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Game Guide
When does this take place?
In the 25th century, if we're talking about the calendar used on Earth. The game begins on June 15th, 2439. Halley's Comet is currently making another pass through humanity's solar system.

Where does this take place?
The Milky Way galaxy.

Who am I?
You are a human adult. Your job could be anything really, so long as it's useful aboard a starship. Some of the larger juggernauts are the size of cities and house tens of thousands of crew. The Argus is much smaller, about the length and width of a football field and standing as tall as a three story building. She is fully staffed at 20 crew members, but operational at 5.

What am I supposed to do?
Your job. You were hired and welcomed aboard the Argus to fulfill a set of duties. The Argus is a freighter vessel, designed to transport cargo and people from one planet to another. When you aren't working, you are welcome to spend your free time socializing with other crew members, playing games, resting inside your bunk pod, or anything else you can find to do.

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Map of the Galactic Republic

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The Story Thus Far...
The Crew (At A Glance)

Alan Kirschner25M???Robotics, Engineering, MechanicsCybersecurity
Cassandra Wilson30F???Security, Logistics???
DASHN/AN/AShip AIDiagnostics, Language, LogicN/A
Faris Al-Rahmadi32M???Pilot, Tactics, Security???
Franciszek Gomolka41M???Engineering, Mechanics???
Gus Gorstag36M???Science, Research, RepairEnvironmental Engineering
Kara Dean51FCaptainTactics, Leadership, DiplomacyN/A
Kessar Cindull35MMedicMedical, Computers, SecurityMedical Science
Odette Laframboise32FPurserEngineering, Mechanics,
Engine Repairs
Solomon MacMillan43MFirst OfficerNavigation, Pilot, DiplomacyHelmsman
SquidN/AN/ARobotRepair, CompanionshipEVA Repairs

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Subplots & Challenges
In this section, I wanted to talk a bit about subplots and challenges.

Subplots are exactly what they sound like. The game has what some could consider a main plot, involving every player in the Cast. The main plot is designed and orchestrated by me, the GM. Admittedly, I may ask for everyone's opinion on how certain events should unfold. The main plot involves NPCs and in-game events that are outside the control of the player characters.

Subplots are smaller plots designed by you, the players. Unlike the main plot, they have a beginning, middle and end and they run parallel to the main plot. Subplots can involve a single character overcoming some personal issue, or they can involve several players working together toward a common cause.

Challenges are a way I wanted to handle routine but challenging tasks, like certain aspects of your character's role aboard the ship. Every so often, I will insert a challenge in the form of a random event. I generate a series of 5 words here, and the targeted character must write a post that involves at least 2 of the 5 words. The post must remain in context for the task at hand, as well. If it is passed, the problem will be fixed and the targeted character may receive a reward. If it is not passed, the problem will grow into an obstacle for everyone to deal with.

For example:
A distant metallic bang can be heard at the rear of the ship. The vessel shudders slightly for a few moments, then begins to shake hard enough to make the spoons in the mess hall clink together.


If the targeted player makes a post detailing how they fix the problem, and it involves PLUG and WASTE, the challenge is successfully passed.

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