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Character Sheets
Character sheets go here. When listing stats, please use the following format:

<b>Mental Attributes:</b>
<b>Physical Attributes:</b>
<b>Social Attributes:</b>
<b>Mental Skills:</b>
<b>Physical Skills:</b>
<b>Social Skills:</b>
<b>Favored Vestiges:</b>
<b>Ichor/per Turn:</b>
<b>Eldritch Lore:</b>





<b>Depth 0:</b>
<b>Depth 1:</b>
<b>Depth 2:</b>
<b>Depth 3:</b>
<b>Depth 4:</b>
<b>Depth 5:</b>
<b>Depth 6:</b>

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Character Sheets
Jeanne Olbright

Strain: Thalassan
School: School of the Sun
Mental Attributes:
Intelligence •••
Wits ••
Resolve ••
Physical Attributes:
Strength •••
Dexterity •••
Stamina ••
Social Attributes:
Presence •••
Manipulation ••
Composure •
Mental Skills:
Crafts ••• (Painting)
Investigation ••
Occult ••
Physical Skills:
Athletics: • (Swimming)
Brawl •••
Larceny ••
Stealth •
Survival •
Weaponry ••• (Knives, Swords)
Social Skills:
Animal Ken
Expression •
Intimidation •• (Torture)
Persuasion ••
Subterfuge ••
Vicious Heritage ••• - Supplant Virtue with Strain's Vice, keeping the original Vice and Virtue as Vices
Language (English) •
Resources •
 -Numbers •••
 -Zeal •••
Willpower: •••
Tranquility: ••••
Virtue: Greed
Vice: Lust, Faith
Derangement: Schizophrenia (Severe)
Affliction: Bleeds Seawater (Severe)
Initiative: 2
Defense: 1
Speed: 10
Health: ••••••••
Sheol: ••
Favored Vestiges: Might, Elements

Overpowering Strength of Titans (Weaponry) (Ancestral Channel)
    "Depth 0": Birthright of Might - 1 Ichor - Double Strength for the purposes of one non-combat Feat of Strength.
    "Depth 1": The Leviathan may, as an instant action, forfeit his Defense against a close-quarters attack. This may be done before his initiative resolves. If he does so, he rolls (Weaponry or Brawl + Strength + Equipment) against the attack. Each success on his roll cancels out one success from the attack. Excess successes are inflicted as damage (of the type appropriate to the Leviathan's weapon) against the attacker. If the Leviathan opts to use this technique, the attacker's roll is not penalized by Armor.
    "Depth 2": As above, but the Leviathan may employ this defensive method against ranged attacks as well. Excess successes are not inflicted as damage unless the Leviathan's weapon has sufficient range to strike the attacker (without being thrown).
    "Depth 3": As above, and the Leviathan now adds his Sheol to uses of the (Weaponry or Brawl) skill.
    "Depth 4": As above, and the Leviathan may use his (Weaponry or Brawl) in place of his Composure when determining Initiative for the round.
    "Depth 5": As above, and the Leviathan may perform the Depth 2 iteration of this Channel as a reflexive action once per round.
    "Depth 6": As above, and the Leviathan may perform a simultaneous defense and attack. When he attacks, record the number of successes - subtract that number from all attacks targeting him this round. Excess successes do not inflict damage. If he chooses to employ this power, the Leviathan is considered to have a Defense and Armor rating of 0 for the round.

Rain-Dance of the Tempest (Ancestral Channel)
    “Depth 0”: Birthright of Elements - 1 Ichor - Create a cloud of dense fog (size x sheol) in size that inflicts -3 to all relevant rolls made on objects obscured by it.
    “Depth 1”: You reflexively create spatial distortions in an area around you with a radius of (Sheol) yards. These distortions impose a -1 penalty to all physical actions in the affected region, though you are immune.
    “Depth 2”: As above, and your allies also become immune to the distortion. The radius of the distortion is increased to that of your Wake.
    “Depth 3”: As above, and the penalty increases to -2.
    “Depth 4”: As above, and, as an instant action, you may roll (Intelligence + Composure). If you succeed, you may move at your Speed without passing through intervening space.
    “Depth 5”: As above, but the check to move outside of space is now reflexive once per turn. Any attack made the turn of such rapid extraspatial movement suffers a penalty equal to (5 - successes rolled) due to disorientation.
    “Depth 6”: As above, and you gain a bonus to your Defense equal to your Composure. This additional Defense is not multiplied when dodging, but is applied against any attack with a physical component, including firearms attacks.

