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Tue 21 Jun 2016
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Starting Position: Hallowythe. Mission Statement & Factions
From the relative calm in the abandoned village of Hallowythe, west of Rill, night elves, blood elves and mercenaries barter and plan their trek through Silverpine Forest.

There is little time to spare, for the demon Illidan has agitated the undead scourge around Lordamere Lake. There is no telling what would be worse; the Betrayer completing his ritual or the Scourge claiming the Eye of Sargeras for themselves. The sentinels must hurry.

The party is assembled from mercenaries, blood elves, locals and/or night elves to scout the flanks of the caravans to ensure the safety of the mission.

The Sentinels

The sentinels, with a great variety of allied sylvan races, have arrived on ships from the Great Sea to this foreign lands. These lands, bleached by the waters of Lordamere Lake, are uncomfortable to the blueskins. Where in Ashenvale, trees grow into the heavens and each tree has room to grow, Silverpine forest feels small and cramped. Nothing that night elves cannot work with, but staying on foot has already worn down a portion of the forces.

Meanwhile, the sisters and the watchers regard each other with uncomfortable silence. Though they have enjoyed cooperation for centuries, the sisters have grown apart from their underground, dogmatic counterparts and after the unsanctioned release of Illidan Stormrage, many of the watchers blame Tyrande Whisperwind, priestess supreme, of the near extinction of their adopted families.

Standing between the two forces are the Cenarion Circle. Though the Cenarions have provided little in terms of feet on the ground, they make up for it with providing the sentinels with powerful allies of nature. Their leader, Malfurion Stormrage, has left to medidate on his own, as druids are want to do and the druids heed to words of his mate.

The Sunfury

The wizards of Azeroth mourn the potential of Dalaran and the dream of Antonidas. Shaken from stagnancy, the wizards realized that they had grown complacent in preserving magical documents and vast libraries filled with knowledge had been neglected. After two decades of dedicated study, only the people of Dalaran knew how close the world really was to a golden age of civilization.

Alas, the demon Archimonde destroyed any chances of reform when he brought down great Dalaran with one sweep of his hand and not even the great libraries of Quel'thalas had been spared the destruction by the Scourge. Millenia of research and scientific progress were lost and both wizards and high elves feel as though they have been thrown back to the stone age. To them, humans to wizards are as savage as orcs to humans.

But the elves especially feel the loss of their entire civilization. Frantically, now, they pillage libraries of both the dead and the living for scraps of arcane knowledge in the doomed kingdom of Lordaeron, frightening the locals. Despite any repayments in silver, the ferocity with which the newly dubbed blood elves tear through tomes of any kind, makes even refugees of Dalaran give the silver-eyed blood elves a wide berth. Gone is the lively blue glow, replaced by misty white, like blind men.


Nothing brings people together like the end of the world and gold. The blood elves are generous by comparison to their human allies and mercs of all races eagerly assist the knife-ears in exchange for coin. It's perhaps the allegiance with mercs that is giving the blood elves such a bad reputation.

Ogres, goblins, humans, orcs, even the hated forest trolls, all of them are paid fairly, in addition to safety in numbers. Hard to find in the apocalypse. And it's not as though the Scourge has been very forthcoming either, even towards the least scrupulous of goblins.

In fact, rumors have it that a goblin mogul has it out for the human Prince of the Damned. Whatever the goblin is planning, not even the Scourge can make a mockery of death like the goblins can.

"I laugh in the face of danger, HAHAHAHAH!"

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Starting Position: Hallowythe. Mission Statement & Factions
The caravan must first travel through the Silverpine Forest. To ensure the safety of the troops, a reconnaisance party is being sent ahead with owls to report on possible threats to the caravan.

The blood elves report that a path through the mountain paths from Rill is the quickest route, but there is a Scourge force located in The Sepulcher, through which the blood elf caravan would have to fight. As the forces mobilize to move from Hallowythe through Rill and dig up more caches to pay the mercenaries, the party must scout ahead to Rill and from Rill over the Stormroad, investigating each farmstead along the way for Scourge activity and, if neccesary, to prevent any enemy force from occupying the bridge over the River Arevass.

They are afforded any means to accomplish this goal, to their own moral judgement. They have to be at the bridge between 12 and 14 days and send a report through an owl. Though it could technically be reached in 4 days on horseback, it is not advised to sleep under the night sky and the horses are their best chance at survival if they are flanked by a Scourge force.

The party has been provided with Thalassian horses (and a wagon for anyone too big for a horse) to accomplish their task and plenty of food. They have also been given a map, which reveals the location of several caches hidden by the blood elves and guarded by familiars or other protectors. Should they need to, they can dig up one or all of these caches to finance one or the other endeavour, but this will also cost them precious time. The map is set to disintegrate when it's been outside of it's scroll case for too long, which can be opened by anyone who speaks an elven tongue fluently.

  • Be at the bridge over the river Arevass between days 12 and 14.
  • It takes at least 4 days to reach the bridge on horse back, riding 8 hours each day.
  • The map indicates three farms; Ivar Patch, Olsen's Farthing and Valgan's Field, as well as a mine called Rildelft north of Rill.
  • In Rildelft one of the caches lays hidden. Besides that, there's a cache hidden along the coast of Lordamere Lake directly east of Rill. There is a cache hidden in the foothills of the mountains southwest of Rill and cache hidden east of the middle of the Stormroad. Each cache contains 1,000 gp worth of wealth and 2 unknown magic items, should they need it.
  • The map with their objectives can only be removed from it's scrollcase by a fluent Darnassian or Thalassian speaker. If it remains one day outside of the scrollcase, it dissolves and they most acquire a new map locally.
  • They have Thalassian horses and a cart, as well as a jade owl statuette used to summon jade owls to carry their reports.

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Wed 22 Jun 2016
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Starting Position: Hallowythe. Mission Statement & Factions

This is the WIP version of the map you will be traversing.

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