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And So It Begins....
Madame D'Amberville looked up upon her fourth son, Gerard, as he sat upon his mighty grey warhorse. Though sadness warred with hope in her beautiful eyes, she managed a smile.

"Gerard! My son, I send you off with but two gifts and the greatest that Chateau D'Amberville can offer. One is this beautiful horse. Upon a mount like this your father fought along side Henri the IV and won a royal appointment. Though your brother, now Viscomte D'Amberville, would have had us sell it... I could not. I will not! For while it and you breath we have hope. The other is the company of Jean-Luc La Chat. trusted servant and the best of our grooms. He has served you well and will no doubt continue to do so."

At this the man who held the reigns and dressed in D'Amberville livery bowed low and swept his large floppy hat so that it nearly touched the dew dotted grass. Jean-Luc La Chat rose slowly and when Madame was not looking, slipped Gerard a wink.

"Go! Go now to Rouen. I hear that M. Hiérosme de Challons is looking to raise a regiment. I know him to be a fair and honest man. They say he will serve The Prince de Conde. If that is true then one can rise to great heights under his watchful eye."

At this she paused for a heartbeat. Her eyes drifted toward the Chateau.The ancestral estate was a run down pile of stone and timber. With little to no money coming in, the place had fallen on hard times. At least with Gerard and Jean-Luc gone there would be two less mouths to feed. As Gerard gazed at the crumbling walls, he thought he saw a shadow at one of the upper windows. No doubt his brother, ever jealous of his mother's affections toward Gerad, was spying upon his farewells.

"While in Rouen, please try to make the acquaintance of M. Raulguin Fournier. It would seem I had to seek M. Fourier out when the banks refused further loans. I... borrowed against the jewelry which I pawned... five hundred Livres. M. Fournier has demanded payment by years end. Each month he... he exacts interest of ten percent. Perhaps you can talk to him Gerard. Perhaps he will listen to you and at least forgo the interest."

Madame's eyes began to water but she forced a smile and waved a dainty hand.

"I gave Jean-Luc your allowance. It is not proper for a nobleman to hold his own coin.  I wish there was more my son but... I know you will make do. NO! You will prosper. Bon Chance!"

With a slight nod "Go now! Be careful but brave. You are much like your father... only better. You will succeed."

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Gerard D'Amberville
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Sun 12 Jun 2016
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And So It Begins....
In reply to Comte De Treville (msg # 1):

The day was still in its infancy, as tendrils of light had just begun to stretch forth from the east, like a man stretching his arms, after a long slumber. A Cock crowed somewhere, as the small gathering located in the front of the ancestral home of the D'Ambervilles made their farewells.

  An older woman, once a beauty, and even still handsome in her advanced years, stood with a faithful maid servant, as she bade farewell to her fourth and favorite son on this fine spring. The Vicomtesse D’Amberville was the real glue that held what was left of the family and lands together.  This expedition of sending of Gerard was her child, and the ViCounte had opposed it at first, citing the lack of funds as his reason for opposition. But the mother would not be denied in this matter, she won out in the end, as it was her jewels that where scarified upon the altar of honor, and not the Viscount’s gold.

  His Mother bespoke of her two greatest gifts where his horse and his faithful Lackey. A sad smile formed on the face of young Gerard. He slid from the saddle, to the ground, and stepped before his mother, then took her hands into his.

“Mama, I am forever in your debt and thank you with all my heart, for the faith you have placed in me. I swear upon the Lady that was the mother of our Savior, I shall not fail you, nor our family. I shall stop at every Church upon my way, and offers prayers for the well-being of our family. But I must tell you, you are wrong, when you said the two best gifts you can give are this fine horse and my Servant. While I am deeply grateful for these gifts, the two most precious gifts you have offered me are your love and prayers.”

 Gerard then drew his mother to him in an embrace. It lasted for several moments, as he then kissed her upon both checks, and stepped back. Gerard still felt the eyes of his Brother upon them, and it made his heart sad that his elder was not here to bit him a proper farewell. It was not well done of the new Viscount, but Gerard still loved and respected his brother.   He looked up at the window where he saw the movement, and with all the grace Gerard could muster, he doffed his hat, and bowed in respect to his elder. Gerard just hoped his elder would not take this gesture of respect as mockery, for it was far from that.

 The young Cavalier replaced his hat upon his head, the plume of Peacock feather ruffled in the gentle breeze, as he climbed back into the saddle. He raised his arm in a final farewell, then put a tap of spurs to the flanks of his mount, and both he, his Lackey and the pack horse rode off at an easy cantor towards the road, and onward into the unknown.

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