The Sky Cauldron
        Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Sheol
        Action Type: Extended (Each roll represents ten minutes of commanding the skies)

The Leviathan can cause or cancel a storm in a (100 x Sheol) yard radius around him. They must use the strongest weather available, unless they succeed at a Tranquility Check or spend a point of Willpower.

    “Depth 0”: Birthright of Elements
    “Depth 1”: The Leviathan may summon or negate gentle rain or a slight breeze. (1 success necessary)
    “Depth 2”: As above, but the Leviathan may summon or negate light rain or a strong breeze - enough to ruin a picnic. (3+ successes)
    “Depth 3”: As above, but the Leviathan may summon or negate heavy rain and wind - cancelling most outdoor events. (5+ successes) The Leviathan may expend 1 additional Ichor to make a check in half an hour.
    “Depth 4”: As above, but the Leviathan may summon or negate a large thunder or hailstorm - those exposed take a level of bashing damage for each minute of exposure (10+ successes) .
    “Depth 5”: As above, but the Leviathan may summon or negate a catastrophic storm or monsoon - power is lost, property damaged. Those exposed take a level of bashing damage for each turn of exposure. (15+ successes)
    “Depth 6”: As above, but the Leviathan may summon or negate a storm that grounds planes and capsizes small ships. Those exposed take a level of lethal daage for each turn of exposure (20+ successes). The Leviathan may expend 3 additional Ichor to make a check in fifteen minutes.

One Thousand Mighty Blows

One Thousand Mighty Blows is a Finesse Attribute boosting Channel. It benefits Dexterity and has the following unique powers:

    “Depth 0”: Birthright of Might
    “Depth 1”: The Leviathan grows a second pair of arms, tentacles or other type of limb capable of grasping. However, these arms are small and under-developed and not good for much beyond simple multi-tasking. The Leviathan may make one additional attack per turn using its extra arms, but both hands are considered to have Strength 1 for all purposes and may not hold anything greater than Size 1. If the Leviathan normally has Strength 1, attacks with its tiny t-rex arms suffer a -2 penalty and may not hold anything at all. If the Leviathan already attacked a target that turn, or attacks again, both attacks must be against the same target.
    “Depth 4”:  The Leviathan's extra limbs become stronger and more dextrous. The Leviathan may make two attacks in one turn. If the Leviathan possesses any of the Merits listed below, they may instead make one attack with each weapon they are holding (up to four). However, none of these Merits may be stacked with One Thousand Mighty Blows. Each additional attack beyond the first suffers an increasing -1 penalty (the second attacks suffers -1, the third suffers -2, etc.).

    The Leviathan may not use his Defense against any attack in the same turn in which he chooses to use this ability. If he uses his Defense against one or more attacks that occur earlier in the round, he may not he may not perform this manoeuvre this round. The Leviathan may also not use any other abilities that call for him to forfeit his Defense in the same round that he uses this ability.
    “Depth 6”: As above, but the Leviathan is now able to split its additional attacks between any number of targets. The Leviathan may travel up to its Speed trait to reach additional targets beyond the first.

Ichor/per Turn: 5/10 / 2per Turn
Eldritch Lore: •
Divining Ritual

Switchblade -/0(L)/-/-/1P/3/•/NA
Bowie Knife -/2(L)/-/-/1J/4/•/+1 to some Crafts rolls/Carried at all times
Machete -/2(L)/-/-/2J/3/•/NA
Reinforced Clothing 1/0/1/0/0/-/Worn leather jacket
Street Bike -  Size 7 Durability 2 Structure 9 Accel 20 (27 mph/turn) Safe Spd 88 (60 mph) Max Spd 183 (125 mph) Hndlng 5 Occ 1+1 Cost ●●
Handcuffs - Dur. 3, Struc. 4, Cost ●


An Orlιans native, Jeanne grew up in the distant land of Europe, generally violent and alone. Her father was an absentee from early on in her life, and after her mother's death when she was only six, she was passed from relative to relative like an uncomfortable little burden until she landed herself in a Home for Young Wayward Girls in her early teens.

