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Class Considerations
Automatic Yes:
  • The Core Rolebook
  • The Advanced Series
  • The Ultimate Series
  • The Unchained Series
  • Hybrid Classes (see below provision)

Automatic No:
  • Except for anything that grants the Martial Flexibility feature from the Brawler class.

These are the automatic Yes and No sources. If you draw from these sources for classes, you are probably good (though I reserve the right to re-examine that decision).

Now, if you've found something inspirational in sources other than those provided above, please tell me about it and I'll see if it fits within the kind of story I want to tell. Even if it's not technically part of Pathfinder or World of Warcraft or statted!!

Though, to be honest, I feel iffy with giving these recommendations, since it's really not much of an answer to which classes are allowed. It's a round-about way of saying "it's on a case-by-case basis".

All that being said, which of the occult classed did you have in mind?

EDIT: Nobody asked for clarification, but I realize that the Martial Flexibility feature being banned might seem unfair without one. So I'm going to explain it here; I don't like the ability because it means, especially during a forum game like this one, you could pour through all the sources to find the exact combat feat you need to counter what I've thrown at you with the intent of giving everyone a bit of spotlight.

I wouldn't have minded it as much if all melee-oriented characters could have done something similar, so everyone could have the same opportunity to think of a clever feat that would benefit them for that occasion. Which could just as well have been action points. However, because this is one character, this one character will typically be the one who has all the answers and that's not very fun for me. Summoners have a similar problem with summoning monsters, but at least I can tell a summoner beforehand that they need to have made a pact with a monster first to summon it or something different.

Although deities are a seperate issue to classes, I'll address it here. I'm hoping to address most, if not all of the deities' domains in the Warcraft universe. However, the essence of it is usually that, if you have a domain in mind, you can worship the concept of that domain as opposed to a specific deity. For example the subdomain "Demon" can be worshiped by demon cults. The domain "Healing" can be worshiped by Holy Light priests.

I'm not actually opposed to alignments, but it's Blizzard's attempts to justify actions of their main characters that enfuriates me most about Warcraft at the moment. It'd be okay if they were unapologeitc about some of the stuff they pull, but they most of the time they use deities and spirits and magic to justify their character's actions, it's because that's the only way they can get away with a cynical cashgrab.

So, alignments are mostly gone in my game. Most spells that refer to alignment will work differently. For example, a "Protection against Evil" may become something like "Protection against Demon" or the sorts.

However, and I'll be strict about this, The Holy Light responds only to people who hold themselves accountable for the welfare of others, even for the Scarlet Crusaders.