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Fri 10 Jun 2016
at 03:56
Welcome to the Ninth World
From the Wiki: http://xanorak.wikidot.com
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The world you know... the world of the 20th century, is long dead and gone. It's not even a glimmer, not even a memory. That was the First World, and that civilization rose and fell nearly a billion years ago.

Consider that for a moment. A billion years, at least.

In that time, another seven great civilizations rose and fell. Most were human, or at least something resembling human. Some were alien. At least one didn't even originate in this dimension. Some reached out to and dominated the stars themselves. Others mastered and rewrote the very laws of physics and reality.

Each rose from their humble beginnings to depart this wretched little rock, leaving their broken and discarded toys behind, leaving a world behind that we in the 20th century would never recognize.

Our players are the children of the Ninth World. Compared to the civilizations before them, they've barely even crawled out of their caves. Insofar as innovation and invention are concerned, they are stuck in their equivalent of our Bronze Age... they fight not with guns and lasers, spaceships and bombs, but with swords and staves, magic and bows.

But they are also different from us, in that the eight worlds before them left behind their toys. Cyphers and Artifacts and Oddities that somehow still work, even if no one really knows how, works of technology so great that to the common man they are as magic. They have adapted their world to include these... so their swords may be metal, or pure energy, or flame. Their bows may shoot arrows, or bolts of plasma or ice. They may manipulate the nanites that permeate every aspect o their environment to sling 'spells', to manipulate the forces of reality.

These humans, these mutants, these aliens and extradimensional visitants who populate a globe that by all rights should no longer exist -- they are slowly trying to harness the powers their parents left behind... and you are one of them.

Are you a glaive, a warrior who specializes in the martial arts? Are you a nano, tapping into the network of microscopic machines around you to control reality itself? Or are you a roguish jack of all trades, charming your way through the world? Whatever you are, you are one of the revered heroes who go out into our world to find more of the secrets of the ancients... selling them to the highest bidder, perhaps, or helping the Papacy increase its knowledge of the Before.

You are a hero. A villain. A mercenary. A god.

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Fri 10 Jun 2016
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Welcome to the Ninth World
Now... from the above, you may get the impression this this is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world where everything has fallen apart.

This is not true. Civilization has risen again, and has been around for nearly 2000 years. There is nobility vast metropolises, just as there are small, struggling villages and outposts.

Think more human-focused fantasy with elements of high science fiction, a little bit of horror, and a lot of the weird. If Final Fantasy 7 merged with a little bit of Lovecraft, a little bit of Heinlein, with just a pinch of Bronze Age fluff.

You are the heroes. You're the ones who work for the rich to make them richer, for the poor to bring them up, or for yourself to make a few extra shins. -YOU- will set the tone of this story.
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Sat 11 Jun 2016
at 04:40
Welcome to the Ninth World
Schedule will be slow, as will posting, with occasional spats of frantic activity when we all happen to be online at the same time.

I will typically only be able to post IC in the evenings, US Pacific time, or on the weekends. As such, I also will not expect daily posting from the players.

That said, I do ask that you allow, in IC threads, at least two other players to post before you post again, if things are going too slow. And in cases of battle, please make sure to respect the posted initiative order.

Beyond that, I do NOT expect specific format for posts. Colors or non-standard formats for text or dialogue are, personally, distractions, and thus are not required. (Edit to specify, since i did not specifically call it out here: non-standard coloration can make it hard for your stalwart GM to read your post). We're writing, so let's just keep everything to standard grammar.

Bob looks at the door. Seeing the knocker is gone, he mumbles, "Drat! What am I gonna do now?"

If it's an action whose outcome is not immediately obvious, just posit it as an attempt, and we'll go from there. Everything else? We'll handle as we go about it.

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Sun 12 Jun 2016
at 04:57
Welcome to the Ninth World
As for the inevitable question:

What are you looking for?

Easily put -- a character you would be interested in playing. :)

I am looking for only 5 players. Lurkers will be welcome but will not have access to the OOC chatter. I would like to have an even split between the Types (meaning no more than two of any specific Type). I also hold fast to the idea that we shouldn't have duplication in Descriptor or Type.

I will work with each player on character generation. Please look at the RTJ message for what I'm looking for.
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Sun 12 Jun 2016
at 07:22
Welcome to the Ninth World

We currently have (in nonspecific order):

1 Glaive.
2 Nano.
2 Jack

1 from the Pythoran Empire
1 from Malvich
1 from the Weal of Baz
1 from the Black City
1 from Navarene

1 Controls Gravity
1 Commands Mental Powers
1 Bonds with Symbiotic Armor
1 Binds to a Single Weapon
1 Solves Mysteries

1 Clever
1 Charming
1 Empathic
1 Fugitive
1 Inquisitve

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Fri 30 Sep 2016
at 23:30
Welcome to the Ninth World
Our story so far:

Six strangers, or at least so they thought, received summons from strange, mechanical birds to meet the Baron of Labaryth in Ancuan, along with the local head of the Order of Truth. There, they were brought into the maze-wrapped city, treated like Kings for a day, and given a very attractive offer.

Where once graze land was held, a city had appeared in Ancuan, close to the border with Milave along the Kelen river. A large, ruined city, ancient by appearance, over which hovers a massive, perfect, jade-black pyramid, untouched by time. Newer, untested heroes were being recruited to be the first to explore it. The offer was overly generous: for every minor artifact or bauble sent back to the Baron's men, 3 shins to split. For every day spent in exploration of the city below, 5 shins per member. And whichever team (there are 3 others you know of) finds entrance to the pyramid, another 20 per member.

The group has found they are not fully strangers -- with the exception of Daesa, every other member of the team has discovered a common connection with a single member: Taelan. As well, the Order has confirmed that the reason that they, and the others, were recruited and actually found was due to a query to the Datasphere. References were found to symbols associated with ancient terms for Mother (the city), Father (the party members), and Children (currently an unknown association). This connection came when Dexil accessed the Datasphere remotely, and another voiced asked through him "Are you the fathers?"

En-route to The City in Shadow, the group discovered a mangled trader's cart, and the bodies of the trader, and presumably his wife and child. The wife and child were killed by what appeared to be some sort of bladed weapon and burns, while the man's midsection was carved open. A mistake on Taelan's part burnt the man's body before true investigation could occur, but as the group leave, they do so with a new member, a small, furry passenger of the trader's who seems to have survived the slaughter.

The team eventually reached the city proper, and met with the members of the Baron's army there. Their captain, Kae'leon, indicated to the team that the other three teams were already working, and were each assigned to  their own quadrant of the city. This team would be covering the southeast quadrant, which was completely unmapped at the time of their arrival. Each were given a wristband containing compact tracking beacons that would be placed in an area once it was confirmed to be cleared out. Found errata the team wishes to sell to the Baron (at the rate agreed upon before) were to be left near the beacons.

As the team was finishing up their initial conference with the captain, another ghost from Taelan's past arrived in Tor the Younger, a teacher and adventurer from Taelan's home city. He claimed to have been sent by a Child to the city to find the other Fathers. Having joined the group after some tension, the six then headed into the city proper, took a full rest, before heading into their quadrant of the city to explore.

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Mon 3 Oct 2016
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Welcome to the Ninth World
Moving the wiki to Wikidot -- I just can't visually handle the wiki for RPoL due to the color scheme... wikidot works much easier for me. Updated URL is in the first post of this thread.