She brawled her way through something resembling boarding school, though she managed to stay afloat thanks to a caring counselor that pushed her toward using art as an outlet as much as she had thusfar liked to use hitting and knives, and while she didn't exactly graduate with honors, she managed to make it through the program without being kicked out.

It wasn't really clear for her what to do after that - she didn't have the grades for college and had no particular idea what she wanted to do, nor did she really have money or anywhere to go. Ultimately, she enlisted, though partly it was because she hoped for a chance to tear into someone again, like she had when she was younger, without having to worry about legal repercussions.

She lucked out, though much of her time in the military, as it turned out, would come to be thoroughly redacted.

Jeanne matured a lot in her time there, though, or maybe all she really needed was a handful of people that actually understood her and somewhere productive to put her efforts; she retired, somewhat reluctantly, at 26, for reasons relating to her psychological health, and used her time in the military as a springboard to work toward a degree in education, while pursuing her art fulltime using the money saved up from her time in the military.

Now, she's broke. But she has a steady job as an art teacher at a high school in Palmera, near the seaside. Occasionally she manages to sell an art piece of her own, and...well, she's still working at relationships. The few she'd had since she left the military were disasters, her first real attempts at them ended because she was needy and immature.

Which she had to reluctantly admit she was.

But everything aside from that has been going pretty great...



Depth 0: Jeanne is a young woman with an air of barely-contained wildness to her, with lightly-tanned skin and a strong - and decidedly bottom-heavy - build. Her eyes are a dull amber color, though in the not-infrequent moments where she's worked up over something, they almost seem to shine a fiery gold. Generally her hair is as wild as she is, long and black and cascading lazily down her back, somewhat in need of brushing and care that Jeanne doesn't seem to bother with herself...though that may be in part because she gives the eternal impression of either being kind of tired or hung over.

On her left shoulder she has a stylized tribal fleur de lis tattoo, and her back has a fuller tattoo bearing a heavily stylized depiction of Joan of Arc's battle standard.

Her day to day wear leans simple, tank tops and tees and jeans, with some affinity for camo patterns. She has an old bomber jacket with a French flag sewn onto the shoulder of one sleeve - the left, her tattoo side - and generally she wears it unless the weather doesn't permit at all. In part, this is to hide the fact that she usually caries a bowie knife on her, on top of a switchblade in her pocket.

At school, she tends to tie her bangs back with a bandana in one of various colors, along with an artist's smock.

Her motorcycle is a little broken-down, but it's painted a deep blue, with a single small iris lovingly detailed onto it. (She's still paying it off.)

...Regrettably, her belly has gotten kind of poochy lately, thanks to less activity and a poorer diet than her heyday. It bothers her a little bit.

Depth 1: The golden amber of her eyes turns to a predatory fire, with irises larger than they ought to be. Her canines take on a certain sharpness, and patches of her skin turn glossy. and itchy, notably on her legs and the back of her hands. She also comes with two thin, limited tiny t-rex arms.

Depth 2: Jeanne becomes subtly hard to look directly at and a gentle breeze hounds her, toying with her fluffy hair; the glossy patches of skin turn to shimmering white-blue scales, and a fragile-looking blue shell covers her forearms and shins, almost like gauntlets. Her ears turn distantly fin-like, and fins sprout from the back of her neck, too.

Depth 3: Jeanne grows in size and build, growing more muscular. Her scales spread almost all the way across her body, mostly a purer white with darker blue bands, rough to the touch, with the normal skin left on her face and chest turning an ugly, drowned blue. The shell on her arms and legs spreads to cover the rest of the limbs. Spine-like fins ripple down her back and down a brand new tail, thick and heavy and delicately finned at the end. Her hair takes on a torrential blue shade, perpetually damp leaning toward soaked with the occasional strand of seaweed apparently tangling itself in it.

