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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 20:07
Requesting to Join
Running this as a solo campaign so not accepting new players.

Please feel free to rMail me if you're sufficiently intrigued in the mechanics or setting to want a similar solo campaign. Precedence will go to players in the multi-player campaigns based in the same setting, such as Federation of Comoria

Within this style of campaign the player represents the fleet commander
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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 20:07
Pre-Game Setup
Prior to the start of the campaign, I will request the player shapes the relevant Aptitudes of their fleet.

You have 42 points to spend between the following Aptitudes, each in the range of 1 to 9:

Fleet Captain:
[+] Command Presence
[+] Deception
[-] Logistics and Trade
[=] Strategy

[+] Discipline and Morale
[=] Effectiveness
[-] Technical

Scores of 1-4 represent inefficiencies or ineptitude; 5 is fairly average; and 6-9 increasing degrees of mastery. Relative strengths and weaknesses of the Naxos-Elk Republic have been indicated with pluses and minuses, though you may choose to ignore this.

You may choose to reserve up to 3 points to spend on Perks. If you choose to do so, tell me how many points and the theme of the perk. Perks provide an immediate short-term acceleration at the expense of long-term aptitude

You may pre-configure your flagship, based on the rules in the Fleet thread. All other starting vessels will be selected by the Narrator
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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 20:08
Turn Structure
Each regular turn represents a nominal one month for the fleet, with the campaign beginning in 2671 A.D., some six hundred years before the de-orbit of the RCV Mbal Msafiri onto the surface of Comorian. Each combat turn represents a single week.

Each turn the Fleet Captain submits a set of commands to their fleet, which consume resources based on a combination of available fuel, munitions and cohesion.

Each set of commands should be submitted with a set of relevant rolls for the consequences
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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 20:08
For all commands, a roll of an open-ended D100 (using the Rolemaster rules for 'open-ended', i.e. <05, re-roll and subtract; >95, re-roll and add) is required, to which three times the relevant Aptitude for the Captain and Crew is added together with any bonuses from facilities, units, named character or other situational modifiers (from me). We have set up the DiceRoller to roll in this manner by default

Result bands broadly as below:

>176Spectacular Success
111 to 175Absolute Success
91 to 110Success
UM 100Unusual Success
76 to  90Near Success
51 to  75Partial Success
UM  66Unusual Event
-05 to  50Failure
-25 to -04Absolute Failure
<-26Spectacular Failure

Poetic license will be employed in my interpretation of the results

For players from the Federation of Comorian, the mechanics have been eased for a less harse set of outcomes
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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 20:09
If no commands are submitted within two weeks of the previous turn report then the Narrator may choose to submit their own commands, to which the players will have twenty-four hours to respond or it will be passed in order to maintain momentum.