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The Strange
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Sun 12 Jun 2016
at 04:52
[Public] Introduce Your Character
This is a great place to give your fellow players a general idea of what your character will look like. It is entirely up to you how much you reveal here -- although there will be established relationships between various characters, not everyone will know everyone.

A suggestion:
Name you go by:
General Notes on Appearance:
General Notes on Armor/Weapons Visible:
Any Fame or Notoriety Easily Discovered:
Jaeda Swiftsteel
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Wed 22 Jun 2016
at 23:11
[Public] Introduce Your Character
In reply to The Strange (msg # 1):

Jaeda wears her dark brown hair in a braid. She has piercing blue eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips. She carries two rapiers and is fond of both stylish hats and stylish capes. She wears leather armor.

If you click on this picture you're basically looking at her:


She hires out her services. She finds missing property and missing people. She can also be hired to track down thieves and criminals. She charges a fair price for her services and is known for having a high success rate. Her work sometimes forces her to travel a great deal.

Some folks have tried to pay her NOT to investigate things, or to look the other way when they're harming innocents. That hasn't ended well for them.
Taelan Faswell
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Thu 23 Jun 2016
at 08:25
[Public] Introduce Your Character
To begin with Taelan rarely gets referred to by his full name. For most people he introduces himself as simply "T" and most inquiries as to the reason why are met with silence. Very few know his full name and even less know why he keeps a single letter as his title, but that's what he prefers.

For the time being Taelan does not seem to wearing armor, but that doesn't mean his chosen outfit doesn't fit a designed purpose. His general outfit consists of a lot of blacks and dark browns. He wears a simple cap with a large brim that is usually tipped to cover his face, worn looking brown leather gloves and a long brown coat with a large collar, giving him a generally covered and guarded appearance. Take those away and you'd find a man with slicked back, dark brown hair, stubbly facial hair and dark brown eyes. The only noticeable weapon on him is what appears to be a short blade seemingly just longer than a dagger in a strange, mechanical looking block of a sheathe which he wears at all times, usually tucked behind him under his large coat.

Those who take a long hard look at his face might recognize it as one that decorates wanted posters, though by Taelan's current appearance the drawing of him needs some updating. These posters don't go into a great deal of detail as to what he did, but one can say that the bounty on this man's head and the fact that he is wanted either dead or alive seems a bit out of place for a man wanted for theft.

If this helps with the mental image: http://ericbelisle.com/weblogs...offroy/geoffroy1.jpg

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Daesa Lightspire
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Wed 29 Jun 2016
at 00:49
[Public] Introduce Your Character
Daesa Lightspire is a slight woman in well tailored clothing.  She has a shock of shoulder length red hair and vibrant green eyes.  It's obvious that she comes from money with the quality of her clothing.  She's usually in some sort of skirt and corset combo with more belts than is deemed necessary.  There is an ornate circlet that rests on her forehead with a round gem in the middle.  The color of it shifts from blue to violet depending on when the light hits it.

She spent some of her youth with the Aeon Priests and still visits them from time to time.  She is from a well known merchant family, and travels to help further her family's fortune.

For reference! http://www.cuded.com/wp-conten...Guebels_2600_813.jpg
Dexil Guilan
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Wed 29 Jun 2016
at 08:38
[Public] Introduce Your Character
Name you go by: Dexil Guilan

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dexil appears to be a young human male of average height and build. He favors simple clothing but doesn't really have an identifiable style. Mis-matched gloves, boots that are also not a pair. His most common clothing is a set of tough overalls that look as though they've been patched and repaired many times; whilst originally cloth they now have metal patches, leather, other materials covering holes and tears or reinforcing the joints.

Armor/Weapons Visible: Dexil has a mechanical bow, looking to be a jury-rigged affair that he always tinkers with. He also uses a long rod of synth that has metallic patterns within; it's a sturdy walking staff for when he's out in the 9th World but functions just as well when needing to defend himself.

Any Fame or Notoriety Easily Discovered: Dexil is known to be "odd". He sometimes moves in an almost automata-like way. He's open about his home being the Weal of Baz, a location populated by Automata who raised him. As such he doesn't interact with other humans and biological races as readily as beings of metal and synth.

Dexil is a capable combatant in a fair fight, though when pushed he does have an odd ability that he doesn't hide or keep secret. He can, seemingly at will, summon a set of armor about himself. It is of weird design, looking like parts of creatures and biology encasing him totally. It changes slightly from time to time as if it was trying to accommodate his form and physiology.

**Pictures to be found!**
Tor the Younger
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Sun 9 Oct 2016
at 21:31
[Public] Introduce Your Character
Wearing simple clothes of muted browns and russets with a supple leather jerkin over the top, Tor the Younger is a man of average looks and appearance. He is clean-shaven, with unremarkable brown eyes and tousled mousy brown hair. Lean, with sharp reflexes, it is his determination and penetrating gaze that measure him apart from others, together with a willingness - and reputation, when he was a teacher in Stirthal - to push himself beyond what others consider safe or sensible. He carries a sisk on one hip, marking him as Milavean, and a coiled whip that hangs from the other.

A careful observer will note the tattoos on his knuckles: MRCY and JSTC

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