Depth 4: Scales cover her completely, now including a yellow patch across a smooth, still-almost-human nose. Her voice becomes clear and pure on its own, but seems to chime from the center of a howling storm. Her shell grows to cover her torso, too, and her movement turns kind of awkward and stiff. Her t-rex arms grow, however, to match the radical and sexy proportions of her regularms.

Depth 5: A second tail appears and their prominence over her legs increases. She comes with a sea-salt smell, and her already sharpened fangs become all the more obvious. Seaweed and coral nest in her hair, seemingly replenishing themselves almost immediately if removed, and it mats to her, constantly soaked and dripping.

Depth 6: Far from becoming more monstrous, Jeanne's apotheosis seems to release her from the awkard trappings of the land; the carapace on her torso cracks and falls away almost completely, revealing pale, pretty skin framed by luminous scales, sparkling white with abyssal black bands. Her arms are still covered in plates, sized now to look almost delicate, with human-like joints with a crab-like shell to them.

Her face doesn't quite resemble her human form's; there's a ghost of Jeanne's image in it, but it bears an uneasy alienness, sclera almost replaced by burning gold iris, her nose a little too small and a little too shallow and still crossed with a strip of yellow, with pale lips that emphasize heavy, retractable fangs. Her hair billows behind her even on land, leaving a stormy haze in her wake. The coral and seaweed become almost ornament-like, wild and unintentional but less dirty-seeming than her previous forms. Her fins run down her back and down both long, serpent-like tailfins, and her legs have disappeared entirely.

Most of it barely matters; even for those that can look upon her apotheosis, Jeanne is hard to place or focus on as space distorts uncomfortably around her.

Also of note is a remnant of her tattoos in the form of blackened, flickering scales, though whatever they represent now, it's no longer a fleur de lis, or anything so easy to interpret.

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Character Sheets
Katherine Kai Wan Cho

Strain: Oceanid
School: School of the Fog
Mental Attributes:
Intelligence •••
Wits •
Resolve ••••
Physical Attributes:
Strength •
Dexterity ••
Stamina •••
Social Attributes:
Presence •••
Manipulation •
Composure •••
Mental Skills:
Academics •••• (Archaeology)
Computer •
Crafts ••• (Cooking)
Occult •
Politics •
Science •
Physical Skills:
Athletics: ••• (Swimming)
Brawl •
Social Skills:
Animal Ken
Empathy •
Expression ••• Singing
Intimidation •••
Mandate of Babel ●●● - When using Ichor to focus Wake on a subject whose primary language is foreign to KAtherine, she can speak with the target as though both were fluent in the others' language. Does not apply to written words unless the words were written by either Katherine or the subject. Also allows Katherine to speak all dead and extinct languages. Does not work on people immune to the Wake, with their consent.
Level 2 Heirloom (coral ring from her parents)
Language (English) ●
Resources ●
Willpower: •••••
Tranquility: •••••••
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy
Initiative: 5
Defense: 2
Speed: 8
Health: ••••••••
Sheol: ••
Favored Vestiges: Sanctity, Elements

Indomitable Solipsist-Tyrant (Ancestral Channel)
    "Depth 0": Birthright of Sanctity - 1 Ichor - large masses of humans beings and aquatic animals instinctually part around the character and then return seamlessly to their original positions. Has no effect on lone people and will only affect normal creatures that are completely subject to the Wake. Effect lasts for 1 scene.
    "Depth 5": When resisting a supernatural ability with Resolve – if Katherine gets an Exceptional Success your attacker gains a minor derangement for 11 – Willpower days.
    ""Depth 6": Gain an extra point of Willpower at the start of every scene even if it takes you above your normal maximum. This point can only be spent on rolls that use Resolve. When the scene ends you lose the point if you still possess it.

