[Side] Counseling Time for 聲gel (Friday 9-4-15 Morning)   Posted by Aeternitas.Group: 0
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Thu 6 Oct 2016
at 01:18
[Side] Counseling time for 聲gel (Friday 9-4-15 Morning)

The thread for 聲gel's session with Calvin Logger on Friday morning, September fourth.

Calvin Logger
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Thu 6 Oct 2016
at 01:24
[Side] Counseling time for 聲gel (Friday 9-4-15 Morning)
Almost forgot to make you this. ^.^;

During the break in between science class and physical education, Calvin meets with 聲gel, leading him to an office. It's been filled in a little bit, but is still sonewahet sparse. There are shelves full of binders and books, and a pair of those tacky motivational posters on the walls. The seat looks comfortable.

Calvin goes to his own chair on the far side of the clear desk and sits, "Please come in and have a seat. The chair is sturdier than it looks."