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Fri 24 Jun 2016
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Starting Date & Posting Guidelines
Alright, so, I think people have been under the wrong impression that we're about to start. I want to reassure everyone that this campaign isn't going to happen for at least a week, possibly more.

At minimum, we'll start the 2nd of July. At maximum, the 9th. So don't feel like you're being rushed or that you have to get your character done as soon as possible. In this period, I want people to create their characters comfortably and not worry too much about deadlines.

Which brings me unto my next point...

Deadlines during Combat

The way that I want this to work is that there's a maximum amount of time to respond to a prompt from me. We will start a 24h. When you can't make it in time, the following happens;

- 1. You are presumed to be fighting defensively as a standard action, raising your AC by +2, but giving you an attack penalty of -4.
- 2. On your next turn, you will gain a +2 to your attack bonuses and/or your caster level for one round.

You may elect to skip turns in this way at any time during combat. If you do, post a reply along the line of "skip".

As we play, I'll adjust the length of each deadline to best fit the rhythm of our game.

Queue during noncombat

Whenever we're not in a combat encounter, there's a 2 post queue. Before your next reply, you have to wait TWO posts minimum before posting again in the public thread. You are, of course, free to communicate through private messages in character.

Please do not communicate through rMail with each other, unless you specifically aim to surprise me. It appears that I can read private messages that are exchanges on this forum board. So, do use rMail to communicate privately OOC!