs and the effects of failing them in there as well. This text should be orange. You may place horizontal rules, spoilers, or whatever other formatting floats your boat as long as this standard is met.

Backstory, Narrow, and being flexible with Skills

You may make Expertise rolls suitable to your backstory without having any ranks in the skill, to represent the hobbyist nature of your knowledge.

An abnormally narrow Expertise skill can be taken for half the usual price (1/4 point per rank). This can be a skill that will almost never come up in the game (reference: David's encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars) or it can be an unusually narrow version of a more common Expertise specialty (example: taking Catholicism instead of Religion).

I'll allow related skills to functions as Expertise as well, with a less forgiving DC than usual. For example, you may make a Vehicles roll to repair a vehicle, at a more difficult DC than if you possessed Expertise: Mechanic (rendering more complex repairs almost impossible to actually pass the check). Another example might be using a Close Combat skill with a particular martial art to know something about the history of that art's development, rolling with Intelligence instead of Fighting.

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Fri 30 Sep 2016
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Character Creation, House Rules, and RTJ
This post will contain various tables and charts for reference.

   Basurto, Frederico      Hybrid (Material, Psychic)      5: Armour   
   Basurto, Luísa       Energetic      4: Cavalry   
   Bradford, Tamera     Magic    0: Support 
   Castellano, Ángel     Material    3: Armour 
   Davis, Jeremiah     Material    3: Armour 
   Glazier, Emily     Hybrid (Material, Psychic)    3: Infrantry 
   Griffith, Keri     Energetic    4: Cavalry 
   Koivunen, Johanna     Energetic    4: Artillery
   Miller, Daniel     Magic    8: Tactical WMD - Salted Bomb
   Pedrosa, Donato     Hybrid (Material, Energetic)      2: Infrantry 
   Potter, David     Energetic    5: Artillery 
   Ross, Andre      Energetic      4: Cavalry   
   Schutz, Winona      Magic      0: Support   
   Torres, Tonauac     Material    3: Infrantry 
   Turner, Blake     Material    3: Infrantry 


           | |
     Blake | | Tony
     Andre | | Angel
      Keri | | Donato
   Johanna | | Tamera
    Daniel |_| Emily

   CHARACTER      VP   
   Andre       1   
   Ángel       1   
   Blake       1   
   Daniel       1   
   Donato       1   
   Emily       1   
   Johanna       1   
   Keri       1   
   Tamera       1   
   Tony       2   

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