Uncrowned Fisher King (Ancestral Channel)
    “Depth 0”: Birthright of Elements - 1 Ichor - Create a cloud of dense fog (size x sheol) in size that inflicts -3 to all relevant rolls made on objects obscured by it.
    “Depth 1”: The Leviathan gains 9again for all swimming rolls.
    “Depth 2”: As above, but the Leviathan now counts as Aquatic and gains 9again for any Survival rolls while in a natural body of water at least the size of a lake or river.
    “Depth 3”: As above but the Leviathan adds +2 to their speed while swimming and gains 8again on applicable Survival rolls.
    “Depth 4”: As above, but the Leviathan gains the ability to produce a form of “whale song”. They can communicate for Strength + Sheol x 10 miles but the sound will not break the surface of the water. Anyone who hears the Leviathan's call is instantly aware that it came from an unnatural creature. A Leviathans whale song actually contains their usual language, they gain no automatic ability to communicate with Leviathans who don't share a language and with effort it can be electronically decoded.
    “Depth 5”: As above, but the Leviathan instead adds her Sheol to her swim speed.
    “Depth 6”: The Leviathan can cross oceans and circumvent the globe. Her maximum speed becomes 75 miles per hour per Sheol and her acceleration is equal to her Speed. Note: To covert from Speed to miles per hour divide by 1.46, to convert from miles per hour to Speed multiply by 1.46

Call of the Depths
        Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Sheol
        Action Type: Standard

The Leviathan's voice carries a luring tone that pulls listeners towards him or her and muddle their minds. The effect only extends as far as the Leviathan's voice would naturally carry, without being amplified or broadcast by mechanical methods. Those that hear the voice, are vulnerable to the Wake, and have less (Resolve + Power Trait) than the Leviathan's successes are affected. A point of Willpower may be spent to resist the call for a turn. When at the Leviathan's side, subjects that are still subject to the lure become anxious and uncertain if forced to move away, suffering a -2 penalty to all actions not linked to returning to the Leviathan's side. Any combat loosens the Leviathan's grip upon all who witness to the combat, they still suffer a -2 penalty to all actions for attempting to leave the Leviathans side; but they may choose to accept the penalty and do so. Alternatively, so long as they are near the Leviathan (perhaps attempting to attack it) they may act freely.

    “Depth 0”: Birthright of Sanctity
    “Depth 1”: Those that hear the voice move towards the Leviathan for a single turn.
    “Depth 2”: As above, but the compulsion lasts an for one turn per Success, to a limit of (Leviathan's Presence) turns. Multiple applications don't stack - the new roll replaces the old one.
    “Depth 3”: As above, and the Leviathan may expend an additional 1 Ichor to increase the duration to one minute per Success.
    “Depth 4”: As above, and the limit on duration increases to (Presence + Sheol) Successes.
    “Depth 5”: As above, and the Leviathan may continue to play a weaker version of her luring tone after the duration expires for no cost. Subjects may freely choose whether they wish to remain by the Leviathans side or not, but so long as they choose not to they suffer a -2 penalty to all actions until they decide to return to the Leviathan or can no longer hear the call. Only people affected by a proper activation of Call of the Depths can be affected by this lesser tone.
    “Depth 6”: The Leviathan may expend 3 additional Ichor to make the call last five minuets per Success.
Adaption: Unholy Disharmonies: In Dept 2 or lower, Katherine is able to use Call of the Depths and speak normally at the same time.

Ichor/per Turn: 6/12 / 2per Turn
Eldritch Lore:
She walks to school!


Katherine Cho might have grown up an entirely normal girl, just another Chinese-American amongst millions in the United States. She might have been popular, maybe the school's idol, beloved by all and the apple of everyone's eye. But, things had a funny way of turning out--if becoming an orphan and suffering mutilations of the mind and body constitute "funny".

When Katherine was nine years old, a fire burned down her house while she was sleeping. The police never figured out the real cause--they couldn't tell where the fire started, much less who set it and how. None of this mattered to little Katie, though, since she suffered severe burns on 32% of her body, lost her left pinky and ring finger, and went blind in one eye. She also lost her mother and her father, whom she'd loved very much.

