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BL [Before Landing] AL [After Landing]

10BL: Thundera dies causing the Thunderans to flee into space where the flagship of the fleet is damaged  by attacking Mutants causing the crew to enter stasis.  Jaga, wounded remains awake to pilot the ship

00-01AL: The Thunderan flagship lands safely on Third Earth where it's found that Lion-O has aged bodily during their flight through space. Mumm-Ra detecting the arrival of the Thundercats causes the Mutants ship to crash creating an alliance of evil.

02-03AL: The CatsLair is built with the help of the Birbils, the enemies of the Thundercats reveal themselves attacking and sending agents of theirs to try and steal The Sword of Omens failing every time.

04-05AL: Facing more trouble sent their way the Thundercats persevere.. with Lion-O retrieving the grand archive of Thundera the sole surviving receptacle of the knowledge, history, and culture of Thundera.

06-07AL: The Feliner is produced allowing the Thundercats limited interstellar travel, more enemies are found and defeated and new friends and allies are made and it's found that more from Thundera survived the planets destruction.

08-09AL: After years of training, the now mentally 20 year old Lion-O is faced with the Trial of Anointment to become Lord of the Thundercats.   Starting on his birthday, the trial lasts 5 days. More survivors of the destruction of Thundera are found and the Star of Thundera is recovered it's power destroying Mumm-Ra.. or so it's thought..

10-15AL: With Mumm-Ra defeated, a period of peace comes to Third Earth, with the discovery of Bengali, Pumyra, and Lynx-O the Tower of Omens is built, powered by the Star of Thundera, the tower helps the Thundercats look over and protect Third Earth, but is also sends a beacon into space with a single message.  The Thundercats Live! Come home Thunderans to Third earth.. Come home.

16-17AL: Mumm-Ra LIVES!  weakened and hurt by the Star of Thundera, it has taken time in his sarcophagus for the old evil to gain his strength, having the Mutants free an old foe of his the LunaTAKS! To help destroy the strengthened Thundercats.

18-19AL: Thunderans start to arrive on Third earth, and the city of New Thundera starts to be built in front of the CatsLair with the arriving survivors and refugees a monk of the Jaguar clan Onca brings with him The Book of Omens and tales of the Treasure of Thundera, the book being the only way to find and retrieve these lost artifacts.

20-23AL: New Thundera THRIVES! Thunderans that want a home with their people stream in by the handfuls every month and the Thunderans are now a people once more. Already Lord of the Thundercats, it is time for Lion-O, now mentally 35 years old to take his place as King.  With the help of High Priest Onca, the Book of Omens is opened for the coronation ceremony but is interrupted by the arrival of Mumm-Ra, and what allies he could gather after all these years, Lion-O and Mumm-Ra are pulled into the Book of Omens, the only way out being from the inside.. The new King of the Thundercats, along with the Sword of Omens is lost.. For now..

24-30AL: The Book of Omens OPENS! and out comes a much older Lion-O, looking to be in his 60's now and with him a Dark shadow erupts from the book flying in the direction of the Desert of Shifting Sands, and to the Black Pyramid.

31-32AL: Time passed much differently in the Book of Omens a much older and scarred Lion-O gathers the current Thundercats, and with their aid and the aid of older allies an assault on the Black Pyramid is launched and the final showdown between the Thundercats and Mumm-Ra takes place and during the battle it is seen by others, Mumm-Ra run through by the Sword of Omens before a great explosion ripped through the pyramid. The Clawshield was recovered, but Lion-O's body, Mumm-Ra's and the Sword of Omens look to have been destroyed. The survivors barely escape before a Sandstorm of burning sands appears centered on the ruins of the pyramid, any attempts to cross the sandstorm to get to the center are thwarted..

100AL: It has now been 100 years since the Thundercats landed on Third Earth, 68 years since the Sword of Omens and Lion-O were lost, new Thundercats have come and gone, as have new threats.

Today though is a day of celebration as it is the day the new Lord of the Thundercats is to take their place to lay claim to the Clawshield and to face their Trial of Anointment.

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