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 GM, 75 posts
 The Prophet
Sat 2 Jul 2016
at 13:05
Life Updates
Hey guys. I have an update on my life situation which will inform you guys on what I'm up to IRL.

Today is my grandfather's birthday. On Monday I have an important business deal that I got to prepare, to get my business off the ground. So I'm sure you understand, I have to focus on that. That night I will also have a local council meeting.
 player, 20 posts
 Akecheta Runetotem
Sat 2 Jul 2016
at 14:50
Life Updates
Best of luck with that business meeting! :)
Vargh Bladefury
 player character, 2 posts
Sun 3 Jul 2016
at 06:36
Life Updates
No worries, I am halfway done, and once I am done with work in the next day or two, I should be good to finish.
Baehean Nightreaver
 player character, 7 posts
Sun 3 Jul 2016
at 13:02
Life Updates
Been insanely busy with Fourth of July as I manage a produce Dept for a grocery store
Ieroklis Tsiranidis
 player, 22 posts
 Lorin Sunheart
Sun 10 Jul 2016
at 22:31
Life Updates
In reply to Baehean Nightreaver (msg # 4):

ill be going on vacation for about a week starting Wednesday. I think i will be able to chirp in through mobile though.
Vargh Bladefury
 player character, 8 posts
Fri 15 Jul 2016
at 11:47
Life Updates
I will probably be without the Internet for the weekend, so hope to see you guys on monday.
 player, 10 posts
Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 21:04
Life Updates
On holiday so NPC me if necessary. Access may be sporadic.
 player, 27 posts
 Basung Gold Fist
Tue 16 Aug 2016
at 14:42
Life Updates
Unfortunaly the software upgrade at work went tits up, so I will not be active this week. Feel free to have basung do what he needs to do to help the team. Will jump back in when i can