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Ship Roles
Here are the following roles available:You must spend a minimum of 15 points total between the four skills listed under each roll. You may spend more than that and may upgrade these skills with earned xp. I will also keep track of a skill pool that will accumilate xp for each sucessful use of your skill on the ship.

  Leadership      IQ/A
  Strategy          IQ/H
  Tactics             IQ/H
  Diplomacy       IQ/H

 Bonus: The bonuses from Leadership are double while you are in combat with another Captain or equivalent rank. For each crew mate knocked out, you gain +1 to all combat rolls.

 Navigation       IQ/A
 Cartography    IQ/A
 Meteorology    IQ/A
 Geography      IQ/H

Bonus: You can add Absolute Direction to your character sheet for no cost. You lose the benefits of absolute direction if you fail your Navigation roll 2 times in a row. You can gain it back by making 3 sucessful Navigation rolls.

  Mechanic       IQ/A
  Engineer        IQ/H
  Carpentry       IQ/E
  Armory           IQ/A

 Bonus: Ship gains xp at same rate as shipwright. The ships xp can be turned into signature gear, with each point equal to $2,500. Its up to the shiwright to spend these xp upgrading the ship.

  Cooking          IQ/A
  Fishing           Per/E
  Herb Lore       IQ/VH
  Gardening      IQ/E

Bonus: You may only use this bonus if you are in a kitchen, if its a makeshift kitchen there will be modifiers to your rolls. Each roll cost $10 Beri of ingredients per person you are cooking/drink making for. On a successful roll a Boon is added to the meal/drink you make. If you buy correct containers, you may bring these items anyware with you.


  Physician       IQ/H
  Diagnosis       IQ/H
  Pharmacy      IQ/H
  Esoteric Med IQ/H

Bonus: Due to your knowledge of the human body, all targeted attacks to any spot below the neck are at +1. This increases to +2 if you have Physician at 16 or above.