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Setting Information

Called 'The City of Palm Trees', Palmera is known for miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and perfect warm weather. Though the city itself takes up a sizable swath of land, the majority of the population is confined to the valleys and narrow strips of relatively even ground along the beaches. The largest portion of its populace resides in the valley surrounding the small Palmera Bay, cut in two by the Santa Rosalia River that flows through the valley and empties into the bay.

With a population just inching toward 5000, Palmera is stratified into two distinct class divisions: those who make their living serving the city's fishing and tourism industries and its populace, and the celebrities and tycoons who live in multi-million dollar homes along the beaches and hillsides.

Palmera Bay
Surrounded by land on three sides, Palmera Bay makes for a natural harbour and picturesque postcard town. It's here, along the bay that most of the tourist attractions and resorts are located, while most of the town's residences and civic buildings are tucked away further back in the valley, ideally away from any danger of potential floods. As picturesque as the bay is, its rockier beaches, usage as a harbour and current from the Santa Rosalia River have made it strictly off-limits to swimmers. Thankfully, the white sand and clear blue waters of Palmera's vast beaches are just a five minute drive from the seaside tourist district.

Second City
The so-called "Second City" is a gated condominium community just a few blocks inland from Palmera Bay, so named because most of its residencies are second homes and go unoccupied for months at a time. To most full-time residents, Second City is an eye-sore, creating an effective ghost town smack in the middle of the city, not to mention creating an economic sinkhole, what with so much bayside real estate generating only a fraction of the income that hotels and tourist attractions would make in its place.

Fisher's Village
The complete opposite of Second City, Fisher's Village is exactly what it sounds like - relatively cheap, small and shabby homes along stretches of beach far from the city centre, home primarily to fishermen, those who work at seaside tourist attractions, and a few of those who just want a (again, relatively) cheap place by the beach and don't mind a longer commute to work. The downsides to what would otherwise be a great bargain are the persistent smell of fish, miserable weather and overall grungy atmosphere. Just as Second City is treated with disdain by the lower class Palmerians, so is Fisher's Village by their opposites, thinking of it is an ugly blemish on otherwise prime beach real estate.

Santa Rosalia River
The Santa Rosalia River starts many miles inland, where much of it pools in the dammed Lake Santa Rosalia, the largest lake west of Tahoe and about a three hour drive up to Pearce County. From there, the river trickles down through the hills and valleys of the California coastline, finally flowing into Palmera Bay. While its weak current and surprising depth would make it a decent swimming spot, its muddy shores and the abundance of much nicer beaches only a few minutes away keep all but a handful of casual fishermen away.
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Setting Information
Palmera School District

Much like Palmera itself, the schools of Palmera are split into two halves, exemplified by two the city's two high schools: Palmera High School, and Coral Private School. The two schools have a long rivalry, stretching back as long as the two have been open, with Coral being home to the rich elite and the students of Palmera High as the scrappy underdogs. Fortunately, the schools are relatively far apart, keeping the rivalry mostly non-violent. Still, there are at least one or two minor incidents between the two schools reported every year, and one serious injury every five years or so.

Palmera High School
The highschool of the lower-middle class, Palmera High hosts roughly 600 students and 40 teachers. Palmera High is located close to the city centre, less than a mile inland from the coast of Palmera Bay. The vast majority of the students who attend Palmera High reside in Fisher's Village or further inland from the school. Their mascot is the Parrotfish.

Coral Private School
The 'rich kids' school, Coral is located just outside the city centre, nestled away in a neighbouring valley. Coral hosts just over 400 students and 40 teachers, split between a wide variety of subjects. Their mascot is the Sea Lion, usually depicted with more leonine features than an actual sea lion.