She spent the better part of a year in the burn ward, then another year in an orphanage where the other children were quick to bully her strange new appearance. The worst burns had healed via skin grafts, of course, but there was a large patch of scars marring the left side of her face, running down her shoulder and arm until it ended at her mauled left hand. Her blind eye necessitated an eyepatch, as well, and none of this helped her fit into her orphanage. It was there that the cheerful, energetic Katherine grew despondent, distant, and mistrustful of kindness. Things seemed to pick up for her, though, when her aunt Maylene Hong decided to adopt her. Maylene, younger than her older sister by ten years, felt the orphanage was a demonstrably inferior place to raise a child and--with no other real relatives to take Katherine in--rose to the occasion herself.

It...could have been worse, really. Maylene had the funds to support Katherine, even if she didn't have money coming out her ears, and she never struck or abused her new charge. In the six and a half years they've lived together, Maylene ensured Katherine was never hungry and had clothes on her back. Young Katherine, however, had to deal with a woman who was colder than ice and seemed to think emotional bonds between humans was an irrelevance, a waste of time. It was a good day for her when Aunt Maylene said anything more than a rote "how was your day".

Not that Katherine ever complained, or--more accurately--allowed herself to complain. As far as Katherine is concerned, she is a freeloader and a burden on her kind, generous aunt, and she must do her utmost to pay that generosity and kindness back. And so she diligently goes to school, studies hard, cleans the apartment, and cooks breakfast and dinner for Aunt Maylene. What few smiles she makes are reserved for her aunt.

That means she's left with none for everyone else. Outside of the apartment she shares with Aunt Maylene, Katherine is standoffish, distant from others, rarely speaking with others outside of mandatory assignments much less having friends. Her marred appearance drives everyone away--or so she thinks--so she spends most of her time alone, swimming in the school's pool when no one else is around or enjoying the Palmera skyline from the school rooftop. The occasional hotshot or clueless try to bully her from time to time, but Katherine is no terrified victim. She's no good at fighting, per se, but by god when you start a fight with her you'd best be prepared to finish it, because few things short of a mass-beating or a knife will keep her down. No matter what you do, she will probably outlast you.

At last, senior year is coming up. Katherine is anxious to move out and head off to college, if only so Aunt Maylene won't have to put up with her anymore (though she frets about forcing her aunt to help pay tuition if she can't get a full ride somewhere). Where others are worried about senior prom or how their last yearbook picture will turn out, Katherine is busying herself with college applications and tidying away the last of her standardized test business.

Pretty soon, she thinks to herself, it'll be goodbye Palmera.

Hobbies: Cooking, swimming, singing
Likes: Reading about history and archaeology, listening to music, being helpful
Dislikes: Being looked at, being bullied, pity
Hates: Pity



Depth 0: Katie looks like a fairly unassuming Chinese girl 16 years of age. She has a medium build, shoulder-length unbound hair, and prefers sweaters, longsleeve blouses, and jeans wherever possible. Her looks might overall be considered fairly attractive...if it weren't for the very noticeable burn scar covering the upper left third of her face, running from her scalp down past her left eye and ending at her jaw. A more extensive burn scar runs along a significant part of the left side of her body, including her left hand which is missing pinky and ring fingers. Katie typically covers her left eye with a medical eyepatch.
Depth 1: Katie's burn scars begin to look less like crispy bacon and  rainbow-hued, though still coverable by heavy clothing. Her feet and hands start to fuse together, beginning to look more like fish fins.
Depth 2: Katie's skin takes on a blueish-silvery, scaly appearance, and her hair is starting to string together to resemble fish feelers if they are inspected up close. Her eyes are waterier and her burn scars begin to fade.
Depth 3: Katie's skin becomes more scale-like, and her hair clearly takes on a stringy, fish-feelry appearance. Most noticeably, her legs have fused together into a mermaid's lower torso, though her new legs are longer and flatter than usual depictions.
Depth 4: Katie's arms have shrunken into something between human arms and fish fins--more akin to a coelocanth's pod-fins than human arms or fish fins. Her head has morphed into something much closer to fish than human, with a heavier jaw and her eyes large and glassy. A long, thin pair of red prehensile feelings extend out of her head and sweep back behind her.
Depth 5: As Depth 4, but brightly red, blue, and silver sea-slug cerata run down her back like a long mane.
Depth 6: Katie extends her total length to 40 feet, and now looks like a giant oarfish-like creature, albeit much thicker and longer than the average specimen.

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