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Encountered NPCs
In order of introduction, NPCs that the players have met.

Unnamed Blood Elf Woman; This woman asked for beef in exchange for miscellaneous trades. She can later be found at Thosil Cinderhearth's encampments.

Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider; Leader of the blood elves.

Izja Whitetide, Scout-Commander; Night Elf, She has given the players their mission.

Mercenary Lord Wo'Rug; Ogre, The mercenary lord that employs Lynette and Basung.

Sova; Emerald messenger owl, to be used for sending back reports.

Thosil Cinderhearth; Blood Elf, Leader of the 2nd Scout Team. He seems to have some association with a group of blood elf refugees, including the unnamed Blood Elf woman.

Raadran the Alchemist; Night elf, Alchemist of the 2nd Scout Team

Kalasil Whitetide; Night Elf, Artificer of the 2nd Scout Team

Sleek; Treant-Construct of the 2nd Scout Team.

The Deer; A deer seems to precede the party. There is only one way to go; forward and backward; the cliffsides are too steep thus far.

Cunning Undead; A disconcertingly cunning undead managed to lead Lynette into an ambush. Any lesser combatant may not have survived.

Gugat of the Twilight's Hammer; Undead ogre mage and former necrophyte of the Old Horde, captured to be sold, but the sale fell through.

Characters that are associated with player characters;


Any characters that you wish to include? Please say so.

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