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Wed 22 Jun 2016
at 01:07
In my excitement, I completely forgot to ask exactly how moral everyone wants to be in this game. For sake of argument, feel free to describe your character's general stance with the alignment system.

I don't generally mind it if characters are somewhat less scrupulous, but I don't want it to become a point of contention in the group.

Do you guys want the group to be ultimately noble?
What is more important to you; the task you were given as a soldier or the life of an innocent?

Ahead of time, I'll say that all of your superiors will be understanding if you compromise your mission by one or two days if it means saving innocent lives. Unless your superior is Garithos.

I think that my perspective on this shines through this post somewhat.
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Wed 22 Jun 2016
at 11:53
Being a merc, Basung would be of the Lawful Neutral alignment, he does what he gets payed to do, and while he will not go out of his way to help/harm others, he will also not go out of his way